Implications Of Teenage Pregnancy

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Worldwide, about 16 million teenagers from age 15 through 19 give birth each year, according to the “Adolescent Pregnancy” article by the World Health Organization. Caldwell County, being 28th in the state of North Carolina out of 100 counties for the number of teenage pregnancies as reported by “2013 Teen Pregnancies” on the website Sexual Health Initiatives for Teens, must find ways to aide the students in the county that have the monstrous responsibility of being the parent to a child. By looking at the world, country, and county statistics of teenage pregnancy, one might be able to infer that something must be done about the abstinence or aftermath of birth seeing that most school-age parents do not have the time or money it takes to obtain an education and be a parent. The rate of school-age pregnancy has been rising over the past decade. In most cases, school-age parenthood is detrimental to the education of the student. …show more content…
The average adolescent birth rate in middle income countries is twice as high of that in high income countries (“Adolescent Pregnancy”). The average adolescent birth rate in low income countries is five times as high of that of middle income countries (“Adolescent Pregnancy”). Also, many girls who become pregnant are forced to leave school, which leaves behind long-term implications (“Adolescent Pregnancy”). In low and middle income countries, ten percent of girls are mothers before the age of 16 with the highest rates being in sub-Saharan Africa and South-central and Southeastern Asia (“Adolescent Pregnancy”). By looking at these facts you can infer that because most of the births happening each year are by low income countries, these families do not have enough money to support a new born baby as well as provide an education for the parent of the

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