Environment Conservation Essay

  • IKEA: Energy Conservation And The Sustainability Of The Environment

    PLANET As we all know, the world is facing pressing problems. According to our reading materials about COP21, the average temperature of the world had risen 0.89 °C in 2012 compared with the average for the 20th century, and this would be worsened if human beings do not control and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Being one of the best retailers in the world, IKEA is committed to protecting natural resources and incorporating sustainability into the goods they created. IKEA endeavors to minimize negative effects on the Earth and promote sustainability. They have done a lot of contributions which include energy saving, waste treatment, carbon dioxide emissions reduction, chemicals use reduction and natural resources conservation. Energy Saving Firstly, IKEA encourages the use of LED bulbs in order to save energy as LED bulbs use up to 80% less energy than incandescent bulbs and can last up to 25 times longer. Since 2016, IKEA only sell LED light bulbs, completely phasing out incandescent bulbs. Moreover, IKEA’s LED bulbs are designed to fit into any lighting fixture, customers do not need to buy different kinds of light bulbs and save money. This creates environmental and financial advantages simultaneously. Waste Treatment Secondly, IKEA also works actively on recycling and reducing waste in both pre-consumer session and post-consumer session. In 2015, 89% of waste was recycled across IKEA operations. For the pre-consumer part, IKEA recycles large quantities of…

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  • Myra Estrin Levine's Nursing Theory

    aspect that enhances the knowledge of the human condition should be included for nursing theorist (Levine, 1991). Florence Nightingale was a primary inspiration to Levine as her focus on observation, dialogue of social integrity, concern for sanitation, which all implied interaction between patient and the environment (Schaefer, 2010). Irene Beland was another inspirer whom her view of nursing was a compassionate art with a rigid academic quest. Martha Rogers was Levine’s first editor for…

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  • Bushmeat Hunting Case Study

    it takes around 10 to 20 years to replace them in the environment. Since they keep being hunted, they can’t really keep pace to replace their population with the amount humans are killing. Basically we are killing more than what are being reproduced (Primate Conservation and Clean Water lecture/video). 2. Why has bushmeat hunting shifted from subsistence to profit-driven business? Bushmeat hunting shifted from subsistence to profit-driven business because the human population grew, which…

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  • Overconsumption And Nature Essay

    biologists due to the alarming rate at which the environment would suffer from anthropogenic extinction. Society was faced with this problem as they did not consider the environment when evolving creating devastating ecological problems for both protected areas and non-protected areas. Berkes (2004) discusses the conceptual shift in ecology, from reductionism to including humans in the ecosystem, as well as a shift from expert approaches to conservation and management solutions. Wells (1996)…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Trophy Hunting

    more ethically centered. When dealing with trophy hunting they all have some kind of part to play, but ultimately the sport still does not seem to be completely ethical. Despite these problems, trophy hunting has a lot of potential and could still be beneficial to the environment. Stronger laws and regulations could be established to ensure trophy hunting is really making a positive difference. Restricting trophy hunting only to certain species is another option. If neither of these two…

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  • Levine's Conservation Model And The Health Promotion Of Nola Pender

    Theories are an important stronghold in the nursing profession. They are the framework that bind and mold nurses in their chosen paths. There has been numerous theories that were made and developed, and used currently. Two of these are Levine’s Conservation Model and The Health Promotion of Nola Pender. These two theories are both beneficial to both well and ill. Nola Pender is focused on the promotion of health and advocacy of a healthy lifestyle while Levine focuses on the individual’s ability…

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  • Ecotourism And Tourism

    Ecotourism is closely linked to the preservation and conservation of natural areas. This paper will look at two regions, the Annapurna Conservation Area (ACA) in Nepal and the Mkomazi National Park in Tanzania. The two regions have both implemented conservation initiatives, and have a strong relationship with tourism. This paper will examine community conservation in the ACA (ACA) that draws on Hulme and Murphree 's (1999) idea of “new conservation”, which involves “the merging of conservation…

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  • Essay On Captive Breeding

    human species destroying an ecosystem and causing disastrous effects on all species living in their environment. Habitat loss is due to a continues encroaching and expanding human population, which places “demands for rainforest timber, or for agricultural land or building space”, in addition to the endless human greed, characterized by people poaching animals for profit (Bostock, 140). According to satellite imaging, it is estimated that over the past 30 years about 50% of panda’s forest range…

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  • The Purpose Of The Department Of Conservation Of New Zealand

    The Department of Conservation is the public service department of New Zealand charged with the conservation of New Zealand 's natural and historical heritage. The purpose of this educational website are to inform Individuals about Department of Conservation and giving them awareness and engaging them with nature and its benefits, this website was developed to promote the conservation of New Zealand’s natural and historic resources. In addition to its work managing land and providing for…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Ecotourism

    involves the physical visitation to a nature based area. Eco-tourism is defined as “responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment, sustains the well-being of the local people, and involves interpretation and education" (TIES, 2016, pg. 1). In terms of ecotourism, there are many broad meanings to describe the term. Furthermore, throughout the rest of this essay, I will give the benefits and challenges that evolve in regard to the definition, ecotourism. The development of…

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