Essay on Insurance Frauds

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  • Essay On Insurance Fraud

    this is 2 million more people than the year before (Sittig). Americans are not getting the insurance coverage they deserve or that they need. Health insurance is needed in america to help people pay for certain medical expenses ranging from medicine to hospital stays. The cost of a surgery or an x-ray is a lot more than most people can pay out of pocket. Health care costs are rapidly increasing causing more people to switch to a less expensive health care plan. Making it harder for families to get medicine and go see a doctor because they just can not afford any medical expenses without the proper insurance. Health insurance…

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  • Insurance Fraud Investigator

    people file for insurance. People can file for many types of insurance policies and file many claims- whether it be health insurance, car insurance, home insurance, and renter’s insurance. What most people do not understand is who commits insurance fraud. Insurance fraud can be committed by the claimant, the consumer, and the insurance company. What is insurance fraud though? In most cases, it is industry insiders, and loosely organized networks of bad medical professionals and attorneys who…

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  • How Home Insurance Fraud Affects You

    How Home Insurance Fraud Affects You Insurance fraud is a real issue when it comes to home insurance in Chandler, AZ. Fraudulent home insurance claims can be phony claims and fake property damage, to name a few. If you are considering exaggerating your insurance claim, don’t. If you know someone who you suspect committed insurance fraud, then you should report them because it affects you as well. Fraud Drives Up Premiums Fraudulent insurance claims are often paid by insurance companies. If you…

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  • Essay On Arson

    Please take into consideration my submission on the enforcement of tighter laws around the crime of Arson. I am writing to you because there is a great concern for the amount of Arson related crimes that are occurring within the state of Tasmania. Statistics show that more than half of Tasmania is above average in fires per year compared with all of the other states in Australia (Australian Bureau of Meteorology, 2015). Tightening the laws around Arson, will most definitely guarantee Tasmania…

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  • White-Collar Criminal Vs. White Collar Crimes

    In 1939, the term “white-collar crime” began to be associated with frauds committed by business and government professionals. The phrase was mentioned during a speech given by Edwin Sutherland to the American Sociological Society. Sutherland defined “white-collar” as “a crime committed by a person of respectability and high social stats in the course of his occupation” (White Collar Crime). However, white-collar crimes are described in various ways. The Justice Department characterize…

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  • White Collar Crime In The US

    comprehensive assortment of frauds perpetrated by commercial and administration authorities. These illegalities are symbolized by deception, suppression, or violation of confidence and are not contingent on the application or hazard of physical influence or brutality. The provocation behind these offences is monetary; whereby, to acquire or circumvent losing wealth, possessions, or amenities or to safeguard an individual or commercial advantage. Further it is noted, these are not victimless…

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  • Fraud Prevention

    Overview Fraud has become common occurrence in business world. And organizations lose considerable chunk of their hard-earned revenue to fraud. Prevention and Detection are two methodologies to handle a white-collar crime like business fraud. Wisest approach towards any illegal and inappropriate activity is to prevent it from occurring in first place. Prevention is the most economical way of tackling fraud. Barriers to Fraud Prevention Fraud prevention is challenged by several barriers which…

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  • Circumstantial Arson Case Reflection

    Journal Article Reflection I read an article titled “Fraud Squad, Top Eight Ways to Win a Circumstantial Arson Case” by Cynthia L Bernstiel”. Just as the title implies, the article gives readers tips on how to win a circumstantial arson case. This article interested me because I was curious to how circumstantial arson cases get solved. A fire claim where a house is completely destroyed is a huge loss that insurance companies do no pay off lightly. After reading this article I learned a thing…

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  • Summary Of Perjury: American Family Insurance

    Iowa authorities said that Robert K. Miell was approved and bedevilled on Jan. 9 on assets tax artifice in United States District Court in Des Moines. Last week, Miell had pled accusable to 18 counts of mail artifice apropos to an allowance artifice arrangement and cheating renters out of their accident deposits. Additionally, he pled accusable to two counts of perjury. An investigator for the Iowa Allowance Division’s Artifice Bureau baldheaded affirmation of Miell’s arrangement in 2004. The…

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  • Health Care Fraud Case Study

    Module 5: Health Care Fraud Control Fraudulent health care practices by medical professionals and other criminals of defrauding insurance companies and consumers are on the rise. According the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) (2015), these dishonest practitioners are increasingly willing to risk patient harm to further their criminal activities. The FBI is the primary agency for exposing and investigating all federal and private insurance health care fraud cases. Furthermore, the agency…

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