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  • Short Story Narrative: The Adventures Of The Dragon

    Short Story Narrative -"My safety?", said the Dragon confused. "Yes" said the Gen, "your safety". "And, how are you supposed to do that?" Said the Dragon. "I will create a spell to protect this island and no one will be able to come in but me," said the Gen, "and what happens if I refuse to your deal". Said the Dragon with a challenging voice. "Then I shall make another spell but this one will bring you enemies, and I won't let you get out of this island, so you'll be trapped, and I'll never let you out." said the Gen, "very well" said the Dragon. "I'll have to think about that, because, If you trap me in here everyone that comes here, I'll have to kill them, and if you protect this island I will be able to get out but I have nowhere to go,…

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  • A Short Narrative Essay: The First Gobble

    The first Gobble As I wake up, I'm annoyed by the alarm I hear. Then I look at my phone to see why I'm waking up at 4:30 and instantly I'm up and awake. It's finally turkey season! I grab everything I see out the night before, the decoys, calls, food, water, and of course the shotgun. At about 4:35 I'm out of the house and walking through the field. All that can be seen by me, is an ocean of hay and I hope I'm walking to the right place, because I cannot even make out the treeline. Soon enough…

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  • Every Day The Same Dream Analysis

    Every Day the Same Dream is an artistically narrative game by Molleindustria. Although the narration may not be the game’s strongest point, it still plays a significant role in the representation of the game. One of the strong qualities of video games is the ability to give players the power and freedom to affect the story by making intriguing choices. In many of the games, the decisions a player makes could affect the ending in many ways such as providing a different cut-scene compared to other…

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  • Analysis Of Woman At Point Zero

    The frame novel format of Woman At Point Zero conforms to the typical characteristics for this structure. Frame novels follow a “story within a story” format where the embedded narratives, the more emphasized part of the story, provide context for the main narratives (the introductory outside frame of the story). The first narrative will usually set the scene for the second narrative, which is commonly the more emphasize, important part of the frame set up. Woman at point zero follows this…

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  • Interactive Narrative Analysis

    This interactive narrative is an interactive documentary short that follows Marta Aviles, a longtime resident of Brooklyn’s Los Sures neighborhood in South Williamsburg, NY. Living there for nearly forty years, she now faces challenges with the rapid gentrification of her neighborhood. This piece documents her journey in deciding whether to stay or to leave her home. The narrative was broken down into the following structure: Introduction, The Street, The Stairs, The Apartment, The Listing, Part…

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  • Narrative Structure In Sink Or Swim By Su Friedrich

    Sink or Swim is an autobiographical short film by Su Friedrich focusing on her family dynamics during her childhood. Using the basic narrative structure of film, consisting of a narrated character “arc”, metaphorical exposition, idiosyncratic complications, climax, and resolution, it develops its own conventions that can be compared to that of a Hollywood-style narrative. The visuals and narrative voiceover are able to create a coherent narrative despite having an episodic nature of 26 chapters…

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  • Everyday Narratives: Living In Uncertainty In Suleimani: Analysis

    Everyday narratives: Living in uncertainty in Suleimani This chapter focuses on ethnographic vignettes from ordinary people from the city of Suleimani, Kurdistan. I specifically analyse narratives highlighting living under uncertainty, as part of the bigger theme of everyday politicizing narratives addressed in my thesis. The everyday narratives have resulted from intermittent fieldwork conducted in 2015 and 2016, supplemented by previous reflections and encounters from 2011 in the city of…

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  • The Parable Of The Money Lener

    to jail? Worse, will they be killed? As if nothing good can come from the situation, the climax of the entire story emerges. The moneylender cancels the debt and the two men receive freedom. After reexaming this parable and identifying various parts of story structures, the parable becomes more alive and reveals something regarding storytelling. Often I equate stories with time. The more time, the better the story; however, Jesus clearly debunks such a notion. Time, thus, should not determine…

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  • And Samskara And Kafka's The Old Man And The Sea

    Sources (Makowsky) on the internet state that Capaldi was inspired to write the film when his wife confused the names Frank Capra and Franz Kafka. The name of the film, Franz Kafka’s It’s a Wonderful Life is a short film as well. This short film lasting around 23 minutes portrays Kafka’s struggle with writer’s block. The filmmaker then shows that while writing the novel, how immense number of thoughts can enter and leave a writer’s mind. He shows what all possibilities pass through Kafka’s…

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  • Analysis Of The Bicycle Thieves

    For this writing workshop, I will use three critical approaches to discuss the film, The Bicycle Thieves (De Sica, 1948). Of the six approaches, I chose the “National Cinemas”, “Auteur”, and “Ideology” approaches. The “National Cinemas” approach to analyzing film takes into account the culture and national characteristics that influence how a narrative is filmed. To understand and fully appreciate a film, one must understand the historical and cultural conditions that surround it. The writer…

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