The Road Not Taken Essay

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  • The Road Not Taken

    What was the last decision you made? Do you wonder what might have happened if you chose differently? This is the same feeling Robert Frost wrote his famous poem The Road Not Taken about. The poem is about reflecting upon and fretting over a past decision, a decision you may feel you chose poorly or picked the wrong option. This feeling happens so commonly, everyone has experienced it at some point, and on different levels of intensity. It can happen when you think maybe the chocolate ice cream would’ve been better than your choice of vanilla, or it can happen on a much larger scale, perhaps realizing you hate your career, or you moved to the wrong city. No matter when you are feeling this, it can be overwhelming, make you feel claustrophobic,…

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  • Road Not Taken

    In Robert Frost’s poem, The Road Not Taken is about choosing the path less traveled by. In many ways, I have too, had to take the path less traveled by. Throughout this essay I will share my insights into my own feelings and experiences that this poem gives me. To begin with, I had to decide where to attend college. All of my friends were telling me how they were so ready to get out of this town and move on with their life. They kept trying to persuade me into being their roommate because we…

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  • Analysis Of The Road Not Taken

    nature of man to question his own dubious choices. In the poem “The Road Not Taken" Robert Frost employs structure, setting, wording, and rhyme scheme, as well as the title to emphatically state that the heart suffers over that which it left behind. Frost shows that man naturally questions the ambiguity of each decision made. Frost structures this lyric poem to feel like a journey. He uses four stanzas of five lines each in a progressive unveiling of thought about an uncertain future, and…

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  • Alliteration In The Road Not Taken

    Thomas Hardy and The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost use diction, rhyme, and alliteration to describe decisions, which change their mind about reality. The Man He killed describes a narrator’s experience when he has to kill his enemy, who he never meet, and doesn’t do anything wrong to him. Moreover, The Road Not Taken talks about the prediction of the author about an imagination road, which he never takes. Don’t…

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  • Road Not Taken Nonconformity

    Life resembles a road, one that is long and curvy. Just like roads, life is full stop signs and one must decide what direction to take. However, unlike roads, life does not provide a navigational system that directs someone to their desired destination. One must make decisions and rely upon those choices made to get them to their preferred destination. Robert Frost in his famous poem “The Road Not Taken” talks about a man who comes upon one of life’s stop signs and he must decide what road will…

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  • Interpretation Of The Road Not Taken

    Interpretation of poetry is fundamentally up to the reader and what each individual takes away after reading the piece of work generally varies. To me, “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost is truly a delightful poem that dramatizes the conflict in dealing with life’s choices and consequently the repercussions thereafter. During the poem the speaker comes to a fork in the road, which is an extended metaphor that is comparable to a major decision that he must make in his life. There are many times…

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  • Road Not Taken Explication

    In “The Road Not Taken”, the author, Robert Frost, shows the idea that we are all defined by the choices we make in life, whether it’s good or bad. This poem demonstrates this idea well because the speaker was stuck between choosing two roads, and he did not know which one he should take. This relates to real life when making decisions, because you never know what is going to be at the other side when you get to the end. The concept of our decisions and how we choose to make them is illustrated…

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  • The Road Not Taken Journey

    progression by instigating reflective insight into the traveller’s perception of relationships and outlook of the surrounding world. Arrays of alternative paths along physical expeditions are symbiotic with introspection, resulting in the reassessment of relationships where choices influence the direction travelled. Journeys are essential to escape perilous conditions and overcoming obstacles enables individuals to flourish in new environments. Tim Winton’s short story “Big World”, Robert…

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  • The Road Not Taken Metaphors

    the outcome of our future. The poem “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost is the best poem in the world as it symbolizes the hardships and struggles we, as humans, are demanded to face in order to arrive at our final destination. The poem also conceals an underlying message; one road is not necessarily the right choice. The use of metaphors, symbols, and imagery assist the author in provoking his idea with clarity. Firstly, the entire poem is an extended metaphor symbolizing the importance of…

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  • The Road Not Taken Response

    The story is about him deciding on what path he should take he is stuck on going on the path that was taken. In the poem it says “And sorry I could not travel both” shows that he wants to take both both of the paths. The paths might represent the choices he has made it the decisions and he took the easy one (the path that was taken) could be lying and the one less traveled by might be the truth and it might be hard for him to choose to lie or to be truthful. In Thank You Ma’am by langston hughes…

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