Importance Of Grades

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Grades are efficient and reliable to demonstrate strengths and weaknesses of students on their work. All teachers who are professional in teaching have reliable grading criteria based on research and experience. They give students accurate scores following the grading criteria. Here is the situation that most of students have experienced. There is a student who regularly participates in class and he spend much time for reading and studying the textbook. On the due date of English assignment #1, his teacher gives him a grade “B” based on the grading criteria. He earns 5 points on understanding criteria, but he receives 3 points on grammar issues. After he earned a “B,” he focuses on studying more grammar to overcome his weak-point. On the next …show more content…
At first, grades are not only based on the test but also based on other features such as participation, group assignment, or presentation. In today’s education culture, teachers don’t ask student only have good test scores because they know that grades should not be based on only the test. They want their students to have various experience. I have never seen any class which is based on solely the test. At least participation matter always go into the grade criteria. For example, after 4 time absence of class, you fail it automatically. Also those various activities actually help students who have a problem with taking a test because it is another opportunity to have successful class experience with better grades. At second, the argument that grading system decreases student’s motivation for learning is accusing wrong victim. As I mentioned above, grades increase student’s motivation for further step of learning. Students that are more driven to stay on top of their classwork will try their best to receive good grades; especially if they see that they are falling behind. If a student is learning and if the outcome is not as expected, then the student should be inclined to do better and strive for best. My “Re-Taking Business Law Class” experience is perfect example of this

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