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  • The Importance Of The Flawless Hero In The Odyssey By Homer

    Before the war, Odysseus feels as if he would never feel a sense of heartache, however, the war teaches him that everyone is going to hurt at some point. Odysseus feels pain when he sees his mother’s spirit in Hades and realizes that he would never see her again, “‘But look, the ghost of my mother came! My mother, dead and gone now… Anticleia —daughter of that great heart Autolycus — whom I had left alive when I sailed for sacred Troy. I broke into tears to see her here, but filled with pity, even throbbing with grief, I would not let her ghost approach the blood till I had questioned Tiresias myself.” In this moment, Odysseus learns that life isn’t easy and there will be moments of grief that must overcome. The sense of pain he feels now is transient and once he grows stronger again, he will be able to…

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  • My Trip To Michigan

    come here, I already surmise believed it. I was exhausted; I grabbed all my bags and lay down on my bed and locked the door. I stayed there for a couple of minutes thinking about what would my life be in this new place. I looked out of the windows; I see nobody walking around the sidewalk, or kids playing outside or people chit chatting in the neighborhood. And I said to myself, "I 'm already feeling lonely, I wouldn 't get a chance to make…

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  • Examples Of Consequentialism

    understand different traditional ethical theories. According to the Sep section on Traditional Ethical Theories, consequentialism is the idea that an action is right or wrong based purely on its consequences. More specifically, utilitarianism considers pleasure as the only intrinsic good and pain as the only intrinsic bad. Using this idea, an action is morally “right” if it increases the amount of pleasure in the world and therefore considered “wrong” if it increases the amount of pain. Peter…

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  • How Did Mavis Influence The Civil Rights Movement

    civil rights movement as a singer. Mavis was in a singing group with her father, brother Pervis, and her two sisters Yvonne and Cleotha.(Family Circle) The family band was created after her father gave up his job as a cotton picker in Illinois. Mavis, at only age ten became the lead singer of the Staples Singers. Her voice sounded a lot older and much bolder than a singer her age should. This group was just the start of the impact that Mavis had on the Civil Rights movement. In 1946 the band…

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  • Amy Winehouse Portrait Analysis

    The source of my inspiration was the Pop Art movement, more specifically Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe and Campbell’s soup repetitive pop art. The reason why this movement inspired me to do my artwork is because I like it. It is very pronounced and colorful. It draws immediate attention to the viewers because of all the usage of bright colors. Pop art is essentially taking an image or product that is popular and making it into a bright, colorful artwork to use it to advertise, promote or just for…

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  • John Stuart Mill: The Pros And Cons Of Utilitarianism

    After reading both sides to it, Mill’s and the opposition, I have decided that it would be in our best interest to not live always trying to please everyone else. I think that there are good ideas behind it, and we should take time out of our days to do something good for others such as donate money or time, but it should not be a constant thing. People have jobs and families that they need to tend to, which in my opinion comes before helping strangers. The pleasures standard that John Stuart…

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  • Utilitarianism: The Consequences Of Acting With Love, And Morality

    Utilitarianism is an ethical theory that gauges the worth of actions by their ends and consequences. Utilitarianism, claims that a person should act in the way that produces the greatest amount of good over evil, and should consider everyone that would be affected by the action (Skelton,2017). In other words, the ethically “correct” action is the one that causes the most pleasure and the least pain for the greatest amount of people. This theory demands that all choices be considered based on the…

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  • The Morality Of Act And Rule Utilitarianism

    Utilitarianism is considered as one of the most prominent philosophical concepts. This model's core perspective emphasizes that actions are ethically acceptable or unacceptable depending on their consequences. Based on this understanding, it can be argued that utilitarians hold that the goal of morality is to improve life by enhancing some favorable things such as happiness in the world while minimizing undesirable aspects such as grief (Urmson, 33). Consequently, the core objective of this…

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  • The Three Principles Of The Moral Theory Of Utilitarianism

    Moral Theory Of Utilitarianism. The moral theory of Utilitarianism is defined as to be that an action is only good only if it brings happiness to others. There are three sub principles that define the theory of Utilitarianism, Principle one talks about how consequences are all that matter in a situation or an action, that the final outcome/ results are those that matter. The second principle states that happiness is the only thing that matters and that we seek for pleasure more often and we…

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  • Theme Of Utilitarianism In Euripides's Heracles

    Utilitarianism is a branch of metaethics that focuses on the ideas of consequences, self interest, and unbiasedness. Instead of determining if an action is moral through the immediate effects, Utilitarianism skimps over the short term and instead focuses on the long term effects of actions. Actions are no longer based on intention but, rather the overall effects from those actions determines if the parent event was morally good or bad. Utilitarianism also emphasizes the idea that an individual’s…

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