Personal Narrative: My Love For Colleges

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Two years ago, when I first started looking for colleges I fell in love with Bennington because it did three things better than any of the other schools I visited: Theatre, Film, and Internships. Fast forward one year, and I applied early decision to Bennington, and only Bennington. I was sure, and still am sure it was the right decision, but not because I intend on studying film and theatre. Another reason I went to Bennington is its understanding that students don’t always know what they are interested in. Like many Bennington students, the only thing I know about my future interests is that I don’t know them. Although in the past couple of years I have slowed down, and become more interested in some subjects (namely theatre and film), I still find new passions. There was a time when I was sure that my life’s career would be in technical theatre, and while I have not abandoned that, my dreams have only become more complicated. A year ago if you asked me what I wanted to do I would say film, I loved film, I still love film. I do my best to expose myself to analysis of film, new film, old film, bad film, good film, everything. …show more content…
Now I know you are probably thinking how many packages Amazon must deliver every day, and yes that number is huge. You might be thinking about the ubiquity of the Kindle, sure that’s popular as well. But Amazon’s secret weapon is its servers. Websites like Netflix, Instagram, reddit (formerly), and our very own Those servers not only handle an incredible amount of traffic, they also store data, data which some people are very protective of, data which some people are very keen to access. This can be anything from a Bennington student’s enrolment records to every picture on Instagram. The AWS security team I plan to intern with is tasked with protecting the files and programs stored on those servers. This is an amazing opportunity for someone my age to participate in something so complex and

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