The Haunted House Analysis

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The two short stories A Pair of Tickets by Amy Tan and The Haunted House by Virginia Wolf in which both provide the reader insight to love for their families revealing memories of the days gone by. The author, Amy Tan tells a story of a loving family in search for her sister and seeing family after numerous years. The author, Virginia Wolf tells the story of a couple who are ghosts and return to their house they once lived looking for a treasure. Both stories give the reader insight to love through foreshadowing, figurative language, and flashbacks. These literary techniques allow the reader to understand the search for love, the fulfillment of memories and whom they love. Memories are an important part of both short stories. First, Amy Tan introduces a family who was separated during the war and a mother who had to leave her babies behind since she was so sick and on the verge of death. The protagonist 's dad, tells the long story of endurance her mother had to go through in order to escape death and then facing the death of her husband once she arrived. The memories shared with the protagonist help her to remember what her mother told her before she died. The memory of love instilled by her mother when she said, “Once you are born Chinese, you cannot help but feel and think Chinese” (147) and then …show more content…
In conclusion, In the story, A Pair of Tickets, Tan highlights how the protangonist has memories of her mom and reunites with her sisters and dad’s family after being separated due to distance and by war. However, the story, A Haunted House by Virgina Wolf paints a different picture using ghosts who return to their house in search of a treasure which is a beating heart of love. However, both stories paint a picture of love making them similar but one is told about a family and the other about a couple creating a different storyline for the reader to

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