The Role Of Gender: The Intrapsychic Of Gender

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Sex and gender are often used as one similar term when in reality they had two different meaning. On one hand, sex is who you are born as biological. On the other hand, gender is who you feel you are inside. In addition, these two terms are social labels to separated people into two different groups female and male. According to a psychology review article The Intrapsychic of Gender: A model of Self-Socialization (April. 2010), by the age of 3 to 4 years old most children are aware that their social world are divided into two categories male and female. In addition, children also understand that they have to act a certain way to fall into either categories. For young child there is no in between you’re either a female or you’re a male. In continuation …show more content…
Boys are labeled to wear superheroes, sports or even just plain simple masculine colors while girls are seen to wear dresses, flowers and princess to show there feminine side. This makes it difficult for kids to decide if they like girl or boys them so they could find what true identity they want to be. Gender and sex does not stay consist throughout the growth of children. As they grow up they decide whether they want to be feminine or masculine by the way they are attracted to the labels of each sex. For example in the article Sex Reassignment at Birth: A Long Term Review And Clinical Implications by Milton Diamonds and H.Keith Sigmundson they explain, “ Girl toys, clothes and activities were repeatedly proffered to Joan and most often rejected. Throughout childhood Joan preferred boy’s activities and games to those of girl’s; she had little interest in dolls, sewing or girl’s activities. Ignoring the toys she was given, she would play with her brother’s toys… Joan’s realization that she was not a girl between ages 9 and 11 years, Joan relates: ‘There were little things from early on. I began to see how different I felt and was, from what I was supposed to …show more content…
You are however not destined to be what your sex is. As you grow up you choose whether you want to be feminine and masculine because your gender isn’t what describes you. Like I said before it affects how social and how your personality. In the article Sex Reassignment at Birth: A Long Term Review and Clinical Implications by Milton Diamonds and H.Keith Sigmundson they state,” Joan knew she already had thoughts of suicide brought on by this sort of cognitive dissonance and didn’t want additional stress. Joan fought both the boys as well as the girls who were always “razzing” her about her boy looks and her girl clothes. She had no friends; no one would play with her.” Joan was emotionally effected with the fact she wasn’t the gender she wanted to be. Her life was drastically effected since she was isolated and no one comprehended on how she wasn’t feminine but masculine on the inside. Every person either decides to stay what their sex it but others change their gender throughout time because they realize that their sex isn’t who they truly are on the inside and the labels that they put on for kids whether they’re both or girl doesn’t really fit into what they want to be. In conclusion, not everyone defines themselves as their sex but on their

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