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  • Basketball Is Everything At The Age Of 8

    Playing basketball is everything to me. I remember the day I fell in love with the sport at the age of 8. I’ve always played shooting guard. The shooting guard is basically the position who scores well just as the point guard. I played a point guard once, but not full time. I recall my coach calling me over to her, and said to me “Tyra, I want you to start playing shooting guard, and point guard full time.” I looked at her and responded back with “ok” although deep down I wanted to back down on the

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  • Writing Is Like The Game Of Basketball

    Turning in a thought out, grade-changing essay moments before it is due is no different than releasing a perfect, game winning three-point-shot at the end of a basketball game-- and watching it sail through the net. In so many ways writing is like the game of basketball. Prewriting stretches the creative portion of the brain much akin to the way physically stretching loosens up every tendon, muscle, and ligament before a game. Each quarter embodies its own unique shots, transitions, perks and downfalls

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  • Soccer And Basketball Vs. Basketball

    Soccer or Football as known Europe and South America and Basketball both are sports that played at high schools and colleges in U.S.A. The physical body contact is a part of these two games. The similar points of both of them are not too much. Both soccer and basketball are sports need a stamina and mental strength to be played, but the childhood and the surrounding environment decide whether the person will prefer one of them over the other. It’s not very strange to find someone who likes and play

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  • The Death Of Kentucky Basketball

    Growing up in Kentucky, a love for Kentucky basketball comes naturally. Will Davis has been a die-hard fan since he was just a baby. He loved Kentucky basketball more than anything, it was his life. Nothing made him happier than Kentucky winning, and nothing hurt him worse when they lost. He watched every game with his dad. When he was just a young boy, he vowed that he would one day wear those eight letters across his chest and play in front of the 23,000 rowdy Kentucky fanatics in Rupp Arena

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  • The Game Of The Varsity Basketball Game

    The humming buzz of the crowd fills the arena, but I hear nothing. The only thing on my mind is to get ready for the “important” game coming up right after this one. My coach thought if I played the first part of the junior varsity basketball game, I would be better prepared for the varsity game to follow—the game that really counted; I agreed. I thought to myself, “I’ll play a quarter or two, get used to the hoops and court, then rest and prepare.” The game started, and as a starting varsity player

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  • Origin Of The Sport : Basketball

    Basketball! It seems like a century ago, basketball was being played with peach baskets and soccer balls, today basketball is well known all around the world having billions of followers and it’s one of the most popular sports in history. Origin of the Sport It was the 891st year of the 2nd millennium and the 91st year of the 19th century, when a physical educator, and sports innovator James Naismith invented the game of basketball. He first called it “peach basketball”, it came to him when

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  • My Life Of Basketball Is Amazing

    the air and the game is getting closer to the end, you only have one chance to make one shot, to cash your check in the bank and the buzzer sounds. Your team wins because of you! You did it! But how? Basketball is amazing. Everyone says, “ball is life” but I personally believe I bring life to basketball. My natural athleticism and electrifying excitement I bring to the court is primarily why I believe what I do. I get fans riled up, I get the crowd jumping out their seats, I get strangers from miles

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  • Basketball : My Favorite Basketball Player

    really happy with her, I didn’t want to play a sport I didn’t know anything about. At the time I just wanted to play basketball and football two sports you could say I knew everything about. I studied the games I watched my favorite players play every day. I was like a sports reporter I knew everything there was to know about my favorite players. Kobe Bean Bryant my favorite basketball player. Randy Moss my favorite football player two people I knew a lot about. When it came to baseball I knew nothing

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  • The Basketball Association of America and the National Basketball League History

    The Basketball Association of America came from a league in North America, 1946; being one out of three professional basketball organizations. The Basketball Association of America (BAA) and another basketball organization, National Basketball League (NBL), formed together to become the National Basketball Association (NBA). Surprisingly, they came together after being big rivals, and fighting for three years over who gets the better players and the most fans to watch the action and most likely to

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  • Differences Between Sports And Basketball

    opponent. Professional football and basketball are two of the most popular sports in America. With millions of fans watching live televised games across the nation these two sports each generate billions of dollars every year. The players make millions based on their salary, bonuses, and endorsements. Although, there is a substantial fan base for these sports, there is also a large percentage of people who are misinformed on professional football and basketball. Three differences and similarities

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  • Basketball Is The Art Of Shooting

    One of the main focal points of the game of basketball is the art of shooting. Basketball was originally founded in 1891 by an inventor named James Naismith. Naismith was a canadian that came south to pursue his education in physical education. In his time working at a YMCA, (Young Men’s Christian Association) training school, Naismith wanted to create a game that athletes could play during the winter. The game of basketball started as just five players on each team trying to toss a soccer ball into

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  • The Physics Of Basketball And Basketball

    The Physics of Basketball Basketball isn 't as easy as people depict it to be. Basketball physics is fairly irrelevant. Most people who study the physics of basketball get deep into the art of shooting, passing, and dribbling instead of actually playing the sport. There are many aspects to the physics of basketball. I have five aspects I would like to discuss. The shot, shooting a free throw and the spin. First I would like to talk about the game of basketball all around. Basketball was created

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  • My Personal Statement On Basketball

    trying to be the best. Basketball is a prioritized sport in my family. I always knew that when I hit junior high it would be time to fulfill my family’s prophecy of joining a basketball team. I was not too thrilled with the thought at first. I decided to talk to some of my friends to get their view on it. Most of their responses were negative. I remember my best friend at the time had told me, “You can’t even do your hair and cut your nails, how are you going to play basketball”. I don’t know why I

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  • Essay on Basketball

    Basketball Basketball was created a simple game. The primary objective was to place a ball, without dribbling, into a peach basket. However, like Darwin's theory of man, basketball has evolved into the most exciting exhibition of athletic ability. Basketball has seen many rule changes, because of the increasing ability of the players. Basketball is a melting pot, where black, white, and European people excel. This is a sport that is color-blind. This sport

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  • Basketball Is The Game That I Love

    they want to put the effort in or not. To some, they might think their dreams will come to them easily, or they will just be given whatever they wish to receive, but I have learned that is not the case. Through basketball, school, and home, I have learned that effort is rewarding. Basketball is the game that I love. There is nothing I would rather be doing than either playing a pickup game with my friends or playing the fast-paced game under head coach Mark Collins. My love for the game developed

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  • Development Of A Basketball Jump Shot

    sports as it dissects the certain movement of muscles and joints to perform a certain action in the sport. A basketball jump shot uses all of the movement phases, from the stance phase, preparatory phase, movement phase, follow-through phase and recovery phase. The jump shot has gradually evolved in the NBA, and is considered one of the most important and most commonly used shot in basketball. There are many sharpshooters in the NBA, like Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry and Carmelo Anthony who master the

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  • The Basketball Player Of The Nba

    The “One and Done” rule that is currently in place to get to the NBA has been a heavy topic of debate in the basketball world since its introduction in 2006. The rule, as defined by the NBA, states that all high school graduates would gain eligibility for the draft one year after their high school graduation as long as they turn 19 years old by the end of the calendar year of the draft. Before 2006, any player could go straight from high school into the NBA. They could also choose to go to college

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  • The Contributions Of Canadian Basketball

    from being more independent, proving our strength in the war, technological advances, gender and racial equality and many more. Canadian basketball is one of the many concepts that has evolved over the past few years thanks to former Toronto Raptor Vince Carter and retired NBA player Steve Nash. There has already been visible change in the National Basketball Association (NBA) for example the last two first round drafts have been Canadian (Andrew Wiggins and Anthony Bennett). Also, some of the

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  • Basketball Essay

    junior varsity basketball team. Before high school the last time I played on a basketball team was in 4th grade, but it wasn’t organized. The tryouts for the basketball team were set for November 15th. For that month before the tryouts I worked out almost every day. I would go outside and run around the backyard so I could get the hang of running around the gym. Everyone said “Jasahn you should make the team, your good enough” and I thought the same. The tryouts for the basketball team finally came

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  • Basketball Diaries Essay

    analysis I chose The Basketball Diaries written by Jim Carroll. The book was first published in the United States by Tombouctou Books in 1978, then published and reprinted by Penguin books in 1987. James Dennis Carroll was born on August 1, 1949 in New York. He was of Irish Descent and grew up on New York's Lower East Side. In the sixth grade his brother took notice to his literary talent, so he encouraged him to pursue it. Apart from writing, Carroll was an all-star basketball player throughout his

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  • The Sports Of The Basketball

    Andre has been playing basketball ever since he could walk. His dad, a tall and skilled player, played in college, so naturally he would get the skills passed down from his father. Ever since seeing his first college game, it was his dream to make it to that level. Andre worked his butt off, by practicing every day of the week, playing on travel teams in the summer, and going to camps to learn more skills. It was his junior year in high school and already he had several colleges interested in having

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  • The Basketball Hall Of Fame

    up feeling cold. I looked out the window of my dorm to see the dark, cloudy day outside with the rain pelting down on the window pane. I was still really tired after the late night of getting praised on my amazing basketball skills, finally I had been recognized. The college basketball Hall of Fame plaque hung on the wall. It had just recently been updated after the Hall of Fame presentation on Saturday. Everyone was telling me that I needed to declare that I’m joining the NBA as soon as possible

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  • Basketball Vs. Basketball Sports

    In December 1891, Dr. James Naismith created a game called basketball. Basketball is defined as a game played by two teams of five players each on a rectangular court having a raised basket at each end, with points being scored by shooting the ball through the opponent 's basket. Since 1891, basketball has taken the world over by storm. From the United States of America to China, basketball is among the most popular sports to play and watch in the world. Dr. Naismith created this game in Springfield

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  • I Am A Basketball Player

    Before I was even born it seemed it was in my destiny to be a basketball player. My mom won a high school state championship and was some kind of legend in town. When she first signed me up to play in our town rec league, all of the men who ran the league couldn’t believe she didn’t sign up to coach. One of the guys at the table then turned to me and told me he was there when my mom scored the winning basket at the Boston Garden to take the team to the state championship game. When we got home

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  • Is Basketball Really Worth?

    high is is basketball. Many kids around the globe have their ups and downs in this game has it developed over the years. Certain people struggle at a young age because of this sport but is also has the capabilities to change lives for others. If you want to take the stress and dues of basketball to be at the top of your game, then going through the process is necessary. Is basketball really worth it? Even before you are given the opportunity to play at the high school level, basketball and it’s competitive

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  • Notes On The Game Of Basketball

    Everyone knows the game of basketball by now, but not many people know how it got started. Basketball was first discovered in Springfield, Massachusetts by a guy named Dr. James Naismith in 1891. Dr. Naismith was told by Dr. Luther Gulick, who was in charge of the Physical Education at the School of Christian Workers, to think of a new game. Dr. Naismith struggled to come up with something. His first idea was to bring soccer and lacrosse inside, but that was too physical. He finally thought of an

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  • The Sports : Basketball And Football

    There are two sports that are very popular within the society: basketball and football. These two sports have had a lot of influence throughout social media. People kept themselves updated on the sports and their players within television, Twitter, Reddit, and much more. Basketball and football not only have slight differences, but also have some similarities toward the game system, the game structure, and the sports themselves. Football is one of the popular sports that people enjoy to watch during

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  • The Development Of The Basketball Program

    There is a sense of excitement that is coming out of the Stoller Center at Pacific University in Forest Grove with start of the basketball season around the corner. The development of the basketball program for the Boxers under seven-year head coach Tim Cleary has been a steady rise to success, on and off the court. In 2015-16, the Boxers for the second-straight season just missed out on a spot in the Northwest Conference Tournament. “I feel really good about this group. We’ve got a really good

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  • Essay on Professional Basketball vs Ncaa College Basketball

    Compare and Contrast: Professional Basketball vs NCAA College Basketball Sports have became a huge part of our American culture. We are known worldwide for having produced some of the most top-ranked athletes in a wide variety of sports. Basketball has become a very popular sport amongst all types of people ranging from little kids to the older generation. What other sport can you see players jumping high off the ground, going around the back and through the legs, to slam dunk a ball through

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  • The Skill Of A Basketball Lay Up

    Introduction For this assignment, I have selected the skill of a basketball lay-up. I perform an task analysis of the skill along with highlight key topics such as motivation, practice format, and identifying errors. To successfully perform a lay-up, one must build up force by using their arms, hips, knees, ankles and applying the appropriate amount of that force in the direction of the hoop at the correct angle resulting in the ball going through the basket. The learner for this skill will be an

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  • Basketball Is A Global Sensation

    Basketball Basketball is a sport that was brought into the world in 1819 by an extraordinary man named Dr.James Naismith. His legacy today is a global sensation that is followed by a whopping 450 million people. The sport has evolved in so many ways over the years and will continue throughout in the future. Despite the amount of individuals that are involved with it, there’s always that audience that doesn’t fully understand the actions that occur in the 48 minute time span of the game. In this

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  • Basketball : The Sport Of Basketball

    sport of basketball is not easy; it takes pride, awareness, practice, and confidence. How far of an impact has basketball made into the world of sports? Basketball holds a lot under its belt. In the beginning it was small, but now, the sport of basketball has overcame the impossible. The sport of basketball is now one of the biggest sports in the U.S and all around the world today, and it has greatly impacted our lifestyle and records are broken every day. How was the sport of basketball created

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  • Kevin Love Is A Professional Basketball Player For The Cleveland Cavaliers Of The National Basketball Association

    Kevin Love What I Already Know/What I Want to Know Kevin Love is a professional basketball player for the Cleveland Cavaliers of the National Basketball Association (NBA). Kevin Love is six feet and ten inches tall and weighs 251 pounds. He plays the power forward position, wears jersey number zero, and makes an annual salary of 15.72 million dollars. I enjoy watching and playing the game of basketball. Ever since I was a little kid I would watch the Minnesota Timberwolves on television

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  • Personal Statement : ' The Orange Basketball '

    “ Now, each day I am surrounded by basketballs. These basketballs cause me happiness as well as stressness. They make the “BOING” when bouncing against the wood and the “SWISH” sounds when flowing through the net. I love these basketballs so much. Yet, I still find myself thinking of my favorite faded, orange basketball that I carry by my side everyday. It has a better sound, and it feels better in my hands. Even though is was an animated object,I loved it more than anything. I’ll never forget my

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  • Basketball Athletes And The Basketball Association

    How can some of these professional basketball players in the National Basketball Association ( NBA ) or Women’s National Basketball Association ( WNBA ) influence people in their daily lives? People may say basketball is easy because all you’re doing is throwing a ball in a basket and if it go in, it counts there you get the point. No basketball does NOT work like that, you can’t just make the ball then there you go already on a professional team. It also take time like everything else or the things

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  • Physics : The Role Of Basketball Sports

    Physics’ Role in Basketball Basketball was created in 1891 by Dr. James Naismith when he was given the task of creating an activity that could keep a group of disorderly, young men under control. He got the idea to place peach baskets on the ground and divide the young men into separate teams. The purpose of the game was to score points by throwing the ball into baskets to score points while the team played opposite roles. One team would play offense and the other would play defense. Both teams

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  • Basketball : Past And Present

    Basketball: Past to Present Brian Burnett Jacksonville University Kinesiology 257 Abstract This paper focuses on the history and establishment of basketball. This paper explores the inception of basic concepts and the fundamentals of basketball. There were different reasons for starting the sport called basketball and this paper will briefly discuss those points. The objectives and rules originally established for basketball and the construction of the equipment

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  • Basketball Vs. Lebron James

    Throughout the years, there have been many athletic men that have played basketball at the professional level. The NBA, also known as the National Basketball Association, is not only the foremost men’s professional basketball league in North America, but is also widely considered to be the top-ranking men’s professional basketball league in the world. One of the most controversial topics in the history of the NBA today is whether Michael Jordan or LeBron James is the best player to ever be a part

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  • Basketball And The Basketball Market

    The basketball sneaker market holds great importance to basketball players and fans and is an important part of the footwear market. A rough size of the basketball footwear market can be determined by the total market revenue divided by the average price of basketball sneakers to find the approximate number of units sold in a year. In 2016, the basketball footwear market in Canada reached a total revenue of $140 million (Hutchins, 2016). In the current market range from companies such $190. The total

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  • Basketball And Its Impact On Sports

    Basketball was created in 1891 by Dr. James Naismith when he was given the task of creating an activity that could keep a group of disorderly, young men under control. He got the idea to place peach baskets on the ground and divide the young men into separate teams. The purpose of the game was to score points by throwing the ball into baskets to score points while the team played opposite roles. One team would play offense and the other would play defense. Both teams would use a series of motions

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  • The History Of Basketball And Basketball

    The History of Basketball Basketball is a simple but competitive sport composed of five players per team with competing goals of shooting a basketball through a hoop. James A. Naismith first invented the game of basketball in 189 at a YMCA gymnasium in Spring Field, Massachusetts, where he was a physical education teacher. The first game was played with a soccer ball, two peach baskets for goals, and nine people per team. Naismith brainstormed the 13 original rules of basketball. The rules described

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  • The Basketball Players Of The Best Basketball Player

    The National Basketball Association (NBA) is where the best basketball players from around the world have a chance to showcase their skills and play against the best of the best. With it, comes the never-ending debate of who is the best player in the NBA. Past players like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and Lebron James have been considered the best basketball players in their respective era. In an article titled, “Stephen Curry has Replaced Lebron James as the Best Basketball Player in the World”

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  • The Physics of Basketball Essay

    When you play the game of basketball, you are not aware of at the time some of the physics that are going on all around you. For example, you have all the players using force to accelerate and go to top speed. You have the jump shot which uses vertical and horizontal forces. The spin of the ball affects its place once it hits the rim or the backboard. Dribbling comes into major play because of all the different types of forces and actions going on around it. There is two different types of shots

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  • Lebron James : Basketball And Basketball

    many awards that LeBron James has received. The journey to win these awards started rough for LeBron, but after help from people he started succeeding in his life. He had successful four seasons at St. Vincent–St. Mary High School where he played basketball and then went straight to the NBA. In the NBA, LeBron broke multiple records and won two NBA title. He still continues to play in the NBA today and works hard to win a championship for his hometown of Cleveland. LeBron James has had a successful

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  • Essay on Basketball: the Teaching of the Game.

    Vin Smith Professor King ENG 100 21 October 2015 Basketball: The teaching of the game. Basketball is one of the world’s most popular sports. Basketball is a sport played by two teams’ and their task is to shoot the ball through a circular rim, with a net hanging from it. Each team has five players and they play on a rectangular court having two baskets on both ends. The regulation basketball hoop consists of a rim or basket attached to a backboard. A team scores by shooting the ball through

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  • The Impact Of Basketball Around The World

    The Impact of Basketball Around The World The game of basketball was invented in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1891 by James Naismith. He was born in 1861 in rural ontario, In 1883 Naismith entered McGill University in Montreal to study philosophy and theology (“Beginning”). When he was at the age of 30 he was an instructor at the local YMCA training school (“Beginning”). Under the instructions from the head of physical education at the school for christian workers, Naismith was given 2 weeks

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  • Basketball : The Game Of Basketball

    Major 3 Basketball has been played by many people in the world. You’ll at least play basketball once in your lifetime. Basketball legends started off the same as everyone and that’s playing basketball for the first time. It must of came natural to them so they made it a passion and living out of basketball. Basketball is kinda a difficult sport to play if you don’t know what you 're doing. Basketball includes passing, shooting, stealing, blocking, and rebounding the ball. It all isn 't easy and

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  • How Basketball Is A Sport

    The Sport Basketball is a sport that was brought into the world in 1819 by an extraordinary man named Dr.James Naismith. His legacy today is a global sensation that is followed by a whopping 450 million people. The sport has evolved in so many ways over the years and will continue throughout in the future. Despite the amount of individuals that are involved with it, there’s always that audience that doesn’t fully understand the actions that occur in the 48 minute time span of the game. In this essay

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  • The Sports Of Basketball And Basketball

    As people look back on the sport of basketball, multiple people would notice it was once six on six instead of five on five. “Women’s basketball has grown rapidly since the 1970’s. Until then, women and girls had been allowed to play only a six-player game in which offensive and defensive players were rooted to one half of the court” (Basketball). It seems completely bizarre to even think about the game with twelve players on the court rather than ten. An abundant amount of things changed when they

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  • Michael Jordan 's Influence On Basketball And Basketball

    Michael Jordan was quite possibly the greatest basketball player in the history of the National Basketball Association. His lengthy nineteen year career was spent playing with the Chicago Bulls. Not only the most unsurpassable player of his era, but maybe the greatest to ever wear a uniform, being a very recognizable athlete worldwide. The magnitude of his “Airness” can be best shown through Jordan’s soaring hangtimes and acrobatic moves, but the legend of Michael Jordan is characterized by his

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