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  • Gender, Gender And Gender Conformity In Society

    Gender Conformity We are raised in a society that expects different attitudes and behaviors based on our gender. Children are assigned a gender and are converted to uphold to a specific gender role based on their biological sex. Boys are raised to conform to the male gender role, and girls are raised to conform to the female role, which causes gender conformity within our everyday lives. Gender conformity is when your gender identity, gender expression and sex “match” according to the social norm. When someone conforms one’s behavior and appearance for the social expectations and acceptance of one’s group, is also an example of gender conformity and gender roles placed on us. One’s group can include society as a whole, authority figures such as your parents and teachers. and can also include your peers and friends. This concept is created by the media. cultural, traditions, societal norms and some may argue biology. However, even though gender conformity is expected by society, it can lead to harm to children and young adults such as mental and physical abuse towards oneself and others. The terms feminine or masculine are often used to describe behaviors generally linked with females or males. Men are considered independent and responsible for taking care of the family financially. They also have the responsibility for direct the family and to make the final decisions. They feel the need to be strong both physically and mentally. Masculinity traits also include…

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  • The Consequences Of Gender: Gender And Gender Roles

    Gender is a complex spectrum of identity that is much greater than the binary of man or woman. It is the performance of cultural, social, and psychological traits in which people express themselves. These characteristics are gender cues that have been culturally agreed upon to identify the gender or sex of another person. This expression of traits manifests through appearance and behavior and includes hairstyle, clothing, gait, vocal inflection, body shape, and facial hair. Socially, it is…

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  • Gender: The Social Stereotypes Of Gender And Gender

    Forum 1: Gender Gender is socially constructed by social situations that we are put in from birth. As soon as we are born we are classified by our sex or biological characteristics that distinguish a man from a women. From then on we are associated with the stereotypes of boys and girls by wearing a bow or pink blanket. Media feeds these ideas of how boys or girls should act which can also influence the way we interact with our peers. We can also look throughout history to see the different…

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  • Gender Stereotypes Of Gender And Gender In Sports

    Until recently gender and sex have both been viewed in binary terms, and considered interchangeable. Now as more people are publicly identifying as trans, agender, or nonbinary, and different sexual orientations are coming to light, feminism and human rights have expanded these concepts in order to encompass people who are more marginalized than their cisgender and heterosexual counterparts. However, the idea of the gender binary is still strictly enforced through popular culture, and especially…

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  • Gender Stereotypes On Language And Gender

    Language and Gender, made me think about the gender messages conveyed through language in advertisements, media, society and our surroundings. Although we try to be different we are constantly shaped and influenced by our environment. We try to be unique individuals, but we lack the ability to see how language in advertisements, television, magazines, Internet and movies reflect and shape gender. Advertisements can falsely inform individuals on gender roles in society. These forms of language…

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  • Erikson's Theory Of Gender And Gender

    Gender is often viewed as the demographic that provides answers to why there are differences between men and women. However, what happens when one looks past gender and seeks the effects of intersectionality? For example, what does the effects of aging within a gender cause? Gender and aging intersect in many ways, such as, gender and personality, gender and the aging mind, gender and the aging body, and gender and changes in social roles. “Erikson’s theory covers the period from birth to…

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  • Compare And Contrast Gender And Gender

    There are two common words that we have always seen when filing up forms or answering questionnaire are gender and sex. The answers to those terms are usually fixed within two choices which are male and female. We often just pick an answer to identify ourselves without knowing that those two terms actually have different meanings. Sex is used to describe an individual based on their biological genitals and reproductive organs hence categorising them into two groups for male and female…

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  • Gender And Gender In Lipstick Or Timberlands?

    Gender plays a big role in society. By definition it is the state of being either male or female. Each gender is set to a certain amount of expectations and norms linked to how they should behave and portray themselves. Sex however is different; it is the way of defining men and women based on their biological and physical attributions. Throughout the years opinions and outlooks on sexuality/gender have changed drastically. People are more open-minded and accepting of the change. There are many…

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  • The Importance Of Gender And Gender Inequality

    Whether it is gender, sexuality, or discrimination they are all hot topics that are going on right now in mostly every country. What is gender, sexuality, or discrimination? Gender is the range of characteristics pertaining to, and the difference between masculinity and femininity or men and women. Gender is based on social and cultural expectations rather than on physical traits. Sexuality is about the sexual feelings, and attractions a person feels towards another person. Discrimination on…

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  • Gender And Gender Influence On Education

    the National Education Association Reg Weaver said. These key factors can help determine the potential success of a student. It has been said that boys learn better from men and girls learn better from women because they can relate to people who look like them (Dee). In the classroom, teachers strive to educate students, however the gender of the teacher can greatly affect a students learning ability. A study written in 2006 by economics professor Thomas Dee has outlined the ways…

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