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  • Freedom And Freedom: The Pursuit Of Freedom

    the eras that are being reviewed) Freedom, no matter what era, brings to mind a vision of endless possibilities with no limitations. To quote Boston King “I began to feel the happiness of Liberty…”(B. King). For hundreds of years the citizens of the United States have searched for happiness through the freedoms promised in the Declaration of Independence and US Constitution. The specific rights being sought have changed over time, but the message is loud and clear. “We demand that the freedoms promised by our forefathers be upheld” An examination of primary sources throughout history reflects these demands. A closer look at sources from the Civil War Era compared with sources from the 1960s reveals some interesting similarities and also some distinct differences in the pursuit of happiness through freedom. Each person elected to the Presidency takes “The Presidential Oath of Office”. The Presidents of these two eras are no exception. Rhetoric used by Presidents Lincoln and Kennedy during their time in office, declare their support of the Declaration and Constitution. President Lincoln, in the Emancipation Proclamation, declares that "persons held as slaves...shall be...forever free" (Lincoln). In the 1960s, John F. Kennedy referred to "freedom” and "human rights" throughout his inaugural address. When the citizens heard promises of freedom and were hopeful because it was within reach. It wasn’t only the Presidents who spoke of freedom and the Constitution. The…

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  • Freedom, Security And Freedom: Freedom And Security

    Freedom and Security “Those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.” This statement by Benjamin Franklin (1818), one of the founding fathers who drafted the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States, shows the sacred character of freedom which should not be altered for any reason. On the other hand, Rand Beers, the current Deputy Homeland Security Advisor of President Obama, thinks that the precondition to freedom is…

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  • Example Of Freedom Vs Freedom

    Freedom is having the right to life from the moment of conception. Freedom is having a bean-shaped body with no hands and no feet, and still having the rights of a fully-formed human being. Freedom is knowing that even though you cannot defend yourself as a three-week old in utero, your mother will protect. Freedom is knowing that if your mother will not protect you, the law will. Freedom is when you are defenseless and most vulnerable, and feeling the warm affection and protection offered by…

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  • Freedom And Free Will And Freedom In The Bible

    The purpose of this piece is to present the question of free will and the concept of freedom. By discussing the effects of society, emotion, ethics, and religion on can choose to see free will and freedom as theoretical concepts which are not in fact attainable. On the other hand, the individual can also choose to use these faculties as a way of proving the existence of these two theories. Freedom and free will in literature are written and described as abstract concepts and although many choose…

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  • The Freedom Of Mill And The Despotism Of Freedom

    impediment to freedom is the tyranny of the majority in the form of despotism of custom and societal pressure. Mill establishes that limits had been placed on power in the past, but this was only upon the ruler or sovereign. This was brought about by the ideas of thinkers like Hobbes and Locke. But these limits were not enough because society has gained too much power. According to Mill, the “tyranny of the majority” is one of “the evils against which society requires to be on guard” (8). This…

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  • Freedom In Afric The Road To Freedom

    The road to freedom is a very rough path. Many have it and some do not. Too many freedoms are worth more than gold and to obtain this is worth the risk. For Papken Infarbian or formally was known as Azo in Muslim went through the trails to survive and obtain freedom to live with his bloodline. Azo was born in 1906 in Amasia, Turkey. He grew up during the trails of World War I and a target on his Armenia bloodline. When he was forced out of his home in 1915 young Azo was forced to see the horrors…

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  • The Freedom Of Speech And The Infringing Of Freedom

    What Went Wrong Sienna Fick History The Freedoms of America need to be revised. Freedom of speech and the infringing of the right to bare arms are harmful in two drastically different areas harmful physical and harmful mental. There are…

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  • Negative Freedom And Freedom

    The difference between negative and freedom is how much of a role the state effects. Support for negative freedom usually means people want a limited role for the state/government in their lives. A good example and part of the Canadian charter for this freedom would be freedom of speech, thought, and belief. However, positive freedom is the opposite and supporters agree that the state should have a role in a person's life for the sake of the common good and purpose. A good example of positive…

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  • Alexis De Tocqueville: Freedom Of Freedom And Freedom In America

    generalizations on the essence of America. Tocqueville believed America was the most advanced example of a great democratic revolution. However, he identified the main problems of a democracy as the following: a disproportionately high amount of power in the legislative branch, an abuse of of love for freedom, an outrageous drive for equality, individualism, and materialism. Democracy in America has a paramount theme, the preservation of liberty in the midst of a growing equality of conditions.…

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  • Prosperity, Freedom And Freedom In America

    Prosperity, freedom, and acceptance infatuate the mind when the words, “The United States of America,” are spoken. Instantly when America is mentioned, people think of majestic eagles, red and white and blue, freedom, and hamburgers. The forefathers founded this country on the Declaration of Independence and provided inalienable rights to its citizens through the Bill of Rights. What America did with those documents helped other countries create their own declarations for independence and bills…

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