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  • The Crucible - Fear

    violent actions by man, and some of the biggest collapses of organized society. In early American history, the people of Salem experienced this for themselves. Arthur Miller shows this in his book. The society of Salem that Miller creates in The Crucible shows how fear can slowly cause rational thought to deteriorate, leading to mass hysteria and eventually the breakdown of civilized behavior. During Act I, Miller shows how each Salem’s citizens begin to realize this fear they have, and how it

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  • Viewing The Crucible with a Feminist Lens Essay

    quality shared by the inanimate object, and the conventional woman. Society has conformed women into accessories, and therefore, literature has followed suit. Inherent in this ideology, are many base traits attributed to women. Arthur Miller’s The Crucible exploits these traditional feminine characteristics to aid the female character in her role of complimenting the male. When observing something from an alternate perspective it can take on a whole new meaning. Studying novels from different lenses

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  • Crucible Essay

    Marasti Ms. Kelly Survey of American Literature 16 October 2015 The Crucible Analytical Paper “It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it,” Benjamin Franklin once said. Reputation has a large impact on the citizens of Salem, Massachusetts in the play, The Crucible. John Proctor is most affected by the thought of maintaining an acceptable reputation for his name. Throughout The Crucible, by Arthur Miller, John Proctor made many mistakes, one such as committing

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  • Vengeance in the Crucible Essay

    Vengeance is the act of taking revenge for a past wrong. In the Crucible, Thomas Putnam and Abigail Williams both took advantage of circumstances to carry out vengeance against different people. For the case of Abigail Williams, she made use of the paranoia of the witchcraft trials to her advantage to carry out personal vengeance against Elizabeth Proctor. Firstly, she amplifies the townsfolk’s’ fear of the supernatural by pretending she was being attacked by witches. By pretending she was being

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  • Essay on The Crucible Short Form

    Short Form Title: The Crucible Author & Date: Arthur Miller 1953 Major Characters: John Proctor - A local farmer who lives just outside town; Elizabeth Proctor’s husband. John hates hypocrisy. Nevertheless, he has a hidden sin; his affair with Abigail Williams; that proves his downfall. When the hysteria begins, he hesitates to expose Abigail as a fraud because he worries that his secret will be revealed and his good name ruined. Abigail Williams - Reverend Parris’s niece. Abigail

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  • Essay on Crucible

    Arthur Miller use a specific character to portray how people solve or fail to solve moral problems? A crucible refers to a container made of a substance that can resist great heat, for melting. In “The Crucible” the author uses characters that have moral problems that they either solve or fail to solve. John Proctor, Abigail, and Reverend Hale are considered the main characters in “The Crucible”. Abigail’s moral problem is lying. Abigail failed to solve her moral problem by choosing to lie to

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  • The Crucible Essays

    They don’t believe in themselves. Mary Warren in The Crucible demonstrates this by not believing in herself and settling for being a “follower”. Mary however, has a sincere sense of loyalty to John Proctor her employer. Mary Warren goes through an inner battle of peer pressure and her loyalty to Proctor. Mary’s yearning to fit in and loyalty to Proctor develops the theme that peer pressure easily overcomes loyalty. In the beginning of The Crucible, Mary Warren struggles with an inner sense of belonging

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  • The Crucible - Form and Structure Essay

    The Crucible - Form and Structure Arthur Miller uses various different techniques in the form and structure of ‘The Crucible’ to create suspense and maintain the audience’s interest. Of course, one of the main factors of the form and structure of the play is its genre. ‘The Crucible’ can be described as being a symbolic play, a tragedy, a political play, an historical play and a narrative play in naturalistic form. It is symbolic, political and historic as although the story revolves around

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  • The Crucible - Belonging Essay

    into conflict with the need to be an individual. These ideas are powerfully evident in Arthur Miller’s play “The Crucible”, “Catcher in the Rye” by J.D Salinger and the Gurinder Chadha film “Bend it like Beckham.” In each of these texts, most desire to belong but need to restore the balance between the need to belong and the expression of their individuality. The events in the crucible, a play written by Miller in 1953 demonstrates the huge power that can be wielded by groups and can be used to

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  • Lord of the Flies and the Crucible Essay

    Savagery, insanity and murder, one would never think that “innocent” children were capable of such appalling things, but maybe we are wrong. In both Lord of the Flies, by William Golding, and The Crucible, by Arthur Miller, both of these authors wrote about children acting as just that and many characters became very similar to each other. Each society had potential in being successful, but both had major flaws that key characters discovered and then used to tear the fragile fabric that the society

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  • The Crucible by Arthur Miller Essay

    The film The Crucible, based upon Arthur Millar's thought-provoking play, captures the audiences attention as they are lead from misguided but seemingly harmless beginnings through to a mass hysteria which culminates in a climacteric ending. The Crucible details the Salem Witch Trials of 1692 which victimised the townspeople through their own weaknesses as a society and resulted in the hangings of accused witches. The ending shows the true nature of characters revealed, forgiveness, loss of power

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  • The Crucible by Arthur Miller Essay

    Arthur Miller’s play The Crucible develops characters that portray problems with their identities. This inner struggle is clearly seen in the main character John Proctor. He is the man Miller has chosen to struggle with “the dilemma of men, fallible, subject to pride, but forced to choose between the “negative good” of truth and morality, and the “positive good” of human life.” (Internet, Arthur Miller Home Page) In order for this character to develop,

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  • Arthur Miller's The Crucible Essay

    Arthur Miller's The Crucible The scene of Hale's first meeting with the Proctors is a scene of high drama. All great drama has a context and here the background is the religious history of the New World at the end of the 17th century. In 1692, the small town of Salem, Massachusetts, was sent into absolute turmoil. What we now know as the United States of America, but what was then just English Newfoundland had only recently

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  • The Crucible: a Literary Analysis Essay

    The Crucible: A Literary Analysis In 1692, Salem was populated by Puritans who believed in black-and-white lines between good and evil. The powers of darkness were real forces to them, which could wreak havoc and destruction on society if unleashed. The system of government was that God was the true leader of society, and he expressed his will through the actions of men and women. In the Old Testament, we hear stories of how God led directly through Moses; Salem, likewise, was led through men who

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  • The Crucible Narrative Essay

    | | |“The Crucible” | | | | |4/3/2012

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  • The Crucible Theme Essay

    Christian beliefs. Anyone who acts out of the ordinary is accused of being a witch, and he/she will actually be forgiven if they blame their accusations on another individual, or confess themselves as guilty. Hysteria is the main idea of this play, The Crucible by Arthur Miller. Miller shows how it can destroy an entire community, and developed a theme of how suspicion and panic can lead to extensive hysteria that often can destroy rationality and public/individual persona. Firstly, the person

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  • The Crucible Theme Analysis Essay

    and made wrong decisions. Then she became extremely indecisive and couldn't choose whose side to be on. To then becoming  exactly like Abigail, a guileful profligate of a girl. Mary is a dynamic character, who is bound to change in the drama, The Crucible written by Arthur Miller. In the beginning of the story, Mary does not have much say in anything and just takes commands from Abigail and the girls. Mary Warren wanted to confess to witchcraft being fake but Abigail threatened Mary's life saying

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  • The Crucible Essay

    The Crucible In the story The Crucible, by Arthur Miller, it explains a play that involves historical events like witch trials in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692. This drama is an example of the unjust events that happened, due to the terrible lies that some young girls made up, who were supposedly witchcraft. This was a hard situation for the entire town because of the accusation of witchcraft toward innocent people. In The Crucible, Miller shows us several examples of themes, some interesting

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  • Essay on The Crucible

    John Proctor vs. Reverend Parris In “The Crucible,” it is clearly illustrated that religion is the foundation in which the society of Salem is built upon. This directly implies that morality is highly valued in the society. In the beginning of the play, Arthur Miller draws a distinct line between John Proctor and Parris from their backgrounds and moral standards. Proctor is a married farmer who had an affair with a 17-year old house worker, Abigail. Parris is a minister of the church, and his reputation

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  • The Crucible: Characters Essay

    The Crucible: Characters Chetan Patel The Crucible, a play by Arthur Miller that was first produced in 1953, is based on the true story of the Salem Witch Trials of 1692. Miller wrote the play to parallel the situations in the mid-twentieth century of Alger Hiss, Owen Latimore, Julius and Ethel Rosenburg, and Senator McCarthy, if only suggestively. (Warshow 116) Some characters in the play have specific agendas carried out by their accusations, and the fact that the play is based on historical

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  • Women in the Crucible

    The Skewed Role of Women in The Crucible The outlook on gender roles in today’s advanced society is in drastic contrast to the views portrayed in The Crucible, set in Salem, Massachusetts, in 1692. The Crucible, written by Arthur Miller, depicts women as weak creatures, who are expected to submit to men, and whose only access to power is through dishonest means. None of the females in The Crucible possess extreme power, but the truthful, pure-hearted, and family oriented women seem to be even

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  • Crucible Essay

    Death Redeems Redemption is defined as atoning for a fault or mistake. Therefore, the idea of a redemptive character emanates from that character committing a perceived wrong and then overcoming the subsequent consequences with his actions. The Crucible, a famous play by Arthur Miller, incorporates this idea of redemption into its plot through the personal journeys of major characters in the Salem Witch Trials. One such character that displays these qualities of redemption is John Proctor. In the

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  • The Crucible Rhetorical Analysis

    The Crucible Rhetorical Analysis In a society where the thoughts and opinions of people are meant to blend in, a division actually occurs where they are usually separated because of their opinions. The play and the event, The Crucible and the “Red Scare” respectively, supply greatly to the difference of opinion because it shows that people are willing to do anything to not only oust the people that they dislike, but try and obtain the attention that they are seeking. During the “Red Scare,”

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  • The Crucible by Arthur Miller Essay

    'The crucible';      In the novel 'The Crucible'; I believe is the strongest force in Salem. The emphasis of my essay is to make you (the reader) agree with my sentiments. I will do so through quotes and acts of Abigal Williams. Through out the novel Abigal Williams does many acts to make her look deceitful, dishonest, greedy, corrupt, and as the twenty first century is creeping upon us yes even bitchy.      Throughout the novel Abigal Williams

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  • The Scarlet Letter and The Crucible

    Huston 1  Zakary Huston  Mr. Montalbano  AP English Language and Composition  11 August 2014  The Scarlet Crucible    Both Arthur Miller’s ​ The Crucible​  and Nathaniel Hawthorne’s ​ The Scarlet Letter​  include  instance of settlers of the New England colonies being affected by Puritan law. Their  commentary on Puritan society is spread throughout their works. Their views on the laws set  forth by Puritanism are easily found within their stories about the various occurrences in a  theocracy

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  • Essay on Mccarthyism in the Crucible/1984

    McCarthyism in The Crucible / 1984 Throughout history millions of people have found themselves to be guilty for crimes they did not commit , with little to no evidence, and suffered the consequences of being scorned, arrested, and tortured , also known as McCarthyism. One can clearly see that McCarthyism is evident in both the play “The Crucible” and the novel 1984 by George Orwell, although conveyed a bit differently, one can also find similarities between The Crucible and 1984 regarding

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  • Abigail Williams of The Crucible Essay

    prosecutions of people who were accused of witchcraft. In The Crucible Abigail is a no good villain. Abigail first commits adultery with Elizabeth’s husband. Later on Abigail begins to accuse innocent people of doing witchcraft which causes them to die. Abigail Williams uses the Salem Witch Trials to put out all the resentment she has toward everyone. Abigail commits adultery with Elizabeth’s husband who is John Proctor. In The Crucible John was thirty years of age and Abigail who was just seventeen

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  • Moral Instruction in the Crucible Essay

    Instruction in The Crucible The world-famous and highly influential play, The Crucible, by Arthur Miller, was written in an effort to make the public aware of one of the most awful chapters in history, and the goal of the author was to use the characters and events as a vehicle to communicate the moral lessons that should be learned from these examples of flawed human behavior. Various themes and motifs that illustrate important morals are explored extensively throughout the play. The Crucible, by Arthur

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  • Essay on Arthur Miller's The Crucible

    Arthur Miller's The Crucible Drama is often made interesting to the theatre audience by the author using characters of a certain type (Hero, Villain). Choose two characters from the play that you feel might loosely fit these two categories. Consider how Miller reveals the type of characters people are in the play. Arthur Miller was born on October 17th 1915 in New York City (U.S.A). He graduated from high school in 1932. As there was no money for university, he

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  • The Crucible, by Arthur Miller Essays

    When reading a classic novel like that of Arthur Miller, we oftentimes encounter the typical dynamic character; the lovable cocoon experiencing a most dramatic metamorphosis right before the reader’s eyes. In The Crucible, the reader is initially introduced to a reserved, confident, and scholarly Reverend Hale, who arrives in the secluded, gloomy town of Salem to investigate the mysterious behavior of the local priest’s daughter; Betty Proctor . Throughout the novel, Miller reveals Hale’s transformation

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  • The Crucible: a Struggle for Power Essay

    Corruption and gullibility drove Salem into panic and fear. The Salem Witch Trials were written in the book The Crucible by Arthur Miller. The Crucible is a story about the trials in town called Salem; in this town a group of girls led by Abigail goes to the woods and dances. Abigail’s uncle, Samuel Parris, found them dancing in the woods, which causes the whole town to go into hysteria. The town starts accusing each other of witchcraft. Samuel Parris is a minister that is terrified that the town

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  • The Crucible, a Tragedy? Essay

    11 7 November 11 The Crucible: A Tragedy One day in November of 2009 a young girl was killed in a hit and run by a negligent driver. Her name was Courtney Snipes; she was only 11 years old. Courtney’s family suffered from tragedy much like the characters in Arthur Miller’s play The Crucible. These characters lost dozens of their neighbors all because of one group of girl’s ability to lie. Through Aristotle’s definition of what a tragedy in literature is; The Crucible can be easily defined

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  • Crucible Cause of Death Essay

    the book The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein; when the little boy ask the tree for some branches to build a house, and the tree gives him branches to make his house. Every story has some sort of cause and effect in it. Like in Arthur Miller's The Crucible, John Proctor dies in result of his affair with Abigail, Elizabeth lying in court, and the ripping of his confession. The first event that led to John Proctor's death is the affair with Abigail. This event led to Proctor’s death because this is

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  • Essay about red scare and the crucible

    The Red Scare and “The Crucible” At the time when “The Crucible” was written, the United States and Russia were going through the Red Scare which was a major influence when Miller was writing this play. Miller’s tactic in writing this play was to remind people of how the hysteria of the witch hunts could be dangerously similar to the communist hunts going on in the United States at the time. Using the history from the Salem Witch Trials, he wrote a story that was sure to educate people about the

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  • The Crucible Essay

    Arthur Miller’s The Crucible explores tolerance through a variety of situations all based around the accusations, and the actual Salem witch trials. Tolerance is a result of different people’s experiences, such as conflicts with each other, or themselves, the actions of the characters, and the different themes that tie into the novel. Whether it is how “witches” are taking over Salem or how adultery is ruining people’s marriages, Miller makes sure tolerance is portrayed. The tolerance that the characters

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  • Crucible Essay: the Fear of Power

    wrote The Crucible: An Artist’s Answer to Politics by Arthur Miller that “fear doesn’t travel well; …it can warp judgment” (1). The fear that was instilled upon the people of Salem was that if anyone opposed the trials they were not only accused of overthrowing the court, they were also accused of overthrowing God – provoking charges of witchcraft. By using biblical allusions, Parris’ eager pursuit for “justice,” and Abigail’s vindictive actions Miller demonstrates through The Crucible that the application

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  • The Crucible Essay examples

    Who evokes the most sympathy in the play? Arthur Miller’s famous 1952 court room drama ‘The Crucible’, based on the 1692 Salem Tragedy, explores the hysteria, strong theocracy and the importance of reputation in the town Salem. Many characters in ‘The Crucible’ generate empathy, but many do not. Sympathy does form for Abigail Williams the most, despite the fact she is seen as the play’s “evil villain”. Other characters however, also evoke condolence and concern like the honourable hero of the

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  • The Crucible: Intolerance Essay

    religion. Leaders such as Pastor Scott Lively in the current world, or Reverend Hale and Judge Danforth from Salem, led the intolerant accusations of individuals who differed and opposed the beliefs of their religion. In the Arthur Miller’s play, The Crucible, intolerant actions are seen quite frequently by characters such as Abigail, Reverend Parris and Reverend Hale. A major example of intolerance can be found between Judge Danforth, John Proctor and Giles Corey. Proctor and Giles had presented deposition’s

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  • Essay about The Crucible: Judgment

    The Crucible: Judgment The definition of judgment according to Encarta Encyclopedia, is the formation of an opinion. It is a simple definition,clear and direct. Although, there is more to the word judgment than meets the eye. What about the last word in the definition? What is an opinion? An opinion is described as a belief or conclusion that is held without any substantial proof. That word might not seem to have too much significance at this very moment, but it did back in 1692, in Salem, Massachusetts

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  • Essay about The Crucible

    interpretations of the word crucible as there is for the theme of Arthur Miller's, The Crucible. Closely related to the word "crucifixion", The Crucible is about a man put in a crucible situation, who is forced to choose between life and morality, just as Jesus Christ did. Miller interweaved these scenarios to form the main themes of the play – the problem of making the right moral choice and the necessity of sacrifice as a means of redemption. Both of these themes can be abridged to form one main

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  • Essay on the crucible

    Todd Closson English 8/24/14 The Crucible Society trusts those that conform, and distrusts those that don't. One advantage of conforming to societies expectations is that you gain trust from the society. People who don't conform aren't trusted. One disadvantage is that you join the group, so you're not technically an individual anymore in your own right. In the novel The Crucible, Arthur Miller explains the causes of hysteria, mob mentality, scapegoating by showing the conflicts within a society

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  • Essay on The Crucible Theme of Pride

    The Theme of Pride in the Play The Crucible Pride can be defined positively and negatively, it can mean a sense of one's own proper dignity or value or self-respect, or an excessively high opinion of oneself or conceit, respectively. In the play which portrays both sides of pride we are transported to the late sixteen hundreds and introduced to the town of Salem in the province of Massachusetts Bay during the time of witch trials, and it’s excessively superstitious habitants. Some of the fictitious

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  • The Crucible by Arthur Miller Essay

    stood where he had no business to be and got hurt, that was his fault.” Cobb believes of how he would be free of all blame, all guilt, and all faults for injuring a baseman if he did indeed substantially wound the baseman. In Arthur Miller’s, The Crucible, one’s fault is one of the most controversial viewpoints in the whole, entire play. Kindred to Cobb’s quote, characters like Reverend Parris, Abigail, and John Proctor are established in an environment filled with imperfections, in which produces

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  • Crucible Diary Project Essay

    The Crucible character diary project (Descriptive entry) I awoke today with the light streaming into my room and hearing the birds chirping in the distance. As I regained my conscience, I smelled the mold and felt damp room conditions all around me that imprisoned me. It reminded me of what would have happened only in a nightmare. It was only yesterday that Corey, Nurse, Hale and I had gone to help the accused women. So many times I felt that I could win the battle, yet just as many times I could

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  • Essay The crucible critical lens

    The Crucible Critical Lens Essay Dolly Parton once said …“The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.” In other words you have to go through struggle to see success. I agree with this quote because in my opinion nothing in life is handed to you easily, you have to work through it and overcome many obstacles in order to get pleasing results .This idea is clearly established in the play The Crucible by Arthur Miller. It is shown through the main characters; John

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  • The Crucible Thematic Essay

    Ben Boyd English 11H The Crucible: Thematic Essay The Crucible, by Arthur Miller, is a rich and enticing play set in the late 1600’s describing the epic horrors and emotions through the events of the Salem witch trials. The Crucible, focuses primarily on the inconsistencies of the Salem witch trials and the extreme behavior that can result from dark desires and hidden agendas. The play begins with the discovery of several young girls and an African American slave, Tituba, in the

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  • The Crucible by Arthur Miller Essay

    will of the majority is a recurring feature of drama.” Identify such a conflict in a non-Shakespearean play you have studied and show how the dramatist deals with the implications for both the character and the society. Arthur Miller in ‘The Crucible,’ deals with the internal/external conflicts of protagonist John Proctor, during the witch trials of Salem; showing the effects of “an individual opposed to the will of the majority.” Through the mass hysteria caused by Abigail, corruption of justice

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  • The Crucible Movie Review Essay

    The Crucible The movie the crucible is based upon a play that was written by an author by the name of Arthur Miller. The movie is based around the Salem witch trial which took place in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692. Where a bunch of young girls in the community of Salem had just simply went into the woods with an African American slave woman named tituba to create a love potion for young men to fall in love with them like any other normal young girl might think would just be fun. The girls were then

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  • The Crucible

    CRUCIBLE INTRODUCTIONARY NOTES The crucible by Arthur Miller, is a play that deals with conflicts involved in the Salem witch trials of 1692. The characters in Miller’s theocratic society are not only in conflict with their environment, but with each other and their religious authority. John Proctor sacrifices his life as he battles his individual conscience, guilt and the authority of the church. In his play, Miller shows that when an individual questions the dominant values of a society

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  • The Crucible with Lord of the Flies

    Goldie Bignell The successful and what could have been successful societies in both Lord of the Flies and The Crucible eventually decayed and fell apart. There were struggles with good and evil in Salem and on the island that were the result of three main elements. Fear, misuse of power and fanatical religious beliefs were the cause of the two societies failure. In Salem, anything unusual or different from the norm was seen as alien and sinful. When Parris saw the girls dancing in the woods

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