Strengths And Weaknesses Essay

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Upon analyzing my weaknesses and strengths as a student my most important traits are procrastination, perseverance, and fast learning. Being a student has helped me understand why having strengths and weaknesses is normal. During my time as a student I have noticed that when I make good use of my time and focus on the task at hand I am a great student. However, if I let my most visible weakness get the best of me I 'm prone to failure. My strengths have shown me that I am not just some simple student with high hopes, I am a fast learner and can take down any task at hand. Strengths have helped me adapt to the task and make sure it’s done the correct way and to the best of my ability. My weaknesses have shown me that there is trouble at every turn but you need to know how to get around it. Strengths and weaknesses are something to grow on as a student and allow myself to adapt. Understanding my weaknesses and strengths will help me move forward and improve as a student. I have strengths and weaknesses in which better me and worsen me as a student.
First, procrastination is a problem to many students especially me. During my years as
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Being a fast learner helps me take on tasks quicker than most people. When I am learning a new topic it always helps that I understood the last topic with ease. It helps me to better understand the topic and get better grades on tests and quizzes. Learning something quick has always been my strongest trait and has allowed me to take more in and understand what the task is. This has made me a better student in general. Fast learning is very helpful, most teachers move at a quick pace and I have to be able to keep up with it. Being a fast learning student has helped me achieve goals, I wouldn 't be able to do without it. Fast learning has let me expand my mind and allows more time to focus on other assignments and manage my study

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