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  • The Importance Of Educational Goals And Career Goals

    education is I want to learn new things and keep abreast to changes. Another big concern of mine is that new ideas and solutions to problems are discovered every day through technology. Being that I am closing in on 50 in a couple years, the things I have learned have become out dated. So in order to be successful at anything people have to stay abreast of the things going on around them. Before I returned to school I felt like I was not keeping up with the things that were changing around me in the work place and academia. Educational Goals and Career Goals Setting goals are the most important thing that a person can do. I really feel like without a road map or GPS a person cannot reach a destination. Educational goals and Career goals are the same way. The GPS in educational goals are the syllabus and the course curriculum. Me as a student must navigate my way thru the classes to achieve academic success by passing the classes in a satisfactory manner. Career goals are the same way as an employee I must…

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  • My Career Goals: My Goals And Educational Goals

    want to be in life, there are some goals I must achieve. My educational goal, I want to become a more motivated person. Ever since I can remember, school has been a drag. It’s hard for me to concentrate, which leads to bad grades. I hope to one day break this awful habit of mine. My career goal, putting my talent of…

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  • Educational Goals And Career Goals In Early Childhood Education

    When people think of a good teacher they think of one that is nice, encouraging, trusting, and many other adjectives. Unlike most people, who change their mind on the career they want, I knew from the start that I wanted to be a teacher. I have many goals I hope to achieve when I am a teacher for example, making class a fun and exciting environment for the students and have them look forward to coming to class. I knew I wanted to be a teacher since I was young because I had a teacher that I had…

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  • My Educational Goals For A Career In Education

    The quest to pursue advanced studies take aptitude, positive attitude determination and hard work. These attributes I believe qualify me to embark on the final journey of my educational goal and will propel me to strive for excellence as I take on the challenge of pursuing doctoral studies. Born to forty-two and forty-three years old parents on two and a half acres of land overlooking the breathtakingly beautiful coastline is this forty-two years old educator has been touching lives for more…

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  • Importance Of My Educational And Career Goals

    My educational and career goals have changed a lot throughout the years; I have wanted to do everything from directing films to having the presence necessary to address the United Nations General Assembly. It seems like a wide range of possibilities but one thing they all have in common is that they all require an audience, not for fame or riches, but to have a voice that can reach those who need to hear it. My parents have always taught me that so long as I do good, through whatever I do, to be…

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  • My Career Goals: The Story Of My Educational Career

    The story of my educational career is a lot like a roller coaster. In the beginning, I had enter the school for my Bachelor’s in Elementary Education. I did really well in the program and was very excited to make an impact on the children I would be teaching. Unfortunately, I had to withdraw from the program with only 1 semester left of student teaching due to my divorce. I had been out of school for 5 years and just last year decided to finish what I had started. When I contacted the school, I…

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  • The Impacts Of Technological Developments On Career Goals

    Every individual has a specific goal in his or her life. To achieve that goal a person has to make efforts. A career goal can be defined as a specific statement that defines what profession an individual wants to pursue throughout his or her career. It is not easy to identify the career goals that is why there is requirement to develop an action plan. If I talk about my career goals then I want to integrate with the emerging field of the Information Technology (IT) where I can grab various…

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  • Analysis Of Breaking Walls, Building An Education

    Breaking Walls, Building an Education It has long been accepted that the United States educational system can be one of exclusion and social disjunction among students. While it has been questioned whether some institutional aspects, such as standardized tests, are discriminatory, there is often social partitions among students that are not created through the educational system alone. These partitions may originate for a variety of reasons and from a variety of sources, such as home or cultural…

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  • Unit 4 Assignment: Outlining My Career Goals In Healthcare Administration

    Unit 4 Assignment: Outlining My Career Goals Introduction There are many different career paths that Kaplan University have to offer, and these don’t fall short when it comes to the healthcare industry. One career path takes precedence in my life goals which is that of a healthcare administrator. For this report I will be giving an overview of my profession, while providing the educational requirements for the degree plan. I will the be discussing the personality trait and skill sets it takes…

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  • Importance Of My Educational And Career Journey

    boring, hard or a waste of time? My questions then turned into wanting to understand the reasons why some students are separated out of particular classes while I saw the same peers in my high achieving courses. Therefore, my goal became to develop a better understanding and aid organizations and institutions that assist students, and students of color in particular, be able to academically thrive in the face of adversity. It has also been more important…

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