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  • Oppression Of Freedom

    Are we free or there is limits to our freedom. We born free but we lost it quickly there is no exist for absolute freedom its equal for chaos. We have religious and moral regulations organize our lives, relations , and the amount of freedom given for us. The suppression of freedom or restrict it in any kind and for any reason mean stop the march of social evolution. We have to launch of individual freedom away from fear, intolerance and racism. We choice what we want to be we choice the job that appropriate for us our houses , food and cloths we are free. Freedom become a slogan of his mistake why you did that the answer will be im free. We all know what hypnosis is it kind of temporary brainwashing a process of changing our ideas, believes…

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  • Freedom Of Religion

    the first thing that was mentioned in the First Amendment to U.S Constitution is freedom of religion. Freedom of religion was established in 1791 and has made a big impact on many lives. Freedom of religion not only gives each person the right to practice their own beliefs but also prohibits the government from showing favor toward one specific religion, and binds all different individuals together as an united nation. Each individual was born with the freedom to follow their beliefs. They…

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  • The Meaning Of Freedom

    Imagine a life without freedom or safety. Imagine everyone is wanting to harm you or send you to jail. Without historical events of the past, that imagination would be a reality. Three historical events and documents have shaped our freedom and daily lives. Things such as the first and fourth amendment of the US Bill of Rights, the Stamp Act, which is when the government enforced taxes on paper, and the Tinker versus Des Moines case where kids protested and the school went to court. By analyzing…

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  • Freedom Of Speech

    Freedom of speech and the Constitution We are all fortunate enough to have the freedom of speech, it is given to us as americans being ruled under the american constitution. We find the right to speak our minds in the first amendment of the constitution. Freedom of speech is taken a couple of ways, some of these are positive some may not have the same positive spin. Some people think we can say anything we like, no matter how controversial it maybe, without fear of punishment. Some think…

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  • Freedom Of Expression

    Freedom of Expression or Freedom of Invasion? From hieroglyphics, the printing press, to the computer, the concept of communication has been an integral part of society in order to express and spread ideas. With the vast advancements in technology and social media tools, communication has evolved into a far more immediate, efficient method for greater involvement in activities locally and globally. Clay Shirky, in “The Political Power of Social Media: Technology, the Public Sphere, and Political…

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  • Freedom Of Freedom In John Stuart Mill's On Liberty

    Can society advance without all of its people? In John Stuart Mill’s essay “On Liberty”, he makes the argument that we should have the freedom to perform any actions we wish, as long as those are not causing harm to any others. Mill makes a number of justifications for his argument throughout his essay. He understands that in order for society to function, there needs to be certain restrictions on individual’s liberty. He believes society’s control over an individual’s liberty should only be…

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  • America Is Freedom Opportunities

    America is freedom,opportunities, and justice. The America I believe in is a country where you work for what you have,you have rights,and is strong. A quote that I believe in is ‘America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves’. Abraham Lincoln. I believe in this quote because it states that we can't be destroyed from the outside. One of the first things I stated was freedom ,in the Bill of Rights it states the…

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  • Should Freedom Be Demanded

    Should freedom be given or must it be demanded? It is our Constitutional right to have Freedom. People Should not have to fight for what is already theirs. Freedom should be given so people can make their own choices. Freedom should be given for various reasons. To begin, it is our U.S Constitutional right as citizens to have freedom. This long term promise that the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights gives us. As said in “ I Have a Dream”, “they were signing a promissory note…

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  • Freedom Of Speech Limitations

    Should there be a limit for individual expression or guidelines to public opinions? Freedom of speech has been a controversial topic for many years, it was created when democracy was established to protect the people and individual rights. Since then it has become more of an issue in modern society due to the constant action of restriction on everyday speech. It has been argued that limiting the right to express a person’s opinion could eventually cause more harm than good. Other people might…

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  • Freedom Of Free Speech

    citizens, although illegal, they refuse to disclose the information and it may not be because it needs to be classified, but because it could be embarrassing if it was released from the government. Mills argued in On Liberty “...there ought to exist the fullest liberty of professing and discussing, as a matter of ethical conviction, any doctrine, however immoral it may be considered.” In a democratic society, freedom of speech plays an important role. Freedom of speech guarantees the citizens to…

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