Free College Tuition

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Education is one of the most valuable assets that a person can receive. It is widely believed that everyone deserves an education, including going to college. In today’s world with the competitiveness of jobs, it is the norm to have a college education to work in any decent paying job. For this reason, it has become a popular opinion that college tuition should be free and accessible to all American citizens. This is a large point affected mainly by current and potential college students, a point that Bernie Sanders has established in his presidential campaign. However, there are numerous downsides to free college tuition that are not noticed at the first glance.
Free college education seems desirable; it would provide the opportunity
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Sunk cost is a simple economic term that describes the cost of something that cannot be recovered by any means. The sunk cost of paying tuition alone would motivate students to remain in school and go to class. College drop-out rates would be much larger if tuition were free. When students are required to pay for tuition, they are much more likely to go to class and be successful in college. 90 percent of high school graduates will enroll in college, but the graduation rate of community colleges is only 39 percent, while 84 percent of students at public or private colleges left with a degree (7). Free tuition would cause the government and taxpayers to be spending an unnecessary amount of money for students that most likely won’t even …show more content…
But the people paying for the college tuition will mainly be tax payers who already paid for his or her or college tuition, just to pay for the college tuition of every American. Americans should not be obliged to pay for other people to go to college after paying for themselves to go to college. In conclusion, free college tuition would cause taxpayers to spend more money on other’s tuition than it is actually worth, and it would decrease the competitiveness and success of

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