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  • Essay on Conformity and Obedience

    Conformity and Obedience Assignment In this assignment I intend to evaluate Stanley Milgrams studies of obedience and in particular the ethical issues broken. I hope to determine whether the knowledge gained justifies his experiments. After the destruction and atrocities committed in World War II many historians argued that there must be some sort of character defect that made the German people more obedient. Mailgram’s study was an attempt to test ‘the Germans are different’ hypothesis. The

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  • Response to Obedience as a Psychological and Moral Problem Essay

    our moral of ethnical problem with the order that are ordain to us? Regarding this matter of disobedience as being “a psychological and moral problem” according to the author Eric Fromm, I would like to point out the concept of “autonomous obedience,” which gives us an opportunity to rely on our “own powers and to become fully human,” hence gaining our own knowledge, intellect, independence and freedom by being dictate by our very own “humanistic conscience” that helps and guides us to

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  • Essay about Factors Influencing Conformity and Obedience

    Factors Influencing Conformity and Obedience The object of this paper is to critically evaluate factors influencing conformity and obedience. I intend to do this by researching conformity and obedience, using books and the Internet. I also hope to briefly write about relevant case studies, by psychologists such as Milgram and Baumrind, and include real life examples to present a well-informed essay. Conformity and obedience are both forms of social influence which is

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  • Essay on Social Influence, Comformity, Obedience and Compliance

    on what is the correct thing to do in this situation. There are three types of social influence - conformity - compliance - obedience Conformity Conformity involves developing attitudes, opinions, and behaviors to match the attitudes of a specific group. Most people conform to the standard values, also called norms, of many groups without stress and often without even knowing

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  • Current Research in Conforming to Authority Essay

    authority because it may give researchers a better understanding on the relationship between personality and people’s attitudes toward authority. Milgram had his own perceptive on the key influences of obedience in society. According to Burger (2009), “Milgram maintained that the key to obedience had little to do with the authority figure’s manner or style. Rather, he argued that people follow an authority figure’s commands when that person’s authority is seen as legitimate. Moreover, our culture

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  • Essay on Filial Obedience in Confucianism and Paternal Metaphor

    thief or a murderer? Does Confucius advocate for the child's blind obedience to parents, especially to the father, as part of filial piety which he considers to be the foundation of politics?[ " '...You are filial, you discharge your brotherly duties. These qualities are displayed in government,' This then also constitutes the exercise of government." Ibid., Book 2, 153.] Today, the puzzle whether filial piety requires blind obedience becomes not only a personal concern of "rebellious" teenagers, but

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  • Incidents of the Life of a Slave Girl Essay

    female slave's desire to maintain the prescribed virtues but how her circumstances often prevented her from practicing. Expectations of the women of the era, as stated in class discussions, resided in four arenas: piety, purity, domesticity and obedience. The conditions that the female slave lived in were opposed to the standards and virtues set by society. It resulted in the female slave being refused what was considered the identity of womanhood. It was another manner in which slavery attempted

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  • Essay on Obeying Orders

    conducting all of these additional experiments Milgram concluded that obedience is dependent on four factors: 1. Victims emotional distance. Obedience dropped when learners were in the same room with teachers and it dropped even more when teacher was forced to push learner’s hand onto a shock plate. 2. Whether or not the authority is institutionalized. When the experiment was moved from Yale University to a remote office building obedience once again dropped. 3. Authority’s closeness. When the experimenter

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  • Essay about Two Kinds and Everyday Use Comparison

    In present-day society, families go through several problems and arguments regarding numerous issues which would have been considered unacceptable in past times. Throughout a variety of different cultures, the level of respect and obedience for one’s parents has diminished while the negotiation of conformity and rebellion has risen. This statement is supported and evidential in two different stories, “Two Kinds” by Amy Tan and “Everyday Use” by Alice Walker. Although these stories represent different

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  • Essay on Milgram's Study of Obedience to Authority

    Stanley Milgram is a famous psychologist who focused his studies on authority and peoples reaction and obedience to it. His famous experiment and it's results were groundbreaking in psychology, surprising both psychologists and regular people alike. First I will discuss the reason for Milgrims study of obedience to authority. Then I will explain the experiment, its formulation, and its results. Finally I will cover the influence of the experiment on psychology and society. Stanley Milgrim was

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  • World View Assignment Essay

    texts or revelation, therefore moral behavior is nothing more than obedience to God’s commands. Both definitions are similar in that they both address a set of rules pertaining to all things that are good or bad that must be followed. The difference is that one is defined by man whereas the other is defined by God Himself. The Bible teaches that we are to be moral because obedience to God glorifies Him who created us and obedience is accepted by God as worship (Romans 12:1). God is perfect (Matthew

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  • Essay on Milgram vs. Baumrind

    ordinary person’s level of obedience. Many of Milgram’s colleagues admired his intricate experiment, and thought that he provided valid information on the complexity of obedience. One of his colleagues, Diana Baumrind, however, strongly disagreed with Milgram and has good reasons to criticize his experiment. She thought his experiment was unethical and very harmful to the social well-being of the participants. In her article, “Review of Stanley Milgram’s Experiments on Obedience”, she castigated Milgram’s

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  • Essay on Milgram's Research on Obedience

    Milgram's research on obedience: how and why it can help student nurses The report aims to: Describe the main aspects of Milgram's study on Obedience Explain why and how this research can be used to help prepare student nurses for working on hospital wards Contribute to the understanding of some of the challenges nurses may face in their working practices Background Stanley Milgram, a psychologist from Yale University, conducted a series of experiments on obedience to explain some of the

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  • Influences of Conformity and Obedience Paper

    Conformity and Obedience Psych/555 May 11, 2013 Dr. Anthony Conformity and Obedience Humans are known as social animals as they live life together while forming a variety of groups and try to improve their relationship within groups. Interaction with others is a natural consequence of residing in society. During this process the interaction of society and its rules has social implications of each. If the people face no social impact, like peer pressure, a large portion of them to demonstrate

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  • Christ in Discipleship Essay

    disciple’s growth and transformation comes from. How obedience reflects the discipleship of Christ as well as areas of life that a disciple must submit to Christ When one decides to accept Christ into their life, he or she is no longer what they once were, they are a new creature, the old has gone and the new has been brought to life. They are to put childish things behind, they are to “die to self” and devote their lives to whole life worship/obedience. No better place in the Bible describes this than

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  • Explain the Relationship Between Discipline and Obedience from the Montessori Perspective. Explain How Discipline and Obedience Are Linked to the Development of the Will.

    There are various theories explaining the development of discipline and obedience in early childhood. Montessori perspective establishes a link between these two concepts and how their maturation is dependent on the maturation of the will of the child. This essay will attempt to explain the relationship between discipline and obedience in the developmental stages of a child. Attention will be paid to how the environment helps the child in his development through the stages according to Montessori

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  • Review of Stanley Milgram’s Experiments on Obedience, by Diana Baumrind and Obedience, by Ian Parker

    of California and one of Milgram’s colleagues, attacks Milgram’s ethics after he completes his experiment in her review. She deems Milgram as being unethical towards the subjects he uses for testing and claims that his experiment is irrelevant to obedience. In contrast, Ian Parker, a writer for New Yorker and Human Sciences, asserts Milgram’s experiments hold validity in the psychological world. While Baumrind focuses on Milgram’s ethics, Parker concentrates more on the reactions, both immediate and

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  • Social Influences on Behavior

    This is done to ensure the solidity of the group. The members value this even more than their own views. Obedience Another form of social influence is obedience. Obedience occurs when an individual acts in response to an order by a person in authority whether that order goes against what they know to be right or not. This can be done to gain acceptance or to avoid punishment. Obedience accounts for a large amount of the medication errors that happen in hospitals each day. An example of this

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  • Outline and Evaluate Milgram’s Concept of “Agentic Shift”. Essay

    Outline and Evaluate Milgram’s concept of “agentic shift”. Following results of his world famous obedience studies, Milgram developed his own theory of why people obey a malevolent authority – “agentic shift”. Milgram findings led him to believe a person can be in one of two psychological state at any particular time, and the “agentic shift” is what causes ordinary people to follow orders because they believed the experimenter has a legitimate authority. Milgram believed people acted without

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  • What Social Psychological Factors Play a Role in Determining Whether a Person Conforms, Complies and Obeys?

    either real or imagined. Compliance is a behaviour change in response to an explicit request to perform an action. Obedience is a behaviour change in response to a demand or order to carry out an action. Each of these processes are undertaken due to different psychological pressures being put on the individual, from believing that they have no choice but to carry out the action – obedience, to carrying out the action because they want to feel accepted. Conformity has had a lot of interest from psychologists

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  • Essay about milgrams study into obedience

    Describe and discuss two factors that Milgram found effect obedience? Refer to empirical evidence in your answer Milgram’s original study into obedience came under to a lot of scrutiny because of both mythological and ethical problems. This meant that the validity of Milgram’s study was put into question. Following the study were further investigations to see what might change and explain the results that Milgram found, both by Milgram himself and other psychologists. Variations to his study throw

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  • Antigone: the Obedience of One's Morality Essay

    According to the Bible, after Jesus was arrested by religious leaders, the apostles, his closest followers, fled his side. The apostle Peter was later recognized as one of Jesus' companions by the people who helped arrest him. Peter, however, denied even knowing Jesus three times. Peter believed that, should he remain faithful, he would be granted eternal life by God, and he knew that denying Jesus was a grave sin. However, his fear of his accusers caused him to err, and to stray from what he believed

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  • Essay on Stewardship

    and Eve to work and exercise dominion, God immediately supplies them with everything they need to flourish in their new responsibilities. . Genesis chapter 2 displayed the labor of stewardship of the God given task to reflect the importance of obedience. God gave specific instructions to Adam not to eat from the tree of knowledge, it will bring death. In Genesis 3 Eve ate off the tree and God was not pleased with the decision Adam and Eve has made. The bad decision of Adam and Eve created the

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  • Exegesis on Ephesians 6:1-3 Essay

    ‘upakuow means “to obey, follow, be subject to.”3 This verb stresses that the action of the children or the obedience of the children is and ongoing action. And the prepositional phrase en kuriw| qualifies the verb ‘upakuow, thus emphasizing the children’s ultimate obedience to the Lord.4 It defines the quality of the obedience by defining the sphere which it is to move – a Christian obedience fulfilled in communion with Christ.5 1 Horold

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  • Philosophy and Democracy Essay

    culture for example. Consequently, distinctive-independent issues develop between fairness of democracies decision process, and subsequent reliability of its results; thereby limiting democratic decisions from a reason-based perspective, in terms of obedience of democratic authority and rational deliberation. Consequently, I reject Dworkin’s dependent conception of democracy as a collective-decision making process and in terms of procedural equality; in part because it conceptualizes political equality

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  • Essay on Blind Obedience

      Blind obedience   Society often view obedience as a good quality or trait to have; employers want obedient employees and parents often wish for obedient children. Being obedient means that an individual shows respect for an authority figure and will carry out the instructions they are given; when someone is obedient they are widely accepted by society, because they do whatever it is that society asks of them. But obedience carried too far can have disastrous consequences

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  • How Do the Prophets Speak to the Following Issue: Idolatry, Social Injustice, and Religious Ritualism

    (and still is) in man’s humble obedience to Him reflected through a lifestyle of mercy and justice[9]. The other prophets spoke to religious ritualism, but Micah put the concept simply and this concept is definitely true today. Man can go to church, sing the hymns, tithe their money, and hear a sermon, but God is most concerned with what man does in their obedience to Him and their receiving of His revelation. Church rituals are practically meaningless without obedience and positive action. James 2:20

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  • Essay on Outline the Key Issue for the Social Approach

    Blind obedience is when a person carries out an order even if it goes against their moral values or codes. Prejudice is an unjust attitude towards an individual solely based on their membership of a social group. Both of these issues were present in Abu Ghraib Prison (Iraq). They occurred when American soldiers commit terrible act upon Iraqi prisoners staying there. The soldiers claimed they were merely following orders, but scepticisms have been made about whether it was blind obedience or prejudice

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  • Obedience Kills in Hamlet, The Lottery, and A&P Essay

    well-paying job and happiness that come along with being loyal, almost sheeplike followers of the law-like structure that their parents, teachers and other superiors set for them. But people aren’t usually shown the consequences that can arise when obedience is taken too far. I mean, look at the character Ophelia in Shakespeare’s “Hamlet.” She tried to be as obedient as possible and that just drove her insane. But like long-bodied dogs trying to catch their short tails, people who know nothing other

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  • Essay Mgt 500 Questions

    for Ethic of Care, Ethic of Obedience, and Ethic of Reason (pg. 4). 1. What type are you (e.g., teacher, angel, enforcer, etc.)? What is your strongest moral philosophy (Highest score on Care, Obedience, or Reason)? Provide an example of a situation in which you followed your strongest moral philosophy. Make sure to explain how your behaviors reflected your strongest moral philosophy. 2. What is your weakest moral philosophy (Lowest score on Care, Obedience, or Reason)? Your weakest

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  • Essay on Kpa: Taming of the Shrew

    protect the wife from any harm. Katharina explains that the only thing a husband wants in return is obedience. “And craves no other tribute at thy hands, but love, fair looks, and true obedience; too little payment for so great a dept.” (5.2.18-19). The wife owes her husband a lot for her protection, and just obedience and love is too small a payment and compared to hard labor, obedience doesn’t seem like much to ask for. Also, it is only logical for a woman to be kind to her husband as he is

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  • Reflection Paper

    promise for all Isaac’s life. Abraham believed God could do more through his obedience to the most radical command of God than he could save by refusing to obey. This is the serious business of faith. We tend to think of faith as only a passive receiving mechanism. We receive the gift of salvation through faith. We embrace the promises of God through faith. But faith is clearly more: it is the substance of living obedience. It is foolish to say, “I have faith,” and refuses to obey God. It is silly

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  • Essay The making of a nation

    engulfed the Hebrews and a promise to obey God for their freedom transpired. God made a covenant with the Hebrews and blessed them depending on their obedience. Although the Hebrews agreed to the covenant, their behavior failed repeatedly. God liberated the Hebrews from slavery but the thankfulness ended quickly. The Hebrews promised obedience without faith and realizations of repercussions. Their lack of faith and misunderstanding proved failures and repeated disobedience against God. As Moses

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  • Essay about Obedience

    Obedience is a form of social influence that occurs when a person yields to explicit instructions on orders from an authority figure. Obedience is compliance with commands given by an authority figure. In the 1960s, the social psychologist Stanley Milgram did a famous research study called the obedience study. It showed that people have a strong tendency to comply with authority figures. Milgram’s Obedience Study Milgram told his forty male volunteer research subjects that they

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  • Critique of Stanley Milgram’s “Behavioral Study of Obedience”

    A Critique of Stanley Milgram’s “Behavioral Study of Obedience” Stanley MIlgram is a Yale University social psychologist who wrote “Behavioral Study of Obedience”, an article which granted him many awards and is now considered a landmark. In this piece, he evaluates the extent to which a participant is willing to conform to an authority figure who commands him to execute acts that conflict with his moral beliefs. Milgram discovers that the majority of participants do obey to authority. In

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  • Frl 408 Term Paper

    1. How much obedience and loyalty does an agent employee owe to an employer? What if the employer engages in an activity—or requests that the employee engage in an activity—that violates the employee’s ethical standards but does not violate any public policy or law? In such a situation, does an employee’s duty to abide by her or his own ethical standards override the employee’s duty of loyalty to the employer? When there is an agent employee to an employer relationship, obedience and loyalty are

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  • Conformity and Obedience in An Enemy of the People by Henrik Ibsen

    Conformity and Obedience in An Enemy of the People by Henrik Ibsen An Enemy of the People, by Henrik Ibsen, is the story of a man named Dr. Thomas Stockman, who becomes a deviant to society. After discovering that the waters in the town’s baths are polluted, Dr. Stockman tries to spread the news and have the baths shut down. He assumes that the townspeople will be happy to hear his news, since the water is what has been making everyone sick. However, many people in the town aren’t very happy

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  • Essay on Mindless Humans

    they just trusted the decision of the scientist. Those individuals did believe that they had their own choice to leave when they can but they stilled stay and performed the shock even if they were reluctant. Milgram explains his results: “for many, obedience is a deeply ingrained behavior tendency, indeed a potent impulse overriding training in ethics, sympathy, and moral conduct” (39). Since we were children, we have been trained to be obedient by a reward-punishment type of method. If we were obedient

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  • Time Management and Discipline

    started almost two years ago. * Discipline Discipline means orderliness, obedience and self-control among the members of a body or a group. Thus, there is discipline amongst the college students, school boys, and soldiers in an army and laboring class in factories. Similarly there is discipline amongst people as members of one nation. Human society cannot exist without discipline, that is, willing obedience to laws, rules and regulations. Even birds and beasts have sense of discipline. They

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  • The Milgram Experiment Essay

    The Milgram Experiment Stanley Milgram, a famous social psychologist, and student of Solomon Asch, conducted a controversial experiment in 1961, investigating obedience to authority (1974). The experiment was held to see if a subject would do something an authority figure tells them, even if it conflicts with their personal beliefs and morals. He even once said, "The social psychology of this century reveals a major lesson: often it is not so much the kind of person a man is as the kind of situation

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  • Military Discipline Essay

    Definition of Military Discipline Military Discipline is a state of order and obedience existing within a command. It involves the ready subordination of the will of the individual for the good of the group. Military discipline is an extension and specialized application of the discipline demands habitual but reasoned obedience that preserves initiative and functions unfalteringly even in the absence of the commander. Discipline is created within a command by instilling a sense of confidence and

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  • Good Fellas Essay

    intrigued them. The Solomon Arch Experiment demonstrated the social psychology theory of Obedience. Obedience is defined as changing one’s behavior at the command of an authority figure. Just like in any organization, there is always one person who is in command. In the movie, Paul “Paulie” Cicero is looked at as the authority figure because he makes all the decision. Henry, Tommy and Jimmy show a great amount of obedience to prove themselves loyal to Paulie. As the movie goes on the mafia encounters lots

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  • 1000 Words on Proper Uniform

    obey the orders of the President and the orders of the officers appointed over you. Military discipline and effectiveness is built on the foundation of obedience to orders. Brand new privates are taught to obey, immediately and without question, orders from their superiors, right from day one of boot camp. Almost every soldier can tell you that obedience was drilled into their heads at one point in Basic Training. For example, no talking in the chow line, don’t talk with your hands, head and eyes forward

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  • Obedience and Arrogance in Epic of Gilgamesh and Book of Genesis of the Holy Bible

    Obedience and Arrogance in Gilgamesh and Genesis The issue of obedience figures prominently in both "The Epic of Gilgamesh" and the book of Genesis in the Bible. These works were produced by very different cultures and traditions (Middle Eastern and Hebraic, respectively) and the characters in each react to authority or advice with very different levels of obedience. Noah is found to be righteous by God and is rewarded with a means to escape the devastation of the flood. Gilgamesh, in his arrogance

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  • Obedience to Authority Essay

    describing the horror, two questions resulted. Understanding why some of the young American soldiers that day killed so many innocent civilians and why did so few in the unit try to save the lives of as many as they could require moral clarity. Though obedience to authority has hurts and killed innocent people, but lack of moral clarity is the crux of what happened in My Lai, Vietnam in 1968. Americans want moral clarity. Moral clarity is often more of a testament to the idea than a living reality.

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  • Respect: Military and Orders

    Orders were not meant to be broken; they are given for the soldier’s protection and proper guidance. Following orders is of the utmost importance in the military. Obedience is what enables the military to operate in an organized and effective manner which is clearly very important during challenging military situations. obedience is of the utmost significance in the military as it helps maintain the internal structure and enables the military therefore to carry out its operations in confidence

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  • Essay on Obedience in the Holocaust

    deeds. Whether they acted under recklessness, fear, hate, ignorance, or were simply ‘following orders' is what one must ask about every participant of the Holocaust, and through experiments like Milgram's, we can understand the psychology of their obedience well enough to ensure that such atrocities never happen again. One extremely famous exploration into how someone could acquiesce to such evil is the Milgram Experiment. Performed by Stanley Milgram at Yale University, it explored how participants

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  • Dangerous Authority Essay

    all you have learned about obeying authority, it can become difficult for some individuals to see when to say no. Psychologist Stanley Milgram once said “obedience is a deeply ingrained behavior tendency, indeed a potent impulse overriding training in ethics, sympathy, and moral conduct” (359). Individuals can sometimes be blinded by their obedience to authority, and not see how they are being infringed upon, or how they are a weapon in abusing another. There comes a point when you must learn to say

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  • Stanley Milgram

    Milgram is a psychologist who conducted a study based on obedience during the 1960’s, and this experiment produced startling results. Questions still arise about the experiments validity, but the impact on psychology remains to be one of the best measures to assess how authority plays a role in obedience. In 1961 after the Trial of WWII criminal Adolph Eichmann, Milgram started his study. Stanley Milgram's experiment built on the idea of obedience, and the experiment would deliver a shock to participants

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  • 1984 by George Orwell a Comparison to the World Essay

    1984 Essay George Orwell had ‘prophesized' what the world would be like 35 years from his time in the book 1984. The theme of 1984 is more likely to be obedience of the people more than oppression. Even though oppression is suddenly the thought that comes to mind when you think of 1984, the real purpose of the oppression such as on their freedom is for the people to be obedient and to support the party and Big Brother. There is much of oppression of freedom in 1984 in many ways. Some of the forms

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