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  • A Beautiful Mind Film Analysis

    ‘A Beautiful Mind’, directed by Ron Howard, is set in and around Princeton. It is a film about a Mathematical genius whose life is complicated by him developing Schizophrenia. In comparison ‘The Social Network’, directed by David Fincher, is set in Harvard and California. ‘The Social Network’ is a film about a genius that is sued for allegedly stealing the idea behind Facebook. In a comparison of these two films I will set out to show how both directors have successfully portrayed their protagonist’s obsessions and the effects of this on their lives. Ron Howard uses various techniques to portray Nash’s obsession for patterns and numbers. One technique, is the use of bright light when Nash sees a solution, as shown with lit numbers popping out when he is deciphering code. This obsession is revealed as a feature of his schizophrenia Howard uses over the shoulder shots when Nash is working in his office and we see the information popping up from the mess of papers to emphasise Nash’s point of view. Similarly, Fincher introduces us to Mark as a social misfit obsessed with technology. Fincher uses mostly low…

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  • Reflective Essay On A Beautiful Mind

    A Beautiful Mind is a compelling and powerful movie that explores the Nobel Laureate winner and professor John Nash in his rise, fall, and recovery dealing with schizophrenia. As the film opens, Nash is a genius level student in 1950s America working on applying to graduate school. He is introduced to his roommate, a tall pale guy names Charles. They have a rough start, but eventually warm up to each other as time goes on. The very first time that I realized something was a bit off about Nash,…

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  • Schizophrenia In Ron Howard's Film A Beautiful Mind

    Pivotal to a film’s success is in its ability to engage the wider audience into differing perceptions of truly unique experiences. A film has the ability to subject the responder to unconventional mentalities, in the hope of a catalyst in the change of their narrow perceptions on undisclosed experiences. Ron Howard’s 2001 Roman A Clef film A Beautiful Mind, resonates with the viewer as it is a rare opportunity to experience firsthand the psychosis, debilitation and eventual redemption associated…

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  • Reflection Paper On A Beautiful Mind

    After watching the movie "A Beautiful Mind" i learned a wide range on how critical thinking can take form in many quiet and sneaky ways and just how important it really is. This movie would be very helpful to a student of Critical Thinking because of those reasons. It shows the hit/effect critical reading has with a practical example and shows how it can affect us in or day to day lives and how much we can benefit from thinking critically and how much we can loss by having a "dull" mind. In the…

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  • Movie Analysis: Beautiful Mind

    Psychology Introduction: The term psychology refers to the study of behavior, mind, conscious and unconscious actions of a human and his/her personal thoughts. Hence, study of psychology offers the students to understand individuals and group of people on the ground of their daily routine, behavioral action, reaction, conscious/unconsciousness and to understand the perceptions as well as thoughts of an individual. In the present era psychology is widely applied to our every walk of life. In…

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  • Schizophrenia In John Nash's Film A Beautiful Mind

    A Beautiful Mind successfully portrays John Nash’s story of living with schizophrenia while still being a brilliant mathematician, husband, and father. The effectiveness of the film comes from it’s ability to lead the audience into John’s mind without realizing he was experiencing delusions and hallucinations. Charles, Marcee, and Parcher and the events and conversations associated with these characters appear so real that it is a genuine shock to the audience to discover that they exist only in…

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  • A Beautiful Mind: Paranoid Schizophrenia In A Beautiful Mind

    A Beautiful Mind is a film that is based on a true story and was released in 2001, starring Russel Crowe as John Nash. The film begins as Nash is beginning a graduate program in mathematics at Princeton University in 1947. From the beginning of the film it is clear that Nash does not easily get along with his classmates or anybody else for that matter. However, it is clear to everyone at Princeton that Nash has exceptional mathematical gifts, and does gain their respect. Nash is also introduced…

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  • A Beautiful Mind Movie Review: A Beautiful Mind

    A Beautiful Mind is a movie that follows a young man named John Nash throughout his life from the time he enrolls in Princeton University until he receives the Noble Prize. Nash is determined to come up with his own original idea for his thesis which he does after a harsh rejection from a woman at a bar and inspires an idea. This allows Nash to write his paper then later leads to him teaching at MIT. Slowly and slowly throughout the movie, you can see Nash’s paranoia and mental instability…

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  • Schizophrenia In A Beautiful Mind

    The movie “A Beautiful Mind” demonstrates the difficult aspects of schizophrenia in a unique way. By displaying an in-depth view of mental illness from the first-person perspective, the film reveals the world through the eyes of a psychiatric patient. This feature allows the viewer to share the sights, sounds, and thoughts of the main character, John Nash, and to further understand the disease. The motion picture also conveys the troubles of his wife in dealing with his outrageous behavior,…

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  • Violence In A Beautiful Mind

    Research concerning the stigmatization on mental illness so far have been broad and encompassing, ranging from various examinations of media to cultural portrayals. There has been specific discussion concerning the depiction of schizophrenia in media and the stigmatization of schizophrenia that is produced thereof. This project on the depiction of violence in A Beautiful Mind will go to further discussion on the specific, almost “celebrity” status that schizophrenia has become. The popular…

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