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  • My Weakness In My Writing

    I have developed in many ways in my writing and I’ve been able to recognize and learn from my mistakes. There are five major areas that I was graded on with each of my essays. Those five areas are unity, development, coherence, grammar/-spelling/punctuation, and overall. Out of those five areas I had two strengths that was consistent from essay one through essay four, these two strengths are unity and development. Not only did I have strengths but I also have major weaknesses, and they are coherence and grammar/spelling/punctuation. This semester I have learned how to become a better writer and how to improve on my writing. One of my major strengths in writing is unity, this involved clear thesis statement and topic sentences that supported the thesis statement. My thesis statement would introduce my essay; I then had supporting topic sentences that…

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  • My Strength And Weakness

    My Strength and Weakness Introduction Strength Based on the eight habits of mind that “The Framework for Success in Post-Secondary Writing” discusses, the habit of flexibility is my strength for my college success. For instance, when I have essay assignments I can adapt to the different types of essays. Therefore, writing a narrative is different to writing a research paper. In a narrative we can use I’s, you’s, use punch dialogue, and sounds. For example, when I had to learn how to write a…

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  • Strengths And Weaknesses Essay

    Upon analyzing my weaknesses and strengths as a student my most important traits are procrastination, perseverance, and fast learning. Being a student has helped me understand why having strengths and weaknesses is normal. During my time as a student I have noticed that when I make good use of my time and focus on the task at hand I am a great student. However, if I let my most visible weakness get the best of me I 'm prone to failure. My strengths have shown me that I am not just some simple…

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  • My Weakness Of Writing

    squirmed in my seat each time Professor Longoria passed back the class’ purple folders containing our graded essays. Seeing red marks on my essays could either mean that I did a flawless job or I may have been guilty of a few comma splices and contractions. Nevertheless, my strengths lie in my use of vocabulary and organization of the essays. However, I tend to be weaker in my use of grammar and topic sentences. Although these weaknesses proved a challenge to overcome during the semester, they…

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  • Busy Bobcat App Review Paper

    One of the biggest strengths this team has is years worth of experience with the technology. The app is on a website that is available to practically every kid in college. When students are told to do something, they want to do it the easiest way possible, without doing much work. By using this specific team, they can help students do this way better than any website or app MSU has to offer. A weakness that they have is that they feel as though they do not have any creative sort of gene in them.…

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  • A Case Study Of A L Ischemic MCA Stroke

    presents with an antalgic gait, limited endurance, slow gait speed, narrow BOS, and minimal kyphotic posture. He puts approximately 90% of his BW through the L LE and also puts a significant amount of pressure through quad cane using his L UE. Touch-down WB on R LE was observed as well as, significant decreased stance time on the R. He experiences most difficulty with the lateral weight shift from L to R foot due to R hip pain. Pt also has limited hip flexion, hip extension, and knee…

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  • Becker Muscular Dystrophy Case Study

    Introduction My task was replicating the experiences a seventeen-year-old male with Becker Muscular Dystrophy (BMD) could encounter. As a part of the experience, the task requires me to consider that BDM is an ailment that the principal effects are characterized by progressive muscle weakness and wasting much like Duchenne (Lister Hill National Center for Biomedical Communications, 2016). BMD is brought on by a X-linked mutations of the dystrophin gene (Mah et al., 2014). The mutation causes…

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  • Essay On My Weakness In English

    During my time in English 1A I was able to see some of my strength and weaknesses in my writing and reading as well; I also learned how to use them to make me a stronger reader and writer. I learned new things that will help me in my English classes and also some of my other future classes. During our English 125 class we sped through the class since it was compacted into six weeks so this class went over lots of those things I was not able to understand before. With explanations, assignments,…

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  • My Weakness In English Class

    five papers for English 101. My weaknesses were shown in my writing, but you also taught me how I can better my work. The mass amount of comments that I received after each paper always frustrated me, it took a lot of swallowing both pride and fear to rewrite my papers. I felt that I was could come up with both good writing ideas and points, but one thing I struggled most with was my ability to analyze quotes. I struggled with all of our class’s learning goals at some point in the semester, and…

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  • Creatine Supplement Essay

    Nardone. He had 12 men participate with the intake of creatine monohydrate. The main objective of this experiment was “To determine whether creatine supplementation would diminish the severity of statin-induced myalgia, weakness, and cramping.” (Shewmon, 4) This experiment was over a 6 week period and the doctor along with his staff monitored the patients’ soreness. The subjects of this test were given 5g of creatine a day, twice a day, for the first week. He called this “creatine loading”. “The…

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