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  • Small Bedroom Design And Staging

    Small bedroom design and staging is quick but tricky. A full-size bed and a storage cabinet or a wardrobe can take lots of space in a small room and make an interior design look unappealing. Compact storage solutions, small nightstands, and beds with storage drawers are ideal for small spaces. Light wall paint colors, large wall mirrors, striped wallpaper patterns, and diagonal floor decoration are practical ideas that stretch small rooms visually. Lushome shares great inspirations for staging small

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  • My Experience With My Family

    one’s life. My significant place is what I call ‘Home’. It is the place I grew up with my siblings. I feel the warmth and love when being at home. Nothing can replace this place around the world. I have so many memories growing up. I heard lot of stories from my parents when I was kid. I still remembered when my mom told when I was about to come in this world. My mom and dad were so excited and happy as I was the first child in the family. We shifted from one-bedroom apartment to two-bedroom apartment

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  • Lying On My Bedroom Floor

    Lying on my bedroom floor, I cried. It wasn’t one of those angry cries or stress cries, it was a cry that highlighted the hurt and pain that consumed me. I couldn’t comprehend what I did to deserve any of it, so I just cried. No one could hear me. Earlier that day in 2012, I woke up to my regular, everyday routine. From the kitchen, my mom yelled, “Wake up! It’s time to get ready for school!” Grumbling, I got out of my bed and started getting ready. It was a lovely spring morning, and I was almost

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  • My Memories Of My Life

    Three months after I was born in the United States, I was sent to China by my parents. Ever since, I was raised by my mom’s good friend. Since I was so young, I don’t recall anything from that time. I didn’t even know that I was born in the United States until I was five! Anyways, during my time in China, I called my mom’s friend my “mom” and her husband my “dad” since I thought they were my legitimate parents. I remember that we lived in a house in a small neighborhood. When I first started knowing

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  • No Place Better Exemplifies Bricolages Than A Shared, College Bedroom

    exemplifies bricolages than a shared, college bedroom. Bricolages are “compositions designed by combining pre-existing designs” which “express their creator’s identity and worldview, consciously or unconsciously” (Huhtamo, Meeting 1, 20). Bricolages are analyzed through semiotics, the analysis of culture through interpretations of signs (Huhtamo, “Basic Concepts” 257). College is where many first experience living with people who are not family. In a shared bedroom, styles and tastes that reflect the various

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  • I 'm Awoken By The Sound Of Knocking At My Bedroom Door

    I’m awoken by the sound of knocking at my bedroom door. “Time to get ready to leave.” my dad says though the door. It’s 2am in the morning, and I had only gotten two hours of sleep. My family and I were leaving to vacation in Las Vegas. It was the weekend before Thanksgiving 2015. We pile into Mom’s car, my Mom and Dad, little brothers, and me. Once we arrived at the parking lot, where the car was kept during our vacation, we unload our luggage from the car. then, we got in a shuttle buss. Being

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  • The Bedroom By Vincent Van Gogh Essay

    strokes and colorful paint what you get is the basic building blocks of creating any type of painting. These are not the only aspects of paintings, especially not in this painting,; in this one specifically the viewer sees the inside of a bedroom. The walls in this bedroom are all a shade of light blue with the occasional white wisps, and again the floor is the dull dark brown with the green accents. Looking at this piece from right to left the first thing one can see on the right is part of a blue door

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  • My Bedroom Became My Safe Haven

    them with twists and turns. My bedroom became my safe haven. An extraordinary place that enables me to deeply connect with my inner thoughts and a world that I can control. When I arrive home from school I can feel a sense of relief come over me as I approach my bedroom. The walls are a color of an overcast sky which install tranquility to my surroundings. The smell of a sweet cranberry pear bellini candle engulfs the room. On the left side of my room, I stumble upon my lively lime green papasan chair

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  • My Visit At My Granddaughter

    Minnesota visiting my granddaughter. As I was having my coffee this morning, I noticed how my absence had affected my plants. Because I was not here to water them and give them the nurturing they needed to be healthy and happy they looked limp and wilted. While I watered them and pulled off the dead leaves, I got to thinking about my relationship with my long distance grandchildren and truthfully, it is much like the plants I see drooping and withering for lack of attention. My grandchildren that

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  • Designing The Perfect Showcase Bedroom

    showcase bedroom comes easily when you choose brown and white as your color palate. The French country style has maintained its popularity over the years, and the colors brown and white put a modern twist on this ever so famous decorating style. Casual elegance can be created in a French country bedroom by carefully choosing furniture and accessories that stay true to the theme yet add a bit on contemporary appeal. French Country Builds on the Strength of White Typical French country bedrooms make

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  • My Thoughts On My Life

    crowded and dimly lit classroom of a high school that I have never been to, I gathered my thoughts to write my essay for the SAT. When I finished my essay, I sat there staring at the ceiling waiting for the instructor to tell everyone to finish their last sentence. While spending some time alone with my own thoughts, I wondered if I had finished too fast. I looked around the classroom and saw that a majority of my peers were still writing their essays. After seeing that everyone was still working on

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  • My Life With My Mom

    military parents who have been in service all my life growing up. My mom is an ICU nurse holding the rank as a captain and my dad was a warrant officer who worked on electronics before he retired. Moving around every two years came with the price of them being in the army, but because of that I was introduced to many different cultures and lifestyles in which a few still stick with me today . We moved to washing the summer before sixth grade year for me and my first year was a breeze, I absolutely loved

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  • My Dream House : My Dreams

    My Dream House Ever since I was a little girl, I have been imagining what my future would be like; these imaginations included future husband, future job, and future home. One might say that their dream home as a child differed vastly from what they would now want as an adult, but for me they go pretty hand in hand. In this essay, I plan to create a vivid image of the layout to which my future home will contain, because yes, this home will be a reality in my future. It is in the middle of Mississippi

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  • My Father And My Grandmother

    My father went to high school between 1968 and 1972 in a town called Fowler, CA right outside of Fresno. I went to high school between 2010 and 2014 in Clovis. FAMILY COMPOSITION My father was the baby of three older siblings. First was my Aunt Mary who was 14 years older than him and passed away when he was 17 at the age of 30. Second is my Aunt Anne who is exactly nine years older than my father (they have the same birthday) who married her husband Fred when my dad was 15. She had her

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  • My Experience At My Family

    bag stuffed of my absolute favorite things I just could not leave behind, only to be told to put them back and that I did not need any of it where I was going. My grandmother’s porch light was the only thing that illuminated the pitch black sky. She was watching us leave with a pained look on her lightly wrinkled face. Where were we going? I had no clue. I just wanted to go wherever my mother went. The wind was nipping at my winter coat as we left for what I thought was just a visit. My mother, brother

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  • The Pounding On The Bedroom Door

    The insistent pounding on the bedroom door forced Millie’s puffy red eyes open, “WHAT!” “Dad said to come to breakfast.” “Susan, get away from the door!” “Fine, suit your selfish self! You can starve for all I care. Dad won’t have any trouble dragging your snotty, teenage body out of bed.” Millie listened as Susan’s feet pounded up the stairs, “Dad, Millie won’t get up.” Max shouted from the top step, “Millicent, do I have to come down there and haul your fanny out of bed?” “No!” Millie screamed

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  • My Family And My Grandmother

    Interviewing my family including myself was interesting. I found fascinating stories and a taste of what it was like in the past. From interviewing my grandma, mother, son, and including myself I realize so much. I have noticed that there are many similarities, yet differences in our lives. Understanding each four generations is the best way to explain family life and what it was like to live in these past generations. I first interviewed my grandmother, Throng Sytha, she is 94 years old and still

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  • My Goal : My Goals

    For three weeks, my self-change goal was to run everyday for 30 minutes. The reason I chose this goal was to form a habit of consistent exercise in my life. The main barriers to the successful application of the goal were college classes I attended at night. However, after rearranging my running schedule, the barriers were overcome. During the total course of the project, the first week presented the most difficulty because of my amateur ability to sustain running for long periods of time. After

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  • The, The Room Table Of The Bedroom

    for children who do not listen." This becomes the impression forever embedded in her memory as this is their first time meeting. I was that little girl. Ronald and Doris were the heart of my father 's family, but to me, they were strangers. Due to my age at the time and having never been raised around my father or his family, this is the only memory I have of them. Since April we have experienced the untimely deaths of three of our close kin. Due to these recent deaths there was the possibility

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  • My Memories Of My Life

    I breathe in my hotel room, realising that I have everything that I ever wanted. The taste of fame comes to me in the form of wispy cigarette smoke that threatens to fill my lungs and choke me at any moment. Although it’s been 6 years since I left Japan with my sister, what she told me that day rings through my head like bells chiming out from a clock tower, “why are we really doing this, Yuichi?” I didn’t reply then because I thought it was obvious, but now I know it’s because it was all for nought

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  • Music Is The Primary Sound That Makes Up The Soundscape Of My Bedroom

    soundscape of my bedroom. The only time music is not being played inside my room is when I am sleeping. Only during this time is when the other sounds that are a part of the soundscape are able to be heard clearly. I am unable to stand silence, it causes me to become anxious, so I always feel like I must fill the silence with music. When I walk to class I listen to music, when I wait for class I watch television shows, and when I work on art I always have music playing to both help me with my creative

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  • My Parents And My Dad

    November in the year 2014, me and my mom got a hard decision to make. It was between Life and Death. My parents and I lived in the Philippines for so many years, I was born there and my parents are also born there, but to pursue a bigger dream and a better life for me, they left. Both moved here in California where my other grandpa, Benigno, is living, they were welcomed warmly, that’s what my parents told me. My dad worked as a chef in Barona, while my mom is a food server for the same casino. They

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  • I Am Awakened By Knocking My Bedroom Door

    knocking on my bedroom door. Shortly after, Rosa walks in a places a tray on my bed. She asks me what I want to wear. I tell her to hold on, I have to check the weather. I walk out to my balcony and it feels like weather from the time I went on vacation to Hawaii. I walk back in and tell Rosa to pick out a dress. I climb back into bed and snuggle under my fluffy white blanket. I find french toast, bacon, strawberries, and glass of orange juice on the tray. After I’m done, I sit at my vanity and

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  • My : My Heart Is Racing

    My heart is racing. I 'm running from something, but I don 't know what. I 'm too afraid to look back to see whatever it is that 's chasing me. Is anything chasing me? My legs won 't stop moving. I 'm afraid. I 'm afraid. I stumble but I keep moving. I can 't stop. I can 't stop. I wake up screaming. I share a room with no one, but lately my brother Michael has been sleeping on the floor. He 's younger than me by two years and technically isn 't really my brother, but I don 't mind. He 's more

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  • My Dream Home : My Home

    When I envision my dream home I see a huge rock home, with a sensational view on a hill, and a backyard with a pool. HGTV, my go to TV station, inspires me to be creative and makes me want to start planning my dream home today. House Hunters International remains my favorite TV show. Getting amazing ideas on my “someday” dream home thrills me. Growing up watching HGTV gives me knowledge, confidence, and a whole lot of wonderful ideas that allows me to design my very own dream home one day, when I

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  • Luxury Bedrooms On A Dime

    LUXURY BEDROOMS ON A DIME It’s spring time and the itch to redecorate your bedroom begins to bloom inside you like Lavender Fields in Provence, France. Not having the most creative genes within your repertoire of talents, you decide to take advantage of the Parade of Homes to seek inspiration. After strolling through multiple homes with various décor styles, you finally encounter the bedroom of your dreams and feel that the design is out of your budget feeling as though the economy package is going

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  • My Life With My Brother

    when I had found out my father had another family; he had a wife and a son. My father had been living with them and would visit me at least once every two months or so, but as soon as I had turned nine, my father introduced my to my half-brother. He was a year and a third older than me. When they visited me, their visits were incredibly short; time seemed to fly by while I played games with my brother, but I later learned that it was my fathers wife who did not allow him or my brother to visit me

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  • My Family : My Parents

    Illinois. My parents were young and had not even been married for two years. My older sister was conceived on my parents’ wedding night while I was conceived on my parents One-Year Anniversary. My older sister is a year and three days older than me. Because my parents were young and struggling financially, we lived with my maternal grandmother at the time of my birth; she helped take care of my older sister and me. As a child, my family and I moved around quite a bit from state to state so my dad could

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  • My Mother And My Father

    I was ten years old the day my life was torn in two pieces. That was the day I was forced to choose between my mother and my father. At this age, I did not fully grasp the concept of divorce, but I understood we were no longer one “happy” family. We would no longer attend church together, we would no longer sit down for family dinners or start debates about what was going on in the news. The days to follow were silent and depressing, my father was moving out and I begged him to take me, but all

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  • Growing Up With A Bedroom Apartment Behind A 7 / 11 Store

    Growing up I lived in a small one bedroom apartment behind a 7/11 store. Most of the residents living in the apartment were family. So growing up I spend most of my time with my cousins. Mostly my oldest cousin Raul. Growing up I saw him more as a brother figure than a cousin we went everywhere and did everything together. I looked up to him but the older we got the less I looked up to him because of all the bad thing he was involved with like drugs getting in trouble and stealing. He was two

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  • My Family : My Mother

    years old and Sadie, my sister, was thirteen year old. My mother used to be married to her father, making us half sisters. We both lived with our mom and my dad, however she went to her dad 's house every other weekend. Life was good as I knew it. My family was loving, caring, and seemed like any other happy family until my mother made one mistake that profoundly changed my life. “There’s a girl coming over that 's just about your age” my mom explained to me one weekend while my dad was out of town

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  • The Importance Of Tapping On Her Grandmother 's Bedroom Door

    Tapping on her grandmother’s bedroom door, Allie was both frightened and excited. She, too, figured the reason her grandmother wanted her to come up was to tell her something about the Bible; what else could it be. When her grandmother told her to come in, Allie opened the door to find her grandmother sitting at her desk with the Bible open; at least she has changed out of those drab uncomfortable clothes and into her nightgown, thought Allie, as she stood there staring at her grandmother’s back

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  • Analysis Of Van Gogh 's ' Bedroom At Arles '

    find a home of his own within the ‘Yellow House’ in Arles France. This home was the first he could ever call his own, and served as a source of inspiration inspiring multiple paintings showing off his space (Groom). The painting by Van Gogh entitled Bedroom at Arles (Figure 1) in 1889 (oil on canvas) held a remarkable significance for him, embodying a sense of stability and independence, where he could freely work to express his creativity. The term home has many different connotations, but in each

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  • My Family : My Mother

    grew up in a three bedroom apartment on the north side of Chicago with six of my family members. My grandmother was an immigrant that came to Chicago with her four children (including my mother) to find a job that would give her and her children a better life, because in the world, money means power and happiness. When I was born, my family told me that I needed to do well in school, go to college, and become rich so I could take care of the rest of my family. They said that my mother was supposed

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  • Thinking Of Painting Your Bedroom

    Thinking of painting your bedroom? What color are you considering? You may want to take a minute and think about your color choices and what they can do for you. Color can make an impact on you whether you know it or not and depending on how much time you spend in your bedroom, your color choices can affect you in a positive or negative way, all day, or all night long. If your bedroom is your sanctuary, the place you go into to get away from it all, then you may want to consider the color green

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  • Growing Up From A Bedroom Apartment Behind A 7 / 11

    Growing up I lived in small one bedroom apartment behind a 7/11. Most of the residents living in the apartment were family. So growing up I spend most of my time with my cousins. Mostly my oldest cousin Raul. Growing up I saw him more of a brother figure than a cousin he went everywhere together and did everything together. I looked up to him but the older we got the less I looked up to him because of all the bad thing he was involve with. He was older by about two years but we were in the same

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  • A Research Study On The 's Wellbeing And Make Your Own On A Bedroom Flat

    The Case Study is about a ninety-two-year old British who lives on her own in a two bedroom flat. Prior to Hilda’s fall, she had good physical and mental capacities. Hilda was admitted into the hospital after this fall which happened as a result of a dizzy spell. Hilda has a nephew Hassan and a good friend Daphne. Hilda’s condition improved after her admission but her physical mobility is reduced. The consultant is concerned that Hilda cannot stay alone. The social worker is also concerned Hilda

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  • My Memories Of My Childhood

    My Childhood Teenagers my age often reflect on their childhood which is filled with carefree memories that make them smile. For example, these memories might be watching TV consistently, playing with their favorite toys, having playdates with friends, or eating dessert before dinner time. Although I do have these fond memories, my actions were rarely nonchalant; rules and responsibilities, enforced by my loving, yet stubborn parents were the frameworks of my actions. I could not simply turn on the

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  • Luxury Feminine Bedrooms On A Limited Budget

    A Mother’s Day Gift – Luxury Feminine Bedrooms on a Limited Budget As Mother’s Day approaches this weekend, the world treats their mothers like a queen. However, if you’re a mother yourself, you’re probably thinking, stretch marks, PTA meetings, sleepless nights and most importantly, nothing is more challenging the motherhood and the word “Mom” seems to be grammatically incorrect and the proper term is spelled “Queen Mom.” That said, my sisters and I set out to give our mother a gift that would

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  • How A Boy 's Bedroom Can Be Decorated Using An Ocean Island

    There are many ways that a boy 's bedroom can be decorated using an ocean island theme. The color blue will be very popular when decorating the ocean island boy 's bedroom as many of the elements of the ocean, especially the water, are different shades of the color blue. A home bedroom should be a place where a little boy can relax and play both comfortably and happily. Follow the tips below for creating an ocean island boy 's bedroom for you little boy to cherish for years to come. The color blue

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  • Obsessed : Looking At The Link Between The Bedroom And Obsession

    Obsessed: Looking at the Link between the Bedroom and Obsession in the 1001 Nights “Hunchback Tale” Obsession is a key element of the outer frame story of the 1001 Nights; it is most notably seen in the ritualistic telling of stories each night. Therefore, it is no surprise that obsession appears as a linking theme in one of the enframed stories. In particular, the “Hunchback Tale” has the Christian’s, Inspector’s, and Doctor’s stories all containing an obsession over one particular individual.

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  • Personal Statement : ' The Night Of The Bedroom ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald

    Korra only smiled and, with a blush lightly staining her cheeks said, “Can I ask you something?” “What is it?” Asami asked, pleasantly surprised when Korra resumed her thumb 's movement over her knuckles. “You were going to tell me something before my dad interrupted us, what was it?” Korra asked. At this Asami tore her gaze away from her friend and glanced down at her feet. “I don 't know if it 's the right time to tell you, given your... condition.” Asami said cautiously. Korra laughed gently

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  • A Beautiful 4 Bedroom Two Story Home Located At 8500 S

    There is a gorgeous 4 bedroom two-story home located at 8500 S. Claiborne Ave., New Orleans, Louisiana. Every inch of this 1,919 squared foot home is outfitted with an impressive blend of styles, comfort, and quality. As you enter you will be greeted by a nicely remodeled interior with an open floor plan and stairs leading upstairs to 4 inviting spacious bedrooms. Some features of this home includes: ceramic tile, hardwood floors that are in the bedrooms, vaulted ceilings on the lower level of the

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  • My Thoughts On My Eyes Open

    I tried to flutter my eyes open but my blurry vision prevented me to see. I shut them again. “Help!!!” I heard Jasper screaming at a distance, together with constant banging on the wall. I tried opening my eyes again but all they did was fail me. “We’re here!!! Help us! Hurry!” He undeniably sounded like he was screaming at the top of his lungs. What’s happening? I was lightheaded and couldn’t find the strength to open my eyelids. I wasn’t meant to wake up yet. “Hold on, we’re coming.” A voice of

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  • In the Bedroom and "Killings" Essay

    In The Bedroom and "Killings" In The Bedroom and Killings are both based around the same story, they are however presented very differently. The short story "Killings" jumps around in the story revealing different events at different times, while the movie, In The Bedroom tells a more straightforward story. In The Bedroom shows the viewer exactly what is happening chronologically, "Killings" does not and provides a more effective and suspenseful story for the reader. Each story starts and reveals

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  • I Am Sat On My Bedroom Floor

    It is over. As I sat on my bedroom floor, I read that text over and over again. The more I read it, the more it hurt. I could not believe that Zac had broken up with me over a text message. I slammed my phone on the floor, and I felt a rush of sadness hit my body. My body was shaking, and I could slowly feel the tears run down my face. This happened more than it does for the average teenage girl. It happened about twice a day. It happened whenever I got home from school and before I went to bed.

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  • My Thoughts On My Life

    always have the same friends and live in the same house for the rest of my life. I would go down the street to play with Oliver and Katie every day, go to the school where all of my friends were, or go to get a Rickers drink at the gas station, everything that was normal to me. Little did I know, things were about to change. It was a normal weekday. I went to school wondering what I was going to learn in class today and what my friends and I were going to do during recess. The day seemed to fly by

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  • Bedrooms Upstairs And Three Upstairs

    There were three bedrooms downstairs and three upstairs. Each had a bathroom inside. However, downstairs there was an extra bathroom should they have company. It’s an upscale brownstone and very well put together. There was a living room, kitchen, den, recreation room, and a library. All were very spacious and with all who lived there you wouldn’t exactly be on top of each other. Attached to the brownstone were a pool house, small apartment house and patio. He took her outside and showed her

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  • The Inner Sanctum Of His Bedroom By Booker

    Once inside the inner sanctum of his bedroom, Booker ran a shaky hand through his dark hair. His confrontation with Tom had left him feeling confused and more than a little guilty. He had thought his affection for his fellow officer was a thing of the past, but he now realized his devotion was as powerful as ever before. For the briefest of moments, he had relished in the sensation of his friend writhing beneath him, locked within the sexual energy flowing from their two bodies, while savoring

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  • Alice And I Are Sitting On Her Bedroom Floor

    Alice and I are sitting on her bedroom floor. I dig through my bag. “Happy Birthday, Alice!” I say to 8-year-old Alice, handing her a bracelet. She smiles. “Best,” she tilts her head, looking for more. I show her the other bracelet, trying not to smile. “Friends.” She hugs me and I hug back. “Thank you, Rosemary!” She says as she squeezes me. I try to tell her I can’t breathe. “Rose,” I open my eyes. “We got to go.” I stare at the bracelet on my wrist before following her out of her house. We head

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