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  • The Crucible Symbolism

    What’s Right? & What’s Wrong? One of the world’s wisest philosophers once said, “We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light” (Plato). In The Crucible, by Arthur Miller, Miller demonstrates how the Red Scare of the 1950s is similar to the devastating Salem Witch Trials of 1692. When Arthur Miller put The Crucible into writing, the world was a scary place, even in such a great nation such as the United States of America. This was the same as the town of Salem Massachusetts, when everybody began pointing fingers at one another and started bewitching each other. Throughout history, there have been many morality plays, such as Shakespearean plays, novels like Animal Farm, 1984, and many more. Arthur Miller uses The Crucible as a morality play by demonstrating good and evil through characters and connecting the play itself to the Red Scare. To start, Arthur Miller uses characters in the play to demonstrate good and evil. Throughout Salem, there were many good characters such as Giles, Rebecca, John, Elizabeth, Sarah, etc., trying to do the right thing even though they stood no chance against the tyrannical court system. For example, when all of the people were being condemned of witchery, and forced to confess, many would not because it was not in their morals to do so. When Giles was being pressed to death, he would not give any names and would not confess to any wrong doings just to please the court…

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  • Imagery In The Crucible

    The Crucible, Explained Authors use a variety of techniques to ensure the message of their story is received. Some will spell it out for the reader in simple words, or will focus heavily on the dialogue of the characters. In the cast of Arthur Miller's The Crucible he uses several important characters and themes that play off of one another to construct a tale that will leave an impression. In my project, the collage, I chose specific objects, and pictures, that best represented the themes and…

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  • Reputation In The Crucible

    Reputation is defined as a presumption on any person or thing, usually made by the community or general public. Many of the characters in Arthur Miller’s The Crucible are self-involved and excessively worried about maintain a good reputation within the small community. The Crucible discusses many events and issues within the reader which links to today’s society. While reading this play. Due to the controversy of many detailed within, it is difficult for me not to compare today’s society to the…

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  • Intolerance In The Crucible

    Crucible Essay In today’s society, people who don’t learn from their mistakes are bound to repeat that same mistake again. This is clearly evident in Arthur Miller’s play, The Crucible, as well as the Red Scare era. Fear itself can lead to illogical thinking, paranoia, and irrational decisions that result in dire consequences because people are driven to do everything they can to feel the sense of safety. Arthur Miller and so many others had to endure many struggles that were brought upon…

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  • Accuracy Of The Crucible

    The Crucible, a play written by Arthur Miller in 1952, tells of the Salem Witch Trials and what the Puritan people endured. The story mainly focuses on the accusers, afflicted, and the accused showing how they got away with what they stated to the court as well as how the accused plead their innocence. The Crucible follows very distinct parts of the Salem Witch Trials, some of which are very accurate, and others which are morphed to fit the storyline. Miller changes the details or leave them…

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  • The Values Of The Crucible

    One of the Few, One of the Proud To some it may seem “easy” to become a soldier in the United States Marine Corps. A recruit goes to boot camp, passes, and goes on to save the world and defend the nation, but in fact it is much harder. Boot camp in itself is a test for the body to see its weaknesses and turn them to strengths and to see how long the brain can be mentally alert and ready and when tired can still give a hundred percent. Within boot camp there is the ultimate test…

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  • Mccarthyism In The Crucible

    convincingly shared accusatory confessions to the public relating to people, in the government, following communism beliefs. This lead to Arthur Miller writing the play The Crucible, because many people, including his friends, were accused of following communism. He wrote the play with several hidden significances that represented hysteria, reputation, and stereotyping. First, one of the hidden messages in The Crucible is hysteria, an overwhelming fear, because it represents the chaos that…

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  • The Crucible And Mccarthyism

    Modern Day Witch Trials”, then could we say that The Crucible to be considered to be called “The Light of McCarthyism”? Could being accused of being a witch can be considered to be the same as being accused of being a communist? Both events had a person of power (or a person who gained power over accusations) who accused people of being either a witch or a communist (Abigail Williams in The Crucible, and Senator Joseph McCarthy during the Second Red Scare) (Bonnet, 32). “The witchcraft scare was…

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  • Fear In The Crucible

    The Salem Witch Trials in the 1690’s brought sweeping fear across the state of Massachusetts. The fear that satan could be lurking around every corner plagued many, but there was no greater fear than that of being accused of witchcraft. The crime of witchcraft was so horrendous that it was punishable by death. This constant scare caused many to turn on one another, in the hopes of saving themselves. Arthur Miller 's play, The Crucible highlights this deceitful society, and portrayed how many…

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  • Analysis Of 'The Crucible'

    The Crucible: A Play About A Twisted Lie The Crucible by Arthur Miller is a play regarding the Salem witch trial, a grim period of time in the United States’ history. The play talks about a group of young girls that create a lie that affects an entire community of people and leads to what we know as the Salem witch trials. Throughout the story Abigail manipulates the girls into not telling the truth while Reverend Hale tries to control the situation. Throughout the story as people begin to be…

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