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  • Personal Narrative: My Bedroom

    There I stood, a short, awkward little girl with a boyish haircut that reached to just about my ears, replicating half of an upside down coconut. I carried a bright pink backpack with a matching lunchbox that looked massive next to my particularly small frame. My sneakers lit up with each hesitant step that took me closer and closer to my classroom. When I finally made it, rows of small chairs and a huge green chalkboard stood in front of me, and that was when I lost it. I cried so loud without utter humility and acknowledgement of anyone around me. My wails continued as I resisted my mom’s cold grip on my arm, pulling me towards the room. I was definitely that kid in pre-k that made a huge scene not wanting her parents to leave, but since…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Chipping Blue Window

    two windows directly on the floor above them. There was a window in between the second story windows that my mother and her boyfriend at the time referred to as the ‘Bourne Window.’ The name was derived from us having recently binged the Bourne Trilogy, and the window looking like something the titular character would be sniping someone through. We approached the front door to get an inside look, but found it was locked. Interestingly, the doorknob was useless, twisting made no difference; the…

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  • Poughkeepsie Day School: A Short Story

    up my present day psych. I suppose I am made up differently than most students at Poughkeepsie Day School. To begin my mind floats to age three, where the mess began. I can still see the sun peaking in; it lightly brushing the creamy yellow walls. The stained white rug that had been lived in, and turned into a spotty brown rag. The green, luscious wood was my playland. My shiny black dog sat on the moldy deck; I remember pressing my little hand against her shiny, hot fur. “How…

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  • Noke And Lis: A Short Story

    Noke and Lis lived in a beautiful home with three spacious bedrooms, a large bathroom with a tub and shower, Ellen and I had never seen a bathtub before and looked forward to taking leisurely, long soaks covered in bubbles, a sizable living room with a wood burning fireplace, a bright kitchen with a breakfast nook and a mudroom. Oma beamed with motherly pride that her son owned such a fantastic home. Noke and Lis occupied the master bedroom with an additional en-suite bathroom, Uncle Kité…

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  • Bed Room Analysis

    in each home, the bedroom. A bedroom is defined online as “a reflection of one’s personality, as well as social class, and is unique to each person. However there are certain items that are common in most bedrooms - beds.” A bed is defined online as “a piece of furniture used as a location to sleep or relax,” but it’s up to us as humans to decide what it is we do in our bedrooms and who we allow to be in our rooms. We choose whom we allow ourselves around. For as long as I can remember, I’ve…

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  • Just Another Day Danielle Clementine Analysis

    of whatever items she can find. It was odd, really, but odd may as well of been Danielle’s middle name. Tonight was just like any other Saturday night. Every Saturday, Danielle would watch Mr. and Mrs. Steinbeck’s three children; Derek, George, and Lexi. The evening consisted of playtime, arts and crafts, as well as their routine story time before bed. Danielle had chosen to read the small children Goodnight Moon, a personal favorite of hers the kids thoroughly enjoyed. Once the three fell into…

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  • Personal Narrative: Holling Hoodhood

    I love to chew on stuff. Some people say I have a Swedish accent Holling Hoodhood is a boy who let us out of our cage. Holling is reading from a book out loud right now. When I went up to our apartment yesterday I discovered that we have new neighbors. Clowey is a black girl mouse, and Dobby is a brownish boy mouse. Our home is in the attic of the school, it is really nice up there. I am walking up our stairs to our house, you walk into my house there is the kitchen at the front of the house,…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Grandma Macs House

    When I was about five years old, my parents ' got divorced. My dad moved back to the state I was born in, while I stayed with my mom in Arkansas. Every once and awhile I would have visits with my dad, he would come pick us up and take us back to Iowa. I mean, I understand now why my sister and I had to spend time with my dad there. But then, I was 5 and all I knew is that daddy wasn’t around for the past month. I was without a doubt, the biggest mommy’s girl and I hated having to leave her. I…

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  • The Night We Left Essay

    I faintly remember the night we left. I rushed to gather a small bag stuffed of my absolute favorite things I just could not leave behind, only to be told to put them back and that I did not need any of it where I was going. My grandmother’s porch light was the only thing that illuminated the pitch black sky. She was watching us leave with a pained look on her lightly wrinkled face. Where were we going? I had no clue. I just wanted to go wherever my mother went. The wind was nipping at my winter…

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  • Personal Narrative: How My House Changed My Life

    ordinary; it had five bedrooms, two bathrooms, a laundry room, living room, kitchen etc. Everything had its place and looked like a cohesive decorated house except for one thing… the tiles. It seemed as though every room had a thousand different patterned tiles or type of flooring. Although the mismatched…

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