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  • Narrative Essay : Love Who Loves You

    Recalling Anecdotes Narrative Essay Love who loves you. This saying rings true for almost all aspects of life. If you love someone they will love you, and whoever loves you, should be adored back. However, with family, this saying is by default. You are biologically manufactured to love your family, it is your primal instinct. So naturally, you spend some of your best moments with your loved ones, especially family. The significance of these moments change you, and mold you into who you will

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  • Literary Narrative Essay : My Love Of Writing

    Literary Narrative Everyone has that one person who leaves a footprint on their life, no matter what it is. That one person who helps you conquer life and makes you want to strive to better yourself. Some people may not realize it, some may not know who that person is off of the top of their head, I didn't either. School was never something that I really excelled in, but I was always good at one thing, writing. I didn't really applied myself in high school and that really set me back academically

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  • Personal Narrative : The Experience Of Love In My Life

    2010) to my parents. A couple years ago, my kind-hearted uncle with strong morals, passed away, which deepened the sadness my mother had when my aunt died years earlier. It was then she understood how foolish she was, making light of the words “we love you” and saw I was no longer a child. When she once tried to understand a decision I was making, my father barged in, scolding me for still being stupid and naive. I remembered moments later, my mind exploded into uncontrollable fury, unleashing a

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  • Unrequited Love And Narrative Poems : The Elements Of Modern Day Ballads

    Ballads are narrative poems that are meant to be sung. Traditionally, ballads follow common characteristic and themes that identify them as ballads. Some themes found in ballads are unrequited love, heroic deeds, and humorous arguments. These themes differ from one another, showcasing that ballads are very diverse but can be identified. Alternatively, common characteristics found in traditional ballads are the rhythmic schemes, repetition, and narrative. Modern-day ballads still follow these themes

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  • Narrative Essay : Love Between True Friends Knows No Distance

    Narrative Essay: Savanah Do you believe the following quote is true? “Love between true friends knows no distance”. At age 11, my best friends moved out of state. I was told in the summer that they would be moving that fall and I didn’t know what was going to happen. But looking back, I learned that even though friends may be far away, they will always be in my heart. Before this ever happen we knew each other for years. We did everything together. How it all started is my Mom needed a babysitter

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  • Death Constant Beyond Love By Gabriel Garcia Marquez And Infinite And Narrative Of The Life Of Frederick Douglas

    idea concerning a human existence. In “Death Constant beyond Love” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez and “Infinite” by Giacomo Leopardi and “Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglas, An American Slave” by Frederick Douglas all express a nature and human behavior change through life implications. The constant battles in life and social life changes personal behavior and how you view nature and life there after. In “Death Constant beyond Love”, Garcia Marquez describes a realistic impression of the power

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  • Narrative Essay About Love

    Henri Nouwen once said, “What makes us human is not our mind but our heart. Not our ability to think, but our ability to love.” To me this quote not only directs towards the idea of just having the ability to love, but being capable of generating and accepting feelings as a whole. Although, love is one of the many necessary feelings we should be able to endure and execute, there are still so any more feelings and emotions that us humans explore on a day to day basis. One of the things that our feelings

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  • Narrative Essay About Love

    I believe that love is real and that it is hard to find. I believe that love is real whether it comes from a family member, a pet, a spouse, or a best friend. In this case, real love comes from my boyfriend. It all started at a high school cheer competition. As I am sitting in awards, I look around and I see a boy in the crowd sitting with Lewiston’s fan section. Whispering in my best friend’s ear, I said “Look at that cute boy in Lewiston’s fan section! He's so hot! Although, Im pretty sure he’s

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  • Narrative Essay On Tough Love

    Tough love Tough love is an expression used when someone treats another person harshly or sternly with the intent to help them in the long run, to use tough love you need to feel actual love for the person behind this action! It sounds much like I have taken the sentence from the dictionary and you would be right, because that’s exactly what I did to try and gain some insight to what that really means. Much like I was looking for a way to understand the reason this has to happen, and the words

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  • Narrative Essay About Love

    ¨And love is not a victory march, It's a cold and it's a broken Hallelujah.¨ I want to meet Leonard Cohen. I want to ask him why love broke him. I want to know why it froze him. His words intrigue me. And they have resonated as anthems for numerous people throughout the last few decades. I have heard of the differences in the types of love but mainly I think people would agree love is either romantic or platonic. But do people really know the definition of love? Do I even truly know the definition

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  • Narrative Essay On Family Love

    parents’ house. At this point, I thought anything was better than living in that kind of environment. Therefore, I knew that I wanted to find a better life for myself and I latched on to a guy who I believed was a good person. I thought that I was in love and I moved in with him at the age of eighteen. While he was at work, I would stay there and wait until he got home. Fortunately, for him, the next door neighbor happened to be where his best friend and his wife lived. As time went on, his best friend’s

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  • Narrative Essay About Love

    Description & Dialogue I never loved my first true love and she never loved me. We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into, we just wanted to take on the world together no matter come what may. I’ll never forget the feeling of the January weather the day I left her driveway, “When you’re young and dumb you’ll do anything for love.” A sentence that still echoes in my head to this day, an adage that I will never remove from the caverns of my mind. “What do they know anyway,” I told myself

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  • Narrative Essay About Love

    both hate to be wrong and love to be right. But that's the thing about love. No matter what happens, we always come back for each other, one more time." (The Notebook, Nicholas Sparks) I was in 5th grade when my interest in Nicholas Spark's intriguing romance novels caught my eye. Love is such a fluid word. You can have love for people and things, and you can love those people in different ways. I was a hyper, imaginative 12-year-old, infatuated with the idea of true love. The Notebook is about the

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  • Narrative Essay About Love

    Love is a strong interest and pleasure in something or feeling of affection. It is said to be marvelous but also sinister in its betrayal. Being neglected by someone I love is the worst experience of my life. February 14th, on a school day It was a dewy but sunny day not just any day, it was valentine's day. Valentine's day is one of the most romantic day for lovers to show their appreciation for eachother, but for me it took a total opposite turn. How could so many things go wrong in only

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  • Personal Narrative Essay : The Love Of Love In High School

    freaking out because everyone always talked about how junior year was the most perilous for my future. This proved to be true in many ways. I am so thrilled that although this year deemed to be pure evil, I found something I was not expecting, I found love. My whole life I had dreamed of having a high school sweetheart, and having someone there that I would do everything with. Well I found this in the centermost of everything junior year had to offer. It was completely out of the blue, I just could

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  • Narrative Essay About First Love

    their first love ? Sometimes your first love will have you believe that's there's no such thing as first love . There's always that one person that someone falls in love with because of their ways or way of being . Sometimes that first person to show you the type of love that someone has never showed makes you believe it's your first love, but in all honestly it's just a feeling. People call it first love because it's the first person. It doesn't mean it's your first love or your last love. Everyone

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  • Narrative Essay About Tough Love

    “Tough love may be tough to give but it is a necessity of life and assurance of positive growth.” -T.F. Hodge. It’s difficult to aspire confined in nothing but negativity and disapproval but there is always a good in every evil that is found in this world. Over the years I would gain this unwanted despise toward my father, I loved him unconditionally but I didn’t understand why our relationship was headed towards such a dark path. We had nothing but memories full of happiness and joy when I was a

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  • Narrative Essay About First Love

    Leiva,Miriam My first love Breathe in,Breathe out, 1,2,3 Push! 1,2,3 Push! A child first cry is the most heart warming feeling there is. The amount of emotions that surface in a room are a bundle. My sweet baby boy, is my greatest creation discovering I was pregnant was an appellant moment although he wasn't

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  • Narrative Essay About Self Love

    "The most important thing I've learned is to never stop being who I am and to never be ashamed and to love myself because self-love is the best love" stated Samantha Hofmeister as she stared off into space, recollecting all the moments of her life that had to lead her to this point. Within that moment I knew that statement had opened up a whole new personality of a person that I had not got the chance to meet. The Samantha that was scared and lonely before the time she had come out to her parents

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  • Narrative Essay About Self Love

    gets harassed and ostracized for being an “appalling nerd” and because of this, vital aspects of my personality began to change and I morphed into an entirely different person. Through this journey, I learned that my self-hate was a catalyst for self-love and appreciation. Having always been considered an unusual girl in the eyes of my peers, I'd never been truly comfortable in my skin. Eventually, this uncomfortableness blossomed into self-hate that manifested itself in awkwardness. Speaking to others

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  • Narrative Essay About A Love Of Basketball

    a certain love. A child who loves to cook may aspire to be a world-renowned chef; with their resturants and recipes rising to the very top of the culinary industry. A little girl with a love of dancing may one day wish to become a professional dancer; captivating crowds with her grace and elegance. These are only a few examples in a vast, never ending plain of childhood imagination. Every child develops a dream at some point no matter how crazy or how simple it may be. I developed a love of basketball

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  • Personal Narrative Essay : The Love Of A Child

    brother was born. My mother always told me it was a life for a life. In conclusion, the lesson that I learned is that appreciate everything that you have while you still have it. Make every second count when you are with the people you love or even with pets. That’s exactly what I did. Every day when I was with Taco I made every second count. And even though he did get in trouble sometimes I still loved him and he loved me. I’ve gained a lot of knowledge. I learned that all goods things

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  • Narrative Essay About Parental Love

    every child was given the parental love that I had growing up. Even though I grew up with my parents being split, practically my whole life except my first year, I was still given unconditional love, and not by two parents, but by four. Their guidance and affection crafted me to be the person I am today, and I feel remarkably strong about that. But when I think about all the love I received, I realized that there are children who are not getting as much love, or any love at all. I have always been an

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  • Narrative Essay About Tough Love

    Tough Love For most of my early childhood, I never had a sense of belonging. I had spent most of my childhood in abusive homes before finding my way into the foster care system. When I reflect back on my childhood, I see how both positive and negative experiences developed me into the person that I am. Internal factors as well as outwardly expressed love all contributed to my success in life. Most children are raised in structured homes with a mother and father. They grow up with love and affection

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  • Narrative Essay About Falling In Love

    I do not think that I have ever experienced the feeling of loving someone or having a strong interest for someone, in the romantic aspect, that is genuine and not superficial. Honestly, it is the closest I have ever come to falling in love, being the oddest feeling because it is the moment you realize that you are not interested in anybody except the person who your heart has chosen. It is the moment that I think about the person constantly, like an obsession or an addiction. It works in mysterious

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  • Personal Narrative Essay : How I Love Me To Love?

    she goes to school with me. I met her in my 4th period spanish class and a month later we started dating. I had never had a girlfriend before and so I was more than a little surprised when she asked me out. But I was happy she did and I was madly in love with her. We dated each other for 3 months before she left me. This is about the day she dumped me. Today I’m in my third hour class after lunch, my absolute least favorite class of all time; Ms. Johnson’s Spanish Intermediate class. Right now I’m

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  • Personal Narrative : I Love School And Everything

    It was finally Friday. I love school and everything, but I was looking forward to this weekend. I had plans to play with the girl who lives in the apartment below me today. Together we had decided to build a Treehouse in the backyard. When I really think about it, we might only be able to build a landing of some sort because we only have one long piece of plywood. However we were both determined to make something out of our single supply. I went through my apartment getting ready for my big

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  • Narrative Essay On How To Love My Mother

    some kind of sociopath of a child (mostly), I have always loved my mom. But when you are a kid you love people very shallowly, it's just a thing you say before bed and hug a family member. It doesn't usually go deeper than that for a child. Love though is more than a word its an action that requires selflessness, understanding, and sacrifice. And I at age 14 was about to learn step by step how to love someone. To understand this story we have to go a little further back Into my past. See my mom as

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  • Personal Narrative Essay : My Love To Play Volleyball

    first I didn’t get it, but then I finally got it. She then told me how to set and hit. Then I started to get the tech of it and I played to play after that. I thanked her for her help and I have been playing ever since. My talent is volleyball I love to play everyday and it my life. It a talent because I get compliments on it and I have got a lot better at it. I use my talent by doing everything I can to go on the court and play. I develop my talent by my sister doing everything she can to

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  • Personal Narrative Essay : The True Meaning Of Love

    True meaning of love It took thirty-eight weeks to accomplish the biggest, toughest, and most beautiful thing to ever experience in my life. I found out I was pregnant when I was twenty years old. It was a crazy experience through my whole pregnancy. I struggled in life growing up with drinking and I was in the process of getting sober when I found out I was pregnant. It was hard for me to make a decision on what I was going to do. I felt scared and did not know how I was going to take care of a

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  • Personal Narrative Essay : The True Meaning Of Love

    Dear, Mary I finally I found the courage to do this. For years I’ve being in love with you and I never understood why the feelings grew when I first encountered you. I’ve always being anxious to approach and express my deep love for you because the fear of rejection, it has stopped me. You were the reason behind those countless smiles on my face. Because of you I know now the true meaning of love and how wonderful it is to find the one. The person I would spend many of my years with, settle down

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  • Personal Narrative Essay : My Love To Run

    I have always loved to run. I love how free it makes me feel. I love my hair flying back behind me, the sound of my feet pounding on the cement or crumbling dirt, the rhythm of by fast breathing, the exhilarating feeling of winning a race. When I was eight years old I was the closest to beating the fastest boy in the neighborhood, which was quite an achievement. I could always avoid being tagged during Ghost in the Graveyard, Freeze Tag, Refrigerator Tag, and all our other games due to my speed

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  • Personal Narrative Essay : I Love My Childhood

    Mi Infancia My Childhood I loved my childhood. Sure, to you it may seem like nothing, but I absolutely loved my childhood. I never had much, however I was content with what I had, scratch that; I loved what I had. I had freedom. I had a life where I could do what I wanted, when I wanted. I was able to roam free. Even if I had no toys to play with but the toys I could make or find at home. Even if we had no running water. Even if I wouldn’t have my first full can of coke until I was older because

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  • Personal Narrative Essay : The Experience Of Love In My Life

    names as well. Not only did i have to deal with the kids at school but also with her at home. Its sad though, the fact that i hadn't really received love till now from some people but everyone receives so much from me. I wonder how i could love a person so much with all my heart but don't have an ounce left to love me. You learn when you grow up to love yourself just the way you are but i didn't grow up like that. I grew up having people point out my every flaw and it got to the point where i didn't

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  • Personal Narrative Essay : My Love For Art

    When I was five years old, I would mischievously color all over my sister’s bedroom walls. Now whenever I have any free time to spare, I invest it all into creating a new piece. Whether it’s rough sketches or a time-consuming finished product, my love for creating art will never change. With each new school year brought a new art class to my life. I’ve taken art every single year since kindergarten, and I have progressed with each brush stroke and eraser shaving along the way. Throughout the many

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  • A Personal Narrative Essay : My Love In My Life

    there’s nothing in my life comparable to the joy I get when I slip into the chlorinated water of San Jose Pool every day. Six lanes, plus a diving well, hold all of my secrets, hopes, worries, and goals. Every afternoon I enter and feel nothing but love from my second home. The seconds before diving into the water are filled with anticipation and restlessness. It’s just before five in the afternoon, late in a September Tuesday, and the sun hangs low enough in the sky to stream in the four huge windows

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  • Personal Narrative Essay : The Effects Of Love In My Life

    haziness in my brain fogging up my mind and reality. The tension in my bones, the rejection of the feeling before my body relaxes and after that my mind quickly goes with it. With Stacy by my side, the effects don’t scare me as much. “All right, love, it’s your turn.” Demi’s smile seems shaky when she flashes it at her boyfriend. Christopher flashes her a cheeky grin before lifting an arm over and around her shoulder. “Never have I ever,” there’s something almost evil in the grin, especially

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  • Personal Narrative Essay : The Means Of Love In My Life

    and nothing less along side my idol. Watching as my tiny fingers squeezed the trigger of the drill in order for the hundreds of precisely trimmed wires to spin clockwise like it were the blades of a helicopter preparing for takeoff. From then on, my love and enthusiasm for cars only progressed further. By the age of thirteen I was given the opportunity to choose my first vehicle. My grandpa, with a little pocket cash, approached me on a Saturday morning and offered me a deal I could not refuse. He

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  • Personal Narrative Essay : My Love For Art

    loved art. When I was five years old, I would mischievously color all over my sister’s bedroom walls. Now whenever I have any free time to spare, I invest it in creating a new piece. Whether it’s rough sketches or a time-consuming finished product, my love for creating art will never change. Each new school year brought a new art class in my life. I have taken art every year since kindergarten, and have progressed with each brush stroke and eraser shaving along the way. Throughout the many years of

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  • Personal Narrative Essay : The Gift Of Love In My Life

    There’s always a time in your life where you look back and you’re very thankful for everyone and everything that made that moment very special. The gift of love is the best thing I have ever received in my whole entire life and that will never change. My parents and I have been through many ups and downs in during my childhood. I was the only child for about 8 and half years. At first, it was the best thing in my life. Just me, my mom and dad, we would discover the world together and see the

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  • Personal Narrative Essay : Why I Love Baseball

    that stopped me, was an injury. In eighth grade, I managed to tear the labrum in my left shoulder by diving for a ball and jamming the shoulder while landing. Sadly, I had to switch over to golf, but I have never lost my passion for the game. I love baseball because of the history, the statistics, and the memories the game provides me. History is part of the reason why baseball is so special. I can look back at my favorite team, the San Francisco Giants, and see how the team did all the way back

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  • Personal Narrative Essay : The Experience Of Love In My Life

    Disappointed, depressed, and distraught are the feelings I had for awhile. I felt this awful feeling for what it felt like decades. I went through one of the hardest struggles I've ever been through and it was when I lost my boyfriend. Now, most people say it was just a boyfriend move on, but for me it was different. Not only was he my boyfriend, he was also my best friend. It all started in sixth grade. We had a class together and we started dating, which I say loosely since you barely want

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  • Personal Narrative Essay : My Love In My Life

    “Don’t take yourself so seriously, Know when to laugh at yourself, and find a way to laugh at obstacles that inevitably Present themselves” - Halle Berry. This quote to me means that you have to know when to laugh at yourself sometimes. If you mess up don’t be too harsh on yourself instead just laugh it up and overcome those obstacles. I did not know i was going to make this quote a part of my life. It was two summers ago and for my family's vacation we all decided that we should go to Mexico to

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  • Personal Narrative Essay : Personal Experiences : The End Of Love

    Our junior year started and things were really tense between him and I, fighting the majority of the summer really took a toll on us. I actually started developing feelings for another guy while we were dating and I had never felt so awful. Picture day rolled around and I had reached my breaking point. We started arguing in the morning and continued over text and one thing led to another, I broke things off because I couldn’t do it anymore. Little did I know that was not the end of us. Unlike most

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  • Personal Narrative Essay : The Journey To Love Me

    The Journey to Love Me As a young girl you never really learn how to love yourself or mature until you go through the motions. You just start noticing how you make better decisions than the fools known as boys when you are about thirteen. You start to settle into yourself, your ways, and your groove. My mother calls it “going through the motions.” It took me all of middle school and nearly all of high school to find myself and love me. Here is the in and out of my story. The between the lines of

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  • Personal Narrative Essay : Becoming A Mother's Love

    that was addicted to drugs; as crazy as it sounds, made me want to be the best mother the world has ever witnessed. The day I met my soon-to-be mother-in-law for the first time was the day I got a glimpse of a mother’s care, concern, and a mother’s love. I knew that day that she was going to be the blueprint of my goal of becoming the best mother I could be. Little did I know, my weakness of not knowing what was best for my child would soon come back and hurt me. You know that moment when you first

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  • Personal Narrative Essay : My Love With A Dog

    I fell in love with a little dark brown puppy from the animal shelter fifteen years ago. The puppy was my very first pet and her name was Misty. Misty was dark brown dog with white paws and a white muzzle with a stripe from the top of her head in between her eyes to her muzzle. Misty was older than the others and all alone in a cage, but I fell in love with her. Misty was a dog who loved everyone she met. She was energetic to the point that my family called her kangaroo dog because he would jump

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  • Narrative Essay About Love Before Marriage

    of an image. It made me feel ugly about myself. It was traumatic experience, having to go grow up thinking you were not as good enough as society wants you look as. As an adult, I wished I never listened to those comments. I know now that I should love my curves and just plain everything about me. I am still a little insecure but not as much as I was as a child. Everyone should be able to express and show off their beautiful bodies. Every shape is beautiful. Now that I am an adult, I wish I can help

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  • Narrative Essay About Falling Out Of Love

    wouldn’t. During my high school career, I have fallen in and out of love, and falling out of love is such an unbearable experience, and it takes a toll on life. It’s hard not to date people in high school, because everyone does it. You need a date to the dances, you need someone to hangout with on the weekends, it’s easy to get persuaded into dating. Falling in love is easy and fun to do, it’s a great thing. Falling out of love is another story. During my freshman year I had a boyfriend, who sadly

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  • Personal Narrative Essay : My Love I Changed A Dog

    happening. She's my puppy doggie. I remember panicking, scared of the loss. My littles siblings waited in the waiting room while me, Penny, and our parents went to the room. We were allowed to give her treats and huddle around her and give her all our love. They gave us all the time we wanted, but eventually, we had to do it. This can't be happening! They put a shot in her foot, and she had her last breath before breathing out. When she breathed out it made the weirdest sound. “Buh,” or something stupid

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