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  • What Is A Hero?

    What is a hero? To many people, the word hero could mean so many different things. Technically, it is defined as "a person, typically a man, who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities." While many times this is true to me, when I think of the word hero, I think of my father. My father was my best friend, my first love, my number one role model, and most importantly my hero. I was daddy’s little girl from the time I entered this earth. I had this six foot seven man wrapped around my finger. Anything I wanted I got. A lot of fathers in today’s time aren’t there for their children. I was beyond blessed to have this loving, brave, encouraging, God-fearing, man in my life. He never once left my side for the short fourteen years we shared together and I…

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  • What Makes A Hero?

    Heros. Whether it's superman or a person in real life we can all think of some. The question is though what makes that person or superman a hero? We can all name a few traits like strength, but there is a lot more than that. What makes a hero a hero is how they treat people or put their own self out on the line to save everyone else. First, you have to be brave and willing to do anything for the sake of others to be a hero. In passage 2 it says, “ The four apparently came up with a plan.…

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  • What Defines A Hero

    What defines a Hero? “Heroes are made by the paths they choose, not the powers they are graced with” (Brodi Ashton). We determine our fates on how we live, from the paths we walk and doors we open. Once in awhile a person would endure their fears to overcome them, and they gain confidence that they can do anything if they set to it. Through their efforts they affect a great number of people, and they do this without any superpowers at all. Powers are nice to have either way but we…

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  • What Is Beowulf A Hero

    death three times and although in his final battle he saw the grim reaper, he showed us what is was to be a true hero. This is by willingly going to battle with our own worst fears and enemies if it means bringing justice and hope to those around us. In the novel Grendel, descendent of Cain represents a living,…

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  • What Is Strontium: A Hero Or Tragic Hero?

    Once upon a time, Strontium, an element on the periodic table, was also nicknamed Sr. Her parents, strontium chloride and mercuric oxide, helped find her in 1808, she was a happy solid at room temperature. She was a huge elephant metal, weighing 87.62 grams. However she had one flaw like Brynn, she was as ugly as a spoiled egg yolk that’s been left outside for five days. This unfortunate appearance placed her 38 on the periodic table and made her upset like an Eeyore on Winnie the Pooh. Many…

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  • What Is Gilgamesh A Hero

    After reading the excerpts from The Epic of Gilgamesh, I feel that Gilgamesh is such a charming and respected hero for his wise, courage, persistence. In my view, in the ancient, Mesopotamians believed that the most gods were perfect both physically and mentally surpassing all others. Nevertheless, there were some gods, who were not perfect at all. For example, Ishtar, the goodness of love, was fickle in matter of love. She tried to kill Gilgamesh after her proposes was refused. Meanwhile,…

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  • What Is Achilles A Hero

    Is Achilles a hero or not a hero is the big question asked. Achilles is the major protagonist/antagonist of the story. It all starts with the fight with Agamemnon and his withdrawal from their battle together, to Patroclus’s death, and finally Hector’s slaying. Achilles wrath decided the fate of many Trojan and Greek warriors. Although the reputation of Achilles claims him to be the perfect warrior, strongest of the Greeks, the poem spends more time on the man than on his reputation. Achilles…

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  • What Is Achilles An Epic Hero

    Achilles An Epic Hero Do you know what an epic hero is? An epic hero is a character that posses courage, strength, and a desire to achieve immortality. A great example of an epic hero is Achilles. Achilles is a great hero of the Trojan War. He is a hero for many reasons for example he is strong,brave, and he achieved immortality. Achilles is a strong epic hero. He alone killed multitudes of Trojans. As well as some fierce allies. According to Mark Cartwright in a definition of Achilles,…

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  • What Makes A Personal Hero?

    A hero is brave, has courage, and honest. A hero is someone that is willing to put his or her life at risk in order to help others. A Hero is also someone that is willing to go through hell in order for his or her loved ones to keep moving on. For example a police officer is someone that on a daily basis puts his or her life at risk. They risk leaving their family alone if they were to die. Its things like this that makes a hero. Another example is a mother that doesn't eat just so that her kids…

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  • What Does It Mean To Be A Hero?

    Anyone can be an hero if they just be themselves. To me my grandma is a true hero. She is always herself and doesn’t care what anybody thinks. She is an amazing person. Everyday she sacrifices so much for everybody. She gives up her time to take us places and do things for us. Thank you for being my hero. “ Hero's are ordinary people who makes themself extraordinary.” ~ Gerard…

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