Disadvantages Of Free College Education

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Education is one of the most valuable assets that a person can receive. It is widely believed that everyone deserves an education, including going to college. In today’s world with the competitiveness of jobs, it is the norm to have a college education to work in any decent paying job. For this reason, it has become a popular opinion that college tuition should be free and accessible to all American citizens. This is a large point affected mainly by current and potential college students, a point that Bernie Sanders has established in his presidential campaign. However, there are numerous downsides to free college tuition that are not noticed at the first glance.
Free college education seems desirable; it would provide the opportunity of a higher education to every person in the country, which would create a more educated, prosperous country. Human capital theory states that by “investing in personal skills, through different means such as higher education, individuals can increase their productivity” (1). The availability of higher education to all would support a higher-educated workforce, which in turn would support economic and social growth, right? Germany, Finland, Sweden, and many other countries offer free college, so shouldn’t it work
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According to a Gallup-Lumina survey, “Just 13 percent of respondents strongly agreed that college graduates are ‘well-prepared for success in the workforce.’ For respondents with a college degree, that number was 6 percent” (7). This evidence shows that even if more people have a college degree, they will not be ready to take on the workforce. Nonetheless, this does not refute the importance of receiving a college education. Instead, this shows that there should be an alteration in the curriculum of higher-education institutions to better prepare students for the

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