Aims Of Business Essay

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Introduction to Business
Business aims and objectives (1) Pg.7 for references
Definition: Aims are ” goals that a business sets”.
Definition: Objectives are “Something that will help the business achieve the aims.”
A business set up aims and objectives to provide long term targets which makes sure that workers are working on the right track. ”This is done by thinking and planning strategically on what aims and objectives are needed to set up in order to” survive competition”, “be successful” and “grow.”
Stake holder
Definition: “A stake holder is everyone that is affected by the business progress or loss”. An example of a stake holder could be a “manager” as everything in the business is runned by the managers management
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This means that there is more risks of losing the business as shareholders have more authority than anyone else.
This could affect on the business production and productivity as they have to work under supervision and pressure in order to satisfy the shareholders.
Local community influence and effect in a business operation: (6) Pg.7 for references
“If a business causes disruption, noise and pollution and neighbours complain, the business could cause unemployment and loss”. This can affect a business by having to face loss as their business plan will fail to proceed due to community disapproval. Competitors influence and effect in a business operation:
Competitors could be difficult to beat as they require constant research and innovation in a business running which sometimes could be harder to deal with as almost everyone has the same ideas and you need to think of something unique and special but then there are risks of stealing off ideas. This could affect on the business production and features quality of a product as they would have to think of more new ideas as a backup plan.
Employees influence and effect in a business
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Severn trents Economical, social and environmental issues effecting the business:
Economic issues effecting the business such as ” having high rate of unemployment” which might effect on the business running by questioning employees as it seems to be a challenging job and skilful people are needed, which might put off people from working, high level of unemployment can effect on the business running as there is shortage of employees which can reduce the level of efficiency and service provision.
Social issues effecting the business such as “water still being essential for living and aiming for wastage” is hard and will effect on meeting deadlines and targets and would still end up damaging the

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