A Feminist Analysis Of Their Eyes Were Watching God

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“Their Eyes Were Watching God” is about a southern girl growing up with the pressures of being black and finding her true love. Janie the main character goes through life thinking love is one thing learning it from her grandmother to having to find her true self and true love. Many critics call the book a feminist novel which is true portraying Janie trying to gain strength for herself, the book showing men dominance and the treatment of women. The book does do an amazing job showing Janie gaining her own strength and confidence all throughout the book. It mostly started when Janie was married to Logan Killicks. In chapters 3 and 4 Logan tries to get Janie to do some field work but she refuses, Logan remarks how his last wife would have helped and Janie should be more like her. Later on Janie meets Jody “Joe” Starks who she runs off with, a man that valued her as a person and her thoughts. This leaving shows that she gained just a little bit of strength and was not afraid to run …show more content…
The time of the book is some time after slavery where things were still rocky and people were finding themselves. The females main job at this time wa to take care of the home or any children. They weren't allowed to do much by the men and the law stopping them. If they did do anything against men or just something they shouldn't they were often hit very vigorously by just about any man. Before in the book Janie was hit by Jody and Tea Cake once for no reason but Jody hit her for talking back. The harsh treatment of women wouldn't last forever though they would eventually receive many rights. What even makes a feminist novel. It would have to deal with a women in submission trying her best to overcome it. Well “Their Eyes Were Watching God” does exactly that. Janie is held down many times by the dominance of men and the treatment of women which she overcomes with growing strength and finally having a happy

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