Tree Symbolism

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Register to read the introduction… When her lips become chapped and torn while her throat feel raw and sore she only speaks through her drawings because she can’t physically speak. One of her assignments is to draw a tree thought the year. This tree symbolizes Melinda’s state of mind. At first it can’t find true form because Melinda can’t or doesn’t want to venture into her mind because it is too painful. Eventually the tree becomes old or attacked by lightning to show her pain. Finally at the end of the book her tree sheds it’s dead branches and is able to live again. This also happen in real life in her front yard to symbolize that Melinda can share to the world not just her sketchpad. Another reason that she can share through her drawings is that the art teacher, Mr. Freeman, because he is the only one really trying to figure out what is going on in Melinda’s head. That’s why at the end he is the one she finally tells her whole story of her pain …show more content…
Best friend, starts dating Andy Evans, the boy who rapped Melinda. Melinda has to battle with her self to try to tell Rachel because even though they aren’t friends because she does not want her to get hurt or any other girl who might proceed them. Melinda finally decides to confront Rachel with her situation but at first Rachel get mad and just abandons Melinda more. Only because she questions Andy about it does she realize that she was telling the truth and dumps Andy. This causes him to go in a fit of rage and attack Melinda again, but because she has spoken the truth she is no longer an outcast and has gained her voice back her friends come to her rescue.

The big idea that I get from this book is that some burdens are just to big and the only was to handle them is together. The problem is that so many people are ashamed and would rather hide it that handle the situation. If all girls, or boys, who were put in situations like Melinda would speak up maybe there would be more justice in our

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