The Pros And Cons Of Health Insurance In America

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About 50 million Americans between the ages 19 and 64 could not fill their prescriptions because the price was to high this is 2 million more people than the year before (Sittig). Americans are not getting the insurance coverage they deserve or that they need. Health insurance is needed in america to help people pay for certain medical expenses ranging from medicine to hospital stays. The cost of a surgery or an x-ray is a lot more than most people can pay out of pocket. Health care costs are rapidly increasing causing more people to switch to a less expensive health care plan. Making it harder for families to get medicine and go see a doctor because they just can not afford any medical expenses without the proper insurance. Health insurance to many Americans is very helpful. it helps them provide for themselves and their families. This helps provide for them by making sure they can go to the doctor when needed and get their medicine when needed as well. To others this is just something that they need and that will save them some money in the future. About …show more content…
On average the amount of money that people are losing within a year from scams like this is $80 billion (sittig). Which is a lot of money unless the person a trillionaire which most working class people are not. 48 states including the district of Columbia has made insurance fraud a specific crime (Health Economics). Virginia and Oregon are the only two states without an insurance fraud law. Insurance fraud is very common with people who do not know much about insurance and is looking for a cheap plan. Many states that have made insurance fraud a specific crime have put in fraud bureaus to cut down on the amount of crimes. About 86% of American feel that insurance fraud makes insurance prices higher for everyone (Health Economics). This is not the reason why insurance prices are continuing to

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