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  • Should College Be Free College?

    school graduates should have an opportunity to go to college for free, so they can look forward to a bigger future and better job opportunities in life. Having free college can be beneficial by bringing in even more young adults who are interested to further their education more and to help the lower class have their higher education too. Free college may be beneficial but it also come with problems or even alternatives. But that doesn 't mean we should stop this spontaneous idea from success. People are going to have their opinions on it, may agree or disagree with the idea may be from their experience that shouldn’t stop us from making this happening. Now we have a program in Tennessee that is experimenting free college, it’s a scholarship program that will provide two years of tuition-free attendance at a community or technical college in Tennessee(“Tennessee Promise”). President Obama proposal is very similar to the Tennessee scholarship program, he want to make two years of community college free for responsible students across America(Hudson). If that happens students would be able to earn the first half of a bachelor’s degree or technical skills needed in a workforce all for no cost(Hudson). Obama also proposed the new American Technical Training Fund, which will expand innovative, high quality technical training programs across the country(Hudson). This program built off President Obama’s proposal for free community college but not…

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  • Free College Essay: Free Is Never Free?

    Free is Never Free Free is never free, especially in the case of college tuition. College costs can become expensive, so free college education can sound enticing, but it comes at a price. College education cannot be free because of the financial strain it places on supporting state budgets, and the removal of academic drive and appreciation from some students. Free college tuition can never really be free. As in all matters of life, someone has to pay. With college education, the cost of…

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  • Free College Shouldnt Be Free Analysis

    Free College is Not the Blessing It Seems to Be An Analysis of Why College Shouldn’t Be Free As Millennial’s we feel as though we’ve been cheated. It seems to a majority of us that the world is out to get us, and that all the odds are stacked against us. There are not enough middle class jobs, student loan debt is crushing us, the post 9/11 level of security has the country on lockdown, as well as a variety of other reasons. One of the issues that puts a damper on the spirit of our generation…

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  • Free College Essay

    Today, the United States doesn’t offer free tuition for higher education to college of the Democratic Party presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, who is vowing for “free” college tuition if he is elected. Democrat candidate, Hillary Clinton, is proposing a plan that could possibly make paying back the entirety of student loans a thing of the past, but many economists, business leaders and Republican presidential candidates feel differently about the benefits of “free college”. Should the…

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  • Free College Essay: Should College Be Free?

    A huge debate that is always under discussion is free college, whether a family can afford it or not. Many people would be able to benefit from this, in cases where everyone can attain their goals. Also most people would be able to believe in themselves, and know they are capable of achieving more than they believe they can. Jamal Eric Watson author of the academic journal article “A Bold Promise” states, “As the cost of a college education continues to rise, Haslam’s legislation has generated…

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  • Free College Essay

    has been in the new a lot recently. Steadily increasing college tuition rates have been sending many parents and potential college graduates into a quagmire. Student debt for many people are dragging them down for years or even decades after completing college degrees. This is a clear and obvious problem affecting our country, but how do we fix this? A radical yet popular opinion is to make colleges free and debtless. This idea has existed for years, but the current presidential race has brought…

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  • Free College Essay

    drop out or are engulfed in student debt they won’t be able to pay back in years. If two year college were free, then the public would be more educated. With free college the crime rates would lower and more students who wouldn’t have a chance or want to go to college now can. Two year tuition should be free for lower to working class students because of how far behind the United States is on education, statistics and proven studies to show the crime rates are lower when the general public is…

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  • Free College Advantages

    The college market in South Africa has increased tremendously recently. This has been a “prominent issue” states Ouma Wangenge in the article: “Tuition Fees and The Challenge of Making Higher Education a Popular Commodity In South Africa.”. As you can clearly see, this is not just a great issue in America, but also in other countries. The framework for this free college has been a huge debate ranging from funding of the government to protestors against the idea of a totally free college. They…

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  • The Importance Of Free College

    pattern of studies shows that college fee has increased more drastically than almost any other inflations ever since its commencement. Right to education, a universal entitlement to education, needless to say is of dire importance in today’s modern world, but whether everybody has the privilege of this fundamental right is the today’s concern. Often cited as the career defining path, college education is not accessible to everybody and this in long run comes to determine the progress and…

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  • The Benefits Of Free College

    is that college has become astronomically expensive. According to the College Board, the average cost of tuition and fees for 2015–2016 was $32,405 for private colleges, $9,410 for public colleges, and $23,893 for out-of-state residents attending public universities. Free college tuition has become a huge topic in the recent presidential elections. This idea would allow United States citizens struggling to pay college tuition an equal opportunity that has been reserved for only the wealthiest…

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