The Importance Of Managering A Business

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When looking at owning a business it is important to think about how management will act and what policies the company will put in place. Management can either make a business succeed or can help it fail. In any business it is important to have a strong management system in order to lead the company in the right direction. Before letting the management team run the company, there will need to be training done by the company to show the manager what is expected of them. In the beginning of the company, the only manager will be the owner because the company will not have the required capital to have someone on staff. The owner is going to be the one to train the employees in order to help the business succeed. As the owner of the business, some of the responsibilities will be to monitor the daily operations of the business and also make sure that there …show more content…
By hiring a manager will help to relieve some day-to-day pressure from the owner. It will be important for the owner to train the manager with the duties for the position. Some of the duties of the manager will be scheduling of employees, monitoring the activities in the store, making sure that employees are courteous toward all the customers, and also helping when there is a difficult situation in the store. The owner will then be able to focus more on the finance side of the company and look at different options for someone who has more experience with finances. The company will hire an accountant to assist and monitor the finances of the company. Having an accountant will help to eliminate more stress and worry from the owner. By hiring an accountant it can also help the company come up with a plan to expand the company and when a good time to expand would be (Beesley). Accountants have a better understanding of business finances and can help the owner to see if the company is making a profit or losing

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