Using Excerpts From The Jug Of Silver By Capote

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My topic for the signature assignment is on Bullying and I will be using excerpts from the jug of silver by capote. Bullying is an aggressive behavior among school aged children which effects a child’s behavior when they grow up. Bully’s target other “weak” students to lash out their anger to be superior to someone. Bullying usually includes actions such as making spreading rumors, attacking someone physically or verbally which is detrimental to child psyche. In my signature assignment I will be researching on the psychology aspect as well as laws the government has implemented to reduce bullying. I will also mention the different workshops/movements that society has provided to stop bullying.
Queer theory is a method of analyzing pieces
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The reader also can’t imagine what the setting is like and how all the situations will be since it’s already presented to the reader through visuals. The reader is completely dependent on the author’s narratives and visuals thereby making the story becomes less personal because of it. The reader suddenly becomes dependent on the visual and that is mainly because the narrative doesn’t describe what the character looks like or defines the character therefore the reader becomes dependent on the visual. Also in the other perspective of an author you don’t have to do a lot of work since whatever you miss to describe a certain scenario or character can be drawn in. Due to this reason the author has hence graphic novels tend to be short and the story less interesting. The reader will usually They will lose the interest while they read a graphic narrative because the reader cannot use their imagination and they do not have the ability to get excited of imagining the world the character lives in or looks like making it less entertaining unlike a written prose which normally keeps you mesmerized. Traditional written prose let the readers to imagine how the how the character looks like as well as the world it lives in. Unlike a graphic narrative typical written prose authors provide the information and the reader is the artist of how it should look like.
A graphic narrative is again is another medium of art on a canvas but with a long story. It also helps people who are trying to learn at getting a better understanding of a new language since readers can look at the visual to understand the a certain dialogue. The opinion on whether graphic narrative can be taken two ways but differs on personal

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