Sexism Essay

  • Sexism And Reverse Sexism

    Reverse Sexism: Professional Sports League When it comes to professional sports, there are only few sports that both male and females can partake in. Professional sports, such as Football and Hockey, do not have female equivalent. Some females would argue that this is a form of sexism, and it can cause most females of today’s society to unite and become feminist. In fact, women had even compared this situation with the “We Can Do It” poster with Rosie the Riveter on it, in which she was a symbol for women in all kinds of jobs (Woods). However, there are reasons why certain professional sports do not have female equivalent. Women should not be able to play in a professional sports league that has no female equivalent, because of the fact that those sports are dangerous, and women don’t have the physical attributes that men have. They are better off continuing to be involved in the sports that are equivalent to males. The sports both male and female can partake in professionally include Basketball, Golf, Boxing, Soccer, Wrestling, and Olympian sports such as Swimming, Track and Field, Gymnastics, Volleyball, Cycling, and Archery. There is no female equivalent for Football, Baseball, and Hockey. Those professional sports are indeed very competitive and require a lot of difficult training and accommodations in order to participate and make it a way of living for those males. These requirements may include benching a certain amount of weight, having a very strict diet, or even…

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  • Sexism In Schools

    Sexism Today From the time a female is born, she is inundated with the idea of how a girl should be. Pink rooms with flowery and feminine accessories are normal. Dolls and domestic toys such as vacuums, kitchens, and brooms are what they are given to play with. As they grow, girls are taught to be gentle and act ladylike. They are often told not to get dirty and bought dresses to wear. Soon, these girls start reading magazines that teach them how to act. Teens will buy popular magazines where…

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  • Functionalism And Sexism

    We live in the 21st century yet sexism or gender discrimination is still present everywhere, in every culture, in every country, in every workplace. Sexism is the belief that there are innate psychological, behavioural and intellectual differences between men and women. These differences create divisions that results to discrimination and inequalities. Also, these differences imply the superiority of one group, usually men and inferiority of the other, usually women. There is no country in the…

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  • Racism And Sexism

    white to be a white supremacist...Some of the worst white supremacist I know are black people”-Anonymous. In society we tend to believe that white supremacy in the United States came from white people and even though this may be true, some black people believe in white supremacy as well. Racism is the belief that based on abilities and characteristics one race may be superior or inferior to another. Sexism is the belief one’s sex is naturally superior to another sex therefore the superior sex…

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  • The Importance Of Sexism

    Women play a big role in society and are just as equal to man, but in our world, it all depends on what you do and who you are. Sexism has always been a striking barrier between male and female. From applying to a job, to being a housewife, the perception that women are not on the same level as men has always been in existence. Even with the equal rights amendment between sexes woman still defend themselves in tough situations. “Sexism” Defined by," in culture, belief that…

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  • Toy Sexism

    In “How parents are battling sexism in toy shops” a piece by Katie Grant, writer and columnist for The Independent. This didactic article not only spits in the face of toy marketers but also informs the public on how toy marketing plays a major role in the social construction of gender by setting false binaries into our society. Grant uses an informal tone to inform her audience consisting of concerned parents who worry about their child playing with toys outside of the expected gender norms.…

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  • Sexism In Language

    “lesbian specificity” and the crucial role that gender plays in a person’s construction of their world (Walters, 135) while also mentioning the issue surrounding homosexual being “all too often imaged as male” (Walters, 136). This is why I argue that queer should not erase gay or lesbian, or any other number of terms. The definitions of gay and lesbian hinge of gender identity as men who love men, women who love women (a very basic explanation) and so exclude those who exist outside of the…

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  • Hinduism And Sexism

    The topic of this paper is about how sexism in almost all major religions affects today’s contemporary views. My paper will focus on Hinduism and Christianity in particular. Although both religions do show sexism, they also show equality or a high status for women. So why is our society today still indulged in sexist religious thoughts instead of analyzing all the information? This paper will discuss both the sexist and nonsexist views in the religions. This is important to understand because…

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  • Sexism In The Lottery

    likewise addresses the brain science behind mass mercilessness by exhibiting a group whose subjects decline to remain as people and contradict the lottery and who rather unquestioningly participate in the slaughtering of a blameless and acknowledged individual from their town with no obvious misery or regret. “The lottery,” also portrays the theme sexism. What is strange in this story is that the women don 't originally draw for they lottery, the men originally do. The women are allowed to…

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  • The Stereotypes Of Sexism

    Sexism according to the Merriam Webster dictionary can be defined as prejudice or discrimination based on sex or behavior, conditions and attitudes that foster stereotypes of social roles based on sex. Sexism is another central concept of women’s studies and it is important to the study because it is one of the societal traits that have always been in existence. It affects men and women directly every day and is one of the things that feminists fight wholly against. When the topic of sexism…

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