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  • Gender Stereotypes Of Gender And Gender In Sports

    Until recently gender and sex have both been viewed in binary terms, and considered interchangeable. Now as more people are publicly identifying as trans, agender, or nonbinary, and different sexual orientations are coming to light, feminism and human rights have expanded these concepts in order to encompass people who are more marginalized than their cisgender and heterosexual counterparts. However, the idea of the gender binary is still strictly enforced through popular culture, and especially through sports, where women and men are completely divided. This has some practical grounding because of the physiological differences between the sexes, but the idea of “separate but equal” has not transferred to the public image and stereotypes women…

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  • Gender Inequality In Gender

    My group decided to figure out if there were signs of gender inequality in the English department. Based off of required classes, unrequired classes, the gender of the professor and the gender of the authors for the text books. The English department are not usually in the spotlight for questioning, such as biology and classes like those. With English you do not use words to describe things in a gender form. Such as sperm is a knight in shining armor or eggs are damsels in distress. We are…

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  • Gender Roles Of Gender

    Imagine a baby girl. What do you see? Now imagine a baby boy. Do you picture the same baby? Well, most of the time people will say no, not because of the baby 's sex, but because how we connect someone 's sex with gender categories. "Male" and "female" are sex categories, and "masculine" and "feminine" are gender categories. However, the line between these two seems to be very thin if existent at all. This is because society has molded us to stereotype genders without us even knowing and to…

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  • Gender Essentialism Gender

    I want to argue against the gender essentialist claim about “women being not able to make the clearest or the most logical decision”. The phrase has been used multiple of times to block women from climbing up the ladder to the most prestigious positions such as managerial positions in companies and representation in the community/party; thereby, such claim created the notorious glass ceiling for women, especially in those higher positions. As of 2014, only 26 women lead the companies listed in…

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  • Gender And Gender Identity

    can provide an odd sense of comfort. All too often, however, transgender youth are denied that sense of belonging because they defy society’s categories of male and female. The gender binary divides society into two separate, unequivocal categories that marginalizes transgender youth and directly impacts their emotional health and well-being. Society’s collective response of demeaning, shaming, and violence further increases the divide. Therefore, expanding people’s view beyond a strict gender…

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  • Gender Differences On Gender

    Gender, as defined in our lecture, is simply the attitudes and perceptions that are attached to femininity and masculinity. Professor Latorre also emphasized that gender is a social construct; there is no scientific evidence to back up the claims that individuals make regarding what makes gender. This unreal construct influences every aspect of an individual’s life including what individuals are supposed to wear. Gender constructs are ingrained into each person from a young age. This ingrained…

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  • Gender Stereotypes Of Gender

    A gender stereotypes is defined as, one-sided and exaggerated images of men and women, which are deployed, repeatedly in everyday life ( This has a massive impacted on the wage gap for many years and still now. Men and women have been segregated in just about everything. Not only in the workforce, but also in life in general. Men are viewed as the moneymakers, strong, and bossy unlike the woman, they are viewed as the nurturing stay at home wife/mother, weak, and not to be…

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  • The Gender Roles Of Gender And Gender In Sports

    Gender refers to the socially-constructed roles of and relationships between males and females, which is not based on biological differences. The roles are a imperative in this construction for parents and the media, especially in the area of sport. Since sports were invented, there is a controversial issue about gender in sports. In the early years, only men were played the sports, and the things that women could do were sit on the sidelines and watch. However, things had have a change over the…

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  • Gender In Gender And Crime

    Gender and Crime Name Name of Institution Stereotype is a common feature that is associated with gender. In minds of many, they possess a formed decision that a certain group of people are the ones who commit certain crimes. It may be true or it may not. In such incidences, the society is encouraged not to take sides but to ensure that the rule of law is followed, adhered to and followed to the latter (Davies, 2010). Different scholars have tried to come up with…

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  • Gender Theory Of Gender

    The theory of gender being biologically determined emphasized, in terms of western culture, that women were mediocre to men since they were associated in terms of domestic undertakings, hence, their primary role is reproduction and child care, while men and the public sphere of social responsibilities were co-related (Weber 1998, p.17). It was asserted that women wherever is associated with nature, to a degree due to their reproductive systems, while men were associated with culture. This…

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