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  • Argument Peer Review Essay

    each quote? Suggestions? Basically, but I do think they really need more quotes. All of paragraphs are really well concrete with the topic setences, though they needs to add some concluding sentences. Also, please add more quotes. Does the writer explain why he or she chose this particular quote? Does the explanation connect back to the thesis? Does it all connect back to the idea of the argument being effective and convincing or not? Please provide specific feedback about the paragraph development. This goes with concluding sentences and needs more explaintion per quote. Some paragraphs only came with one sentences after the quote. Needs some major inflation. Does the writer have a conclusion that restates the thesis and gives a final thought? Please provide specific feedback about the conclusion and its…

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  • Distinction Of Dinosaurs, By Stephen Jay Gould, And Sherman Alexie

    Imagine having to give a presentation in class on a topic that is completely new to you. Your research consists only of typing the topic into Google and copying down the definition that pops up, and that is it. When you go to give your presentation, you put up a slide with only that definition on it. How well do you think that presentation will go? Probably not real great because the context is missing. When one’s only focus is on the conclusion, or the answer, the process of learning, and…

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  • Superstitions In Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Rocking Horse

    hard place. The voices (A.K.A. greed) in his head keep telling him to get more money this is a burden on Paul to satisfy his surroundings. Finally, I can decide on the ultimatum of Whether or not Paul should have been the victim of the family’s curse. ultimately I have come to the conclusion that even though Paul was swallowed by the darkness of others influence, and greedy ways. There were an array of decisions Paul could have made, but because he still had an immature mind, he was blind to…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Early Adulthood

    contrary, I have found working hard to beat these awry events very self-satisfying. Therefore, I’m glad these dilemmas have been present in my life because they have made me a stronger, wiser individual. Personal Goals Life has been a drag, for better and for worse; although, I wouldn’t change anything among the current ride I am on. Additionally, I have created a list of personal goals for myself. My first personal goal is to attempt to end my athletic career playing out in Des Moines this…

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  • Ways Of Knowing Analysis

    “To what extent do the concepts that we use shape the conclusion that we reach?” When you think about it, to a certain extent we actually utilize the concepts that we acquired overtime to shape the conclusions reached. We as people for the part may use concepts that we know, take pieces from it and use what we know ourselves to come up with this conclusion. To be able to achieve the goal of actually giving a direct answer to this question, reasoning and memory would be used as ways of knowing…

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  • Family Addiction Analysis

    The Effects an Addiction Has It was right around my fifteenth birthday when I finally decided that I had enough. The effects that an addiction has on a family is a lot, it just tears a person down. You can try and understand what is going through someone's mind when they decide to make all of these wrong choices but you just get confused and irritated. Just before thanksgiving of 2014 I had came to the conclusion that was tired of dealing with my mother's addiction. I had lived with it for…

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  • Stress Is Bad For Your Well-Being Analysis

    As learned in class, reasons are an essential component when structuring an argument. Reasons give the audience rationales for why we should agree or believe the conclusion being presented by the author is true (Browne & Keeley, 2015). In this essay, the authors give many explanations to support their conclusion for the issue. For example, they explain how social psychologists have proven that task-oriented stress, short-term stress related to assignments, can result in productive outcomes…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Concepts

    knowledge 100 %. For instance, atheism is the disbelief or denial of God. An atheist is shown through science, such as the big bang theory, that the world was not created by God. This is testimony because the individual did not actually experience the big bang theory, they still take it as knowledge. But in fact, this is may not be the truth. Sure science leans towards this answer, but it will never be known. This knowledge shapes one’s conclusion to believing there is no God when it may, in…

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  • Elements Of A Justificatory Argument

    almost as though you are having a conversation with your audience. However, keep in mind that you still want to maintain your stance as an authority on the subject. I think that your paragraph organization could be improved. You discuss Cleopatra’s importance and then race in America and then Cleopatra in relation to race. It just seems as though there could be a better way to integrate the information together so that the piece does not feel as jumpy. Score: 3 Overall: I think that this…

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  • A Narrative Essay On The Most Dangerous Game

    it might stay that way. As the game droned on, the sun descended in the sky, and my legs strained more with each successive step, I was longing for the final three whistles so I could travel home. This game was beginning to feel more like a marathon with each passing minute. Some excitement, drama, or the conclusion of the game seemed to be miles away. Little did I know that the tragedy and triumph of the game was yet to come. Finally, as I’m sure the end of the game was nearing, we seemed to…

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