A Short Story Of Adeline: A Narrative Fiction

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It only took a moment. Only a heartbeat. Only a single scream. Only a moment, before two lives were lost, a spirit trapped on earth and one girl to be both granted a gift and damned with a curse in the blink of an eye.
It took only a second, for a life to change forever. It took only a second, the world to end. And Adeline’s, ended in a single moment.
The air was warm on her pale skin as she breathed in the smell of cold rain falling from the gray sky above, the moon peeking through the clouds. The pine air freshener in the shape of a green tree, hanging from the rear view mirror swung back and forth as the car moved.
Window rolled down, she watched as the raindrops rolled down the cold glass as if in a race, her fingertips
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“Reminds me of the storms back in Seattle.”
Adeline opened her eyes and turned, looking at the woman in the driver’s seat, smiling slightly. “I like when it rains.”
“You sound like me when I was younger,” Her mother commented. Her long ebony hair fell in loose curls around her full face, lips red and eyes like emeralds. She wore no makeup but she was still beautiful, with her slight wrinkles from her kind smile. “I always loved the rain. It was comforting.”
Thunder roared overhead, making Adeline jump slightly. She looked up to the sky and saw the gray sky turn to black, filled with angry thunder clouds. A bolt of white lightning flashed in the darkness, beautiful but creating bulging monstrous shadows that leaped out from the trees of each side of the road, their claws reaching out towards the car.
Adeline swallowed and rolled her window up. Her eyes moved in front of her, looking out at the slippery road ahead. The headlights created a dull haunting glow that made the road hard to see.
A feeling of anxiety suddenly rose in her chest but she swallowed and pushed it away.
“Storms don’t seem comforting,” She murmured. Her voice was soft and timid. Her eyes moved to her mother. “They seem angry and

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