Ghost Whisperer Analysis

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The television show, Ghost Whisperer, is a feminist text since it features a main female role who is very independent. This television show demonstrates more feminists traits, including the protagonist, a female, being the only protagonist that can see ghosts, owning her own business, being strong against her enemies and remains strong after and during the unfortunate events that happen in her life.
The protagonist of Ghost Whisperer is a medium, named Melinda Gordon, who can see and talk to ghosts. Even though she's married, her husband, Jim Clancy, does not take a main role, but instead a supportive one. The lasts names of her and her husband are significant since it shows that Melinda is more of an independent woman, since she's introduced
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Melinda Gordon later in the series is pregnant with a child, but she has a miscarriage. She is heartbroken by this, but she helps her child cross over into the light and once she does it is easier for her to move on and shows how strong she is. This example shows that women are strong and continues to show that this is a feminist text. After losing her friend after a plane crash that happened near her town of Grandview, she remains strong and tries to convince her friend to go into the light. Unfortunately she has to combat against a suicide cult leader named, Romano that convinced and succeeded in having himself and over 100 followers commit suicide back in 1939. Now that he is a ghost, he convinces her friend and ghosts that if they do not go into the light and become his followers, that they will see their families again. This is a problem for Melinda because she helps these ghosts “cross over” and it's not good for them or their families if they do not. She overcomes this and stands up to this Romano with the help of Delia and her professor friend. This is an example of how Ghost Whisperer is a feminist text because for the most part she is the one that gets rid of him and gets the ghosts to cross over into the light. Other than asking for help from her professor friend who mostly provides historical background on Romano.

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