Comparing Two Websites

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Compare the two websites you have selected, which are The Maine Website and The Paris Pass
Firstly, I will be talking about the Maine Website. This website does have relevant information regarding places the tourits could visit, the place that will be suitable for tourists and book the place they are considering. It makes it less complex for the tourist and they are will less likely be lost. There are maps available, which they can download, which means they are more secure and wouldn 't need to worry much about this issue.
However, the bad points has more information than images. Generally, you would expect a tourism website to have more images rather than info. This makes the website less appealing and dull. Tourists visit places because
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Firstly, the company ensured the customers do not get lost and are provided with the best customer service. However, the website does not have much information related to discounts, which customers often look for. As well as, there is a search box where customers have the opportunity to find out more information and discover the topics related. In both the websites, images have been used to make the website appeal to the user and to make it stand out. There are flash animations used so the customers develop a clear understanding and are more involved. There is a contact section in both of the websites, which is important because the customers might need help in a particular issue. Both of the websites use texts which are of perfect font style and size to make the information clear. Moreover, they have used colour and made the text bold to make the website look professional instead of making it overcast. There are background features used to relate to the website and to make the website more eye-catching. There is a map available where you have the opportunity to know where the place is, this is included in the Paris Pass

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