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  • Business To Customer Business (B2C) Vs. Business To Business

    The Business to Customer (or B2C) and the Business to Business (or B2B) business models are both models that a business can adopt. Their titles are self-explanatory: Business to Customer businesses sell their products directly to customers, and Business to Business businesses sell their products to other businesses. Although this is the most obvious of their differences, they have other significant differences that must also be discussed. Business to Business and Business to Customer businesses also have similarities that will be discussed. Business to Customer businesses, as previously mentioned, sell their products directly to the customer. Kutz (2016) states that “[Business to Customer] is a synonym for the selling process considered from the point of view of the supplier” (p. 62) because “normally the selling partner is a business organization, [and] the buying partner is a single person” (p. 62). Neither of these are absolute, however: for example, a group of people could be the buying partner. The sales/purchasing process for a Business to Customer business has seven steps: “the information step, the initiation step, the contract conclusion step, the delivery/fulfilment step, the billing/invoicing step, the service/support step, and the communication/tracking & tracing step” (Kutz, 2016, p. 64-76). The information step involves the customer either knowing or not knowing the product/service they want, and knowing or not knowing the supplier they want. For example, if…

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  • Ethical Business Ethics In Business

    Introduction Although business stimulates the economy and provides millions of jobs and creative outlets, it also has a negative side. Business professionals across the globe are held to a high standard to maintain an ethical business practice. However, this is not always the case. There have been many examples and cases in history of unethical business practice. Some of the most prominent examples are Enron, Bernie Madoff, and the originator Charles Ponzi (where the term “Ponzi Scheme” coined…

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  • Business Philosophies Of Moral And Business Philosophy Of Business

    of a successful business is based on the values and beliefs of its owner. In comparison to a family, the owner may be considered the matriarch and employees considered sons and daughters. Based on that assumption, the responsibility for success and prosperity lie solely on the leader. Family success is based on the philosophy of values and morals of its matriarch that are passed down to the children. A business should operate on the same basic philosophy of a family by creating a set of values…

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  • Business: Strategic Planning And Business Strategy In Business

    Business strategy relates in the midst of the process of in receipt of more and more profits from the business organization by the strategic planning and the strategic business ways according to the business activities. Business strategy can help the business to put together or put into operation the business strategy with the activities of the business to achieve the main goal for the business by following the business strategy by the owners or the managers of the business. Business strategy…

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  • Importance Of Business Visionaries In A Business

    IS BUSINESS PROPRIETORSHIP A COMPELLING RESPONSE TO UNEMPLOYMENT IN THE UK? CHAPTER ONE: INTRODUCTION Business enterprise is rapidly turning out to be increasingly prominent as more individuals are hoping to pick up a touch of opportunity from their vocation, rather than working for a conventional business or organisation, numerous individuals are stretching out into the universe of enterprise and turning into their own particular supervisor. An entrepreneur begins their own particular…

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  • The Importance Of Business In Business

    As a Christian we are called to look at all of life, even business, through the eyes of faith. Meaning, “we are called to see the world as God does” (p.xi) this is the opening line from Chewning, Eby and Roels in 1990 from the book Business: Through the Eyes of Faith. When we examine our Christian walk, we generally don’t think about business or our work. But God created us to work and gave us certain talents to fulfill His purpose. Chewning et al. gives us many ideas and principles in this…

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  • The Importance Of Business Ethics In Business

    disparate marketing strategies when selecting choices that affect stakeholders. Each approach touches the consumer and the Earth; it defines if the business is socially accountable for humanity. When the ethical philosophy a company follows is for universal individual rights regardless of the outcome, it is moral idealism. In contrast, when only considering the greater good for the greatest number and appraising cost and the benefit of the choice it is utilitarianism. When the benefit exceeds…

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  • Characteristics Of Business Analytics And Business Intelligence

    technology or in automobiles occur at a heated pace. Business analytics is the science of utilizing the skills, technology and practices for continuous iterative research of past business’s data and statistics and use it to drive business planning. Business analytics and business intelligence go hand in hand as business intelligence are the basic set of tools and information that are used to transform raw data into meaningful information for analysis. This paper describes the evolution in the…

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  • The Importance Of Business Ethics And Communication In Business

    Communication is a paramount tool not only when it comes to business but also in all round life. In the society, everyone tries as much as possible to ensure that their communication process impacts on someone’s life positively. The main aim of communication is to convey messages either with the purpose of passing instructions or educating people on certain issues or also advertising products. For effective communication, it has to have clear intentions, thoughts, and objectives to the…

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  • The Business Model: What Is A Business Model?

    What is a business model? “A business model describes the rationale of how an organization creates, delivers, and captures value” (Osterwalder & Pigneur, 2010). This concept is important for the success of any organization in that it will allow the organization to run efficiently and effectively. Business models go far beyond a simple business strategy, but also encompass it. Through the understanding of an organizations core competencies, managers can form a business model that will uniquely…

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