My Strength And Weakness

My Strength and Weakness
Based on the eight habits of mind that “The Framework for Success in Post-Secondary Writing” discusses, the habit of flexibility is my strength for my college success.
For instance, when I have essay assignments I can adapt to the different types of essays. Therefore, writing a narrative is different to writing a research paper. In a narrative we can use I’s, you’s, use punch dialogue, and sounds. For example, when I had to learn how to write a narrative essay, it was hard for me at first. After many attempts, I was a lot better and did a good narrative essay in high school classes. On the other hand, when writing a research paper, I would have to find a website that has all the sources for
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From high school I chose not to participate in activities such as key club, HOSA, and UIL which transferred to my college life. I did not engage very well in all those activities because I had language barrier and I was very scared to join in the activities because of all the activities include lots of talking. Even as a college student I am not involved in volunteer activities. As of result, I lost all the money from scholarships fund by not involving activities in high …show more content…
Trio will make me getting caught up in my all classes, getting free tutoring for each classes, getting free scholarship, choosing the perfect professor for me and choosing the correct career that will fit for my future.
By doing this assignment, I get to know all my strength and weakness and how I should change my weaknesses into strengths. My strength was flexibility and my weakness was engagement. By getting in trio club I can get my weaknesses same as my strength. By using my strength same as it is now I would manage all my time properly. This will help me succeed in my college and future living as

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