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  • Essay on My Place - the Place for Diversity Multimedia Analysis

    My Place - The Place for Diversity Multimedia Analysis Coral Ann Rogers University of Phoenix Diversity Issues in Communication Comm / 315 Dr. Tatyana Thweatt August 07, 2011 My Place - The Place for Diversity Multimedia Analysis Diversity, a term that affects every person, group, and culture, is simply the ways that all of us are different. Diversity consciousness is our knack of distinguishing and adjusting to these differences

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  • `` Dark Places `` By Gillian Flynn

    In Dark Places, the novel by Gillian Flynn, Libby Day was 7 when her two sisters and mother were murdered. Having survived, she testified that her fifteen-year-old brother, Ben, was the killer. Twenty-five years later, a group of people intrigued by the massacre contact her and encourage her to go down a path that may prove that Ben was innocent. I believe this novel is about the choices and sacrifice we make in our lives, that affect others, in ways that we may come to regret. Dark places made me

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  • The World Is A Dangerous Place

    dangerous place, not because of those who do evil but because of those who look on and do nothing.” The Civil War started because of differences between the free and slave states over the power of the national government to prohibit slavery in the territories that had not yet become states. The war was fought from 1861-1865, and it was the bloodiest 4 years in U.S. history. It started when the Confederates bombarded the Union soldiers at Fort Sumter. The majority of the fighting took place in Virginia

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  • Teenagers Should Be A Dangerous Place

    The world can be a dangerous place, especially for teenagers. Adolescents need a curfew when they are young. They are immature and inexperienced; therefore, they need boundaries. Some cities employ curfews in order to control the behavior of teenagers. Leaders hope to cut down on teen crime. However, some studies reveal that the crime rate does not change because of set curfews. Large cities are full of drugs and unhealthy activities late at night; as a result, teenagers can never predict what they

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  • A Place At The Table

    In their documentary "A place at the Table", Directors Lori Silverbush and Kristi Jacobson examines the food insecurity issue in the United States through the stories of three Americans, who struggle to feed themselves and their families, without knowing where the next meal will came from. In the Documentary, Lori Silverbush and Kristi Jacobson attempts to convince people that change should be made in our society regarding hunger. They both advocates for getting People like Authors, Sociologist,

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  • My Head Is Weird Place

    My head is weird place to be. It’s all over the place. It runs in circles and up walls. There’s no stopping it. I imagine different versions of me running around attempting to organize my memories and deal with my emotions. The younger version of me would run around and mess up all of the work that the older ones did. The version of me from different stages would argue and some would get along pretty well, the older ones would just attempt to lead the wild mob of my past selves. While all of

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  • School Is Not My Favorite Place

    this idea aggravated me in my younger years, I have come to appreciate it now that I am older. With older age comes more responsibility, and how we undertake said responsibilities exhibits our maturity level. For instance, school is not my favorite place to be, and it never was. In grammar school and middle school, I was perpetually asking to stay home, because that is what I wanted to do. However, now that it is up to me whether I do go to school or stay home, I make the decision to attend class,

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  • A Place At The Table

    “A Place at the table” 1. Most documentary films try to present a problem (or problems) and potential solutions. Describe in your own words the problem presented in the film. What needs correcting in our environment or our society? In the film "A Place at the Table", several social issues, the good and not so good, were brought to light. The problems of food deserts, lack of availability for fresh fruits and vegetables, and the coalition with serious diseases, and childhood obesity. The problem

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  • Describing a Treasured Bject Essay

    however is incomplete without interacting with the drum kit, which is round, and has soft delicate membranes covering its tops, the yin (feminine) aspect of the instrument. Upon the drumstick’s impact with the drum, the fusion of yin and yang take place. A fusion where two completely independent forces must interact, becoming interdependent and interconnected in order to give rise to a new other. The drumstick and the drum have a symbiotic relationship, where neither can fulfill its full potential

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  • Gender Discrimination at the Work Place

    Gender Discrimination at the Work Place Introduction According to Gorman (2008), gender discrimination is the practice of denying or granting rights and/or privileges to an individual based on gender. This practice is acceptable and longstanding to both genders in some societies. In some religious groups, gender discrimination is considered as part of the norm, especially discrimination on women. However, in most countries that are civilized an industrialized, it is considered to be illegal uncalled

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  • Classroom Management Is An Enjoyable Place

    well behaved, the students are all making all A’s and she gets through all her lessons each day. Well the world isn’t perfect and this is not how the classroom will be, but with the right classroom management skills the classroom can be an enjoyable place. First, teachers must know what classroom management and according to Weinstein classroom management “not only seeks to establish and sustain a caring, orderly environment in which students can engage in meaningful learning, it also aims to enhance

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  • Video Games : A High Place

    Video games hold a high place in American culture. In the youth of America, video games are often looked at as more important than most things we do day to day. My generation is the first group to have been around the type of video games we have today. I imagine that my generation will be playing video games far into their lives. To get back to the topic of the youth and video games, the personalities and habits of younger kids in today’s world are far more different than kids who were growing up

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  • Describing & Storing Data from Dbms Essay

    Assignment of DBMS Topic: Describing & Storing Data In DBMS (Traditional Models) Introduction A computer database relies upon software to organize the storage of data. This software is known as a database management system (DBMS). Database management systems are categorized according to the database model that they support. The model tends to determine the query languages that are available to

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  • Is It A Dangerous Place?

    world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don 't do anything about it”. (Albert Einstein, Brainy quote, 2015). The reason that I begin with this quote is because of its correlation between people and places. Both a person and a place can have good and evil inside of them. However, the subject matter is not a person, but of a place. A place that doesn’t require a specific name, but a simple one at that. This place is known as a hospital

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  • The Women of Brewster Place

    Who are the women of Brewster Place? Mattie, Ciel, Etta Mae, Kiswana, Cora Lee, Lorraine, and Theresa. Each of these women will tell their experience while living in Brewster Place, a big brownstone blocked by a brick wall on a dead end street. Mattie is the mother figure in the apartment building. Mattie grew up in Tennessee , where she lived a sheltered life with her mother and over protective father. One day Mattie and Butch Fuller, a man her father despised, went to pick sugar cane. Butch seduces

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  • Places Essay

    Mikhail Ancharov, Alexander Gorodnitsky, Novella Matveyeva, Bulat Okudzhava, Yuri Vizbor. In the 1960s, they were joined by Victor Berkovsky, Yuliy Kim, Sergey Nikitin, etc. In the course of 1970s, the shift to the classical 6-string guitar took place, and now, a Russian guitar is a rare bird with the bards. In the same period, the movement of KSP (Kluby Samodeyatelnoy Pesni – amateur song fan clubs) emerged, providing the bards with highly educated audience, and up to the end of 1980s being their

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  • Analysis Of The Article Place Or Space

    around us. When people hear a song images pop into their heads. Music plays a key role in the sense of place. The articles Place or Space and Sacred Spaces and Tourist Places, the way images are presented, and the things I learned all contributed to our project in the way music corresponds to geographic sense of place. In the article Place or Space by Mike Crang, Mike writes, “Spaces become places as they become ‘time thickened’. They have a past and future that binds people together around them.”

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  • My Favorite Place At Restaurants

    One of the things I like to do most is to eat out at restaurants, and of all the restaurants I have eaten at so far I have five restaurants that I would consider my favorite places to go. First we have lee’s famous recipe chicken which is a chicken chain in southern state. Next is Spangles which is a Wichita based burger restaurant. The next burger restaurant is Burger Street which is only located in Tulsa and Dallas. Lastly is Subs and Heroes a family owned business in Tulsa that specializes in

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  • Describing Love Essay

    Describing Love Love is the ultimate prize in life, the gift that I am most thankful for. The description of love is found in every smile, every pounding heart, and the sweet taste of every single kiss. Love is an emotional feeling deep inside the human soul. Love is the basis of every day life, and it gives us the power to feel so affectionately for one another. I would give up just about everything in my life for love, because I could never be more thankful for anything else. Love

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  • The Night And Desert Places By Robert Frost

    between him and others. In Acquainted with the night and Desert places, these themes are explored in both of these poems. These two poems were written by Robert Frost an American poet. The themes of loneliness and isolation are prevalent in many of Frost’s poems.In Acquainted with the night the narrator is walking through the city at night in desolation on a rainy night, save for a watchman and a distant cry in the distance. In Desert places, the narrator is looking at a field covered in snow. The snow

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  • My Happy Place

    field I think to myself, why this place? Out of all the places that mean so much to me, why does this place stand out the most? Everyone has that one spot that is special to him or her for various reasons whether it be a memory, experience, how it makes them feel, etc. For me, my favorite place encompasses all my senses bringing them to an all time high filling me with an overwhelming indescribable feeling. It’s my sanctuary, a safe place, but above all a place to clear my mind and getaway from reality

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  • A Small Place By Jamaica Kincaid

    Jamaica Kincaid: A Small Place is a piece of realistic fiction that describes the impact of tourism on the small island of Antigua. It provides a blunt and critical look at post-colonial society in Antiqua and is a significant piece in the canon of postcolonial Caribbean literature. Through an assertive yet poetic voice, Kincaid takes the reader on a highly descriptive and personalized tour of Antigua presenting a surprising and sometimes startlingly dark outlook on the tourism industry of the West

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  • Home Is A Safe Place

    Home is supposed to be a safe place, a sanctuary, somewhere a child can relax, but what if that house, that place the child rests their head, is racketed with scream filled arguments between parents, thoughts of worthlessness and death, and fear of the next beating? This, unfortunately, happens to many children throughout the United States. Children go through these problems every day and many of them have no safe way to cope. These children might find comfort in unsafe activities, like drugs and

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  • The Impact Of Technology On Urban Places

    planning. In module 1-4, the course director Lewis Code showed us the historical growth and development of urban places so we can better understand the reason behind of all these changes around the cities over years. For the rest of this essay, I will analyze the four important concepts I have learned in module 1-4 and link the discussions with the impact of technology on urban places. The four concepts are: industrial revolution, transportation, modern Central Business District and modern city.

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  • The Best Place For Photography

    It was 9’o clock in the morning. As I started walking through the place, it seemed beautiful. It was my first visit after I came to America. A great experience you get when you see something new or first time in your life. Never experience such kind of view as I step forward and move to side. A clear view of beautiful long words, and it was so far from where I was standing. And there were nine total words standing on the green mountain. The design and the creation of the building are good. A long

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  • A Place For Annie

    A Place for Annie, has done a good job showing how the way you act in front of a child can affect their development. The movie starts out with a newborn baby named Annie coming to the hospital where she gets taken care of by her pediatric nurse Susan. Susan has done a superior job getting close to Annie socially by talking to her and physically by holding and showing her love. In doing this Susan has affected Annie’s development by making her more ready for her years to come. As Annie is the the

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  • Should Prison Be A Place Of Rehabilitation?

    Should You Teach the Caged Bird to Sing? Have prisoners always been given the right to receive an education in prison? Many people think of prison as a place to keep unsafe people locked away from them. But prison should be a place of rehabilitation. The purpose of prison is to change one’s life, and education is a great way to do that. Education in prison improves a prisoner’s “intellectual development, goal attainment, expanded social perception, self esteem improvement, coping with the incarceration

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  • A Clean, Well Lighted Place

    three simple traits: who they are, what they think, and what they do. Supposedly, these are the traits that make people unique, and allow them to create their own meaningful narrative. However, Hemingway contrasts this view in “A Clean, Well-Lighted Place.” He starts his argument that life is without meaning by refusing to give his characters names. Often, one’s name represents his or her base identity, which gives him purpose and individuality within the world. However, the characters in this story

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  • Place Value Misconceptions Essay

    Countless time teachers encounter students that struggle with mathematical concepts trough elementary grades. Often, the struggle stems from the inability to comprehend the mathematical concept of place value. “Understanding our place value system is an essential foundation for all computations with whole numbers” (Burns, 2010, p. 20). Students that recognize the composition of the numbers have more flexibility in mathematical computation. “Not only does the base-ten system allow us to express arbitrarily

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  • Essay on Drugs in the Work Place

    time employees and 10.2 % of part time employees abuse drugs in the work place. ( Employers in the private industry are not required to have a drug free workplace policy. If an employer does adopt a drug free workplace policy, they should follow typical policy guidelines and make sure to implement the policy without jeopardizing employee’s legal rights. If an employer does implement a drug free work place policy, they are face with many issues such only having a written policy

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  • Effects Of Smoking On Public Places

    deaths were the result of direct tobacco use while more than 600 000 were the result of non-smokers being exposed to second-hand smoke. The world is starting to realize the harm of smoking and they are cracking down on smoking in public places. That only helps those who don 't smoke because smokers will find loopholes to get their fix. My own father would smoke inside the house and I always disliked the smell and the way it made him ill. The fumes gave me headaches, nausea and a long lasting

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  • The Women of Brewster Place Essay

    “different” from the other inhabitants of the city. They will tear down the wall which is stained with blood, and which has come to symbolize their dead end existence on Brewster Place. As Jill Matus notes in “Dream, Deferral, and Closure in The Women of Brewster Place,” “Tearing Donna Woodford, in her review of The Women of Brewster Place talks about the unfulfilled and constantly deferred dreams of these women. Lorraine’s dream of being in an environment where she could and would be accepted for the person

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  • My Secret Place Essay

    My Secret Place Guides1Questions1orSubmit my paper for analysis What is your attitude towards loneliness? Do you think it is a curse, when you are isolated from the rest of the world, left face-to-face with yourself? Or do you, on the contrary, seek it, appreciating each moment of silence you can snatch from the surrounding world? These small breaks can help you replenish your energy and reorganize your thoughts, so that you can start each day as a new one—not as an extension of a previous one

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  • A Place At The Table

    A PLACE AT THE TABLE America, although ranked one of the world’s greatest and wealthiest countries is home to an appalling percentage of undernourished and poverty-stricken Americans. A place at the table, directed by Lori Silverbush and Kristi Jacobson is a documentary outlining one of America’s vital yet most neglected problems and their proposed solutions. The documentary was produced in order to raise awareness about the hunger and poverty situation happening all over America in which millions

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  • The Gathering Place For Native Americans

    19, 2015 I joined the class on the trip to Puvungna, which is also known as the “Gathering Place” for Native Americans. I have known that Puvungna was located on campus but I have never gone to look around. The site is located right along Earl Warren Drive on campus and behind the Japanese Garden which was populated by the Tongva tribe. In 1974 Puvungna was listed in the National Register of Historic Places. This museum is very different to a museum that we all know of. The artifacts that are on the

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  • Looking At The Picture And Describing Only The Things I See

    This essay is about looking at the picture and describing only the things I see. Not only that, I have to also tell what really happen in the three pictures make sure they link together and see how I can relate John Wideman’s story in mines with quotes. I have chosen three pictures one of me standing in the hallway of my room, a picture of my room, and a picture of my TV and hallway. In these three picture there is a story behind all of them describing what I was about to do. In picture one it is

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  • Is Denver Colorado A Place?

    Denver Colorado a place they call colorful colorado which has a population of people moving here. Which also has many sleeping out in street in the cold weather. I would like to make that population of homelessness drop and for that i would need the Mayor to be all ears so we could make the community of Denver, Co better. It breaks my heart to see some out in the streets when i know it’s cold because i’m trying to get warm but for them there really isn’t a way but i want to make a stand and get more

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  • Birth Control Is The Perfect Place

    people do not know about or just do not consider to be “birth control.” Researching about these types of birth control allows me to have more knowledge on something that all women and men should know. The Planned Parenthood website is the perfect place to learn more information, it gives non bias information about things like birth control and abortion that educates women and men on what we need to know when being sexually active. I was happy to learn that there is a website out their that gives

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  • Citizenship Is Not A Citizen Of A Particular Place

    and electoral campaigns continue to focus on who could be granted those rights. Citizenship is also the most sought by immigrants across the world and it is define as, “The fact or status of being a citizen of a particular place” (Webster). With citizenship of that certain place one can be able to work, vote, and par-take in political civilian duties. One who is not a citizen will ultimately be affected by the political decisions made by those who were, by birth and because their gender and background

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  • Best Places to Live Essay

    Best places to live Have you ever wondered what might be a really good place to live? The best places to live are often the ones which are dear to the heart,irrespective of the facilities and amenities,where one wants to spend his/her entire life. On the other hand,thinking materialistically,quality of life is the main factor, which I think would make me decide which are the best places to live. It takes into account, economic success such as per capita income, wealth and employment, and also, factors

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  • The Time Place Manner Regulation

    ) According to Messenger in Chapter 14, the Time Place Manner regulation are set to have five factors that can officially label restrictions as valid or not. These factors derive from the Heffron v. Int’l Soc. Of Krishna Consciousness. These five factors help determine the legality of punishing or restricting protests and other public speeches. The first factor is that the regulation must be content-neutral. This is when you cannot over or under. This has to be mainstream and both parties have to

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  • Describing A Larger Conversation By The United States Of America

    Describing a Larger Conversation The United States of America, the land of the free and the land where people from all different parts of the world are still dreaming to live in. that is the standard America has put itself upon where different sorts of people who are deprived of their own freedom, business opportunities, education, and equality are taken away from. These social outcasts are desperately striving to achieve the dream of living in America, the country of the great, just, and free.

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  • Describing People Essay

    Oral and Written Workshop - Mrs Nievas Graciela Date: May 23th, 2011 Student: Chuichuy, D. Nicolás Paper Nº 3 – Describing People - First Draft A Kindly Child Oliver, my step son, is a young, good-hearted and kind boy. I first met him in a book shop years ago where he was forced to steal a handkerchief silk from my pocket; however, he was not the one who committed the pickpocket. At first glance you

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  • My Head Is The Weirdest Place

    My head is the weirdest place to be, it’s all over the place, it runs in circles and up walls and there is no stopping it. I imagine different versions of me running around attempting to organize my memories and deal with my emotions. The younger version of me would run around and mess up all of the work that the older ones did. The version of me from different stages would argue and some would get along pretty well, the older ones would just attempt to lead the wild mob of my past selves.

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  • My Place for Diversity Essay

    My Place for Diversity XXXXXX XXXXXX Comm/315 November 20, 2012 XXXX XXXXX My Place for Diversity An understanding of both the hidden dimensions of diversity and the visible can upsurges understanding and tolerance of the differences in every one of us. Diversity gives uniqueness to each of us and makes us interesting, however if you base your judgment on the visual and not the hidden dimension as well, then you are being judgmental to that person. The visual characteristics only encompass

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  • A Christian Place of Pilgrimage Essay

    A Christian Place of Pilgrimage One Christian place of pilgrimage is located in Lourdes in the south of France. This is thought to be the site of the first apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The history of Lourdes is as follows. In 1858 there was a girl called Bernadette Soubirous, 14, whose father was an ex-miller and whose family was poor. One day she was with her sister and her friend collecting firewood. When she was by the river bank at a place called Massabieille

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  • Literature : Know Your Place

    Through Literature: Know Your Place Slavery will forever be engrained in the minds of the world’s population. Regardless if you are college educated or never been to school in your life, you are aware of the times of slavery and the mistreatment of African Americans. Slavery was an epidemic of sorts in a figurative sense, the only difference was a disease was not taking the lives of African-Americans, whites were. Slavery and racism was wide-spread geographically and in terms of time, yet their turbulent

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  • Describing the Business of Farming in O Pioneers! by Willa Silbert Cather

    Describing the Business of Farming in O Pioneers! by Willa Silbert Cather Willa Sibert Cather was born in Virginia, December 7, 1873. At the age of nine, Cather's family moved to Nebraska. Willa fell in love with the country, with the waste prairies of the Nebraska. In her life, Willa worked for different journals and magazines and received many honorary degrees, even the Pulitzer Prize. Her literary life was extremely influenced by her childhood in the wild country. In her life story, I actually

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  • More Than Just A Place

    More than Just a Place “Home sweet home,” it takes some people a long time to get there and others no time at all. It is a place where a person should feel relaxed and comfortable, in harmony with their surroundings. It is a place of refuge and its doors should always be open. It can be where you go to after a long day of work and something you strive for. The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines it as one 's place such as a house or apartment where a person lives. It’s a place where many people have

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  • The Is Not A Place Of Belonging

    The Difficult Path to Finding a Place of Belonging. The tension between the creature created by Victor Frankenstein and the community was inevitable due to the creature being the other, the only one of his kind. However, the difference in appearance is not a valid reason to dehumanize an individual who is striving to be a part of the community. Prior to the creature becoming alive, in no way was he considered hideous in appearance to his creator. Victor stated, “I began the creation of a human being”

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