Gender And Stereotypes Are Based On Gender

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Labels Are Based On Gender
The negative stereotypes based on gender continue to be an issue in today’s world. Stereotyping people based on whether they are male or female affects an individual’s perception of themselves. Many people do not realize the damage one can do when they stereotype a person. If a person is not comfortable with their biological gender, stereotyping can cause feelings of shame. People should not feel ashamed of their gender simply because of what others have to say. Choosing your own sex was never an option, but others make it seem like they can choose to prevent the stereotypes made by society.
“Sport is however still considered a masculine domain in our society,” Fasting comments as she talks about the stereotypes
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Girls believe that sports are not for them because of what others have to say about them. They don’t see themselves as a “sexy girl” unless they quit a sport they enjoy playing. As girls mature into young adults they believe that looking good is the most important thing in their lives, and for men, growing up playing a sport makes them more manly because they become more stronger mentally and physically than women. This is based on the stereotypes made by others to identify the differences between genders. Certainly what others have to say about gender and their roles of playing sports makes a difference in our society.
Stereotypes made based on gender can cause some contrastive feelings. Where individuals feel torn between their gender and who they really are. Often people do not realize that calling someone by the wrong pronoun can cause a sensational emotion without trying to actually harm someone’s feelings. Williams discusses in his article, “Are We Worried about Storm’s Identity – or Our
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The men felt unwanted as others felt uncomfortable by his presence at a public place. In other words, others saw him as a threat not only because of his race but because of his gender. If we think about it the people might not had acted the way they did if the person that was walking down the streets was a women. A stereotype in this situation is the fact that men like to be over controlling, and want everything their way. In nature men are said to be more violent, and they can also be somewhat aggressive once things do not go as they wish. As for women, they can be a little more understanding and are often more patient than men. Men are quite stereotyped by the way they look as for women by the way they handle

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