John Foner's Summary In 'Give Me Liberty'

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In chapter 6 of Give Me Liberty! By Foner they discuss how women were starting to work toward their independence. More and more started doing things to maybe get recognized. Like looking for a “Treasuress” or participating in political discussions about independence. They mention a girl named Ann Carson who was married at age 16 because of her father and not love. She later on left her husband because he did not treat her how she should have been treated. She was human after all like him, they were the same, but because she was a women he didn 't feel the need to treat her well. This document tells us how women were starting to look for solutions to problems on their own. It reminds us that men just thought women were to be obedient and that their actions were always incorrect. Women in these years were starting to do things that none of them had done before, like standing up for what they deserved, rights. They wanted to be treated as well as men so they had to do something about it. Ann however was spoiled as a child so she just didn 't accept someone treating her a way she didn 't want to. She explains “If Captain Carson ever presumed to command me, I recoiled with abhorrence from this assumption of power..” she didn 't like being told what to do (Foner Chp-6). That …show more content…
Republican motherhood opened up opportunities of education for women. They believed women should have a good education to be able to teach their children. Republican motherhood also made people come up with the suggestion of “companiate” marriage. Which meant marriage shouldn 't only be about men telling women what to do. It should be about both men and women having dependency and loving each other. This not only ensures that the marriage could last longer but also it is a balanced marriage. The couple has equal roles, instead of the man just bringing money home. It gives children a better picture of what a good marriage should look

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