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  • Essay about Obedience

    cause people to carry obedience to extremes: • People justify their behavior by assigning responsibility to the authority rather than themselves. • People define the behavior that’s expected of them as routine. • People don’t want to be rude or offend the authority. • People obey easy commands first and then feel compelled to obey more and more difficult commands. This process is called entrapment, and it illustrates the foot-in-the-door phenomenon. Obedience, in human behavior,

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  • Explain the Relationship Between Discipline and Obedience from the Montessori Perspective. Explain How Discipline and Obedience Are Linked to the Development of the Will.

    From the definitions above it is clear that the development of the will of the child precedes obedience and the child relies on this maturation of the will to develop his internal discipline. Discipline and obedience in a Montessori perspective can be discussed in an atmosphere of freedom. Children are active learners in the right environment. Thus a favourable environment which is ‘ the sum total of the objects which a child can freely choose and use as he pleases, that is to say, according

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  • Obedience Kills in Hamlet, The Lottery, and A&P Essay

    more importantly, not get stoned themselves. The entire village of the story is victim to an expected obedience of the lottery that is set by the lottery’s coordinator, Mr. Summers. From the brittle seniors to the chirpy children, everyone in the village plays an active role in this lottery, and while they all don’t seem to entirely favor the lottery, they are all participants— participants of obedience. “Bobby Martin had already stuffed his pockets full of stones, and the other boys soon followed his

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  • Obedience and Arrogance in Epic of Gilgamesh and Book of Genesis of the Holy Bible

    whole of the earth is overcome by wickedness, Noah alone "found grace in the eyes of God." When God gives Noah specific instructions on how to build and fill the ark, Noah follows these divine instructions perfectly. While Noah is saved through his obedience, the arrogance of Gilgamesh leads to his own downfall. The conflict between diligence and arrogance surfaces again when Gilgamesh is given his first chance at immortality. After a long and grueling journey to find the man-turned-immortal Utnapishtim

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  • Essay on Milgram's Research on Obedience

    without question because doctors are displeased if nurses resist their orders (Brace and Byford, 2012). This study confirms that orders from an authority figure tend to be followed blindly, even though they are against the rules. The study on obedience can be used to prepare student nurses to work in a hospital Milgram's study showed that “it is not so much the kind of person a man is as the kind of situation in which he finds himself that determines how he will act” (Milgram, 1974). Knowing

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  • Essay on Blind Obedience

    article, “Four Decades After Milgram, We’re still willing to Inflict pain,” That “Milgram devised a clever way of testing, in a laboratory setting, man's (and woman's) willingness to do evil”(A24) in which he succeeded with his findings of how obedience taken too far can be detrimental.   The number one question asked was why didn’t these subjects just say no when the experimenter kept telling them to give the person getting the answers wrong a higher voltage shock? Even though this experiment

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  • Essay about milgrams study into obedience

    Hofling’s study showed a closer resemblance to those of the original experiment Although the ecological validity of Hofling’s study is high and can explain everyday obedience it cannot explain ‘Bizarre’ situations such as the holocaust. Milgram’s study is much better at doing this. Another important variation to take note of is the perception of legitimate authority and order to the participant. Milgram maintained that for a group to function effectively, individuals must differ to those of

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  • Essay on Conformity and Obedience

    For example at 75 volts he made a grunt, at 150 he cried out and refused to be part of experiment asking to be set loose, at 315 he screamed out in pain and finally after 330 volts no sound could be heard. The teacher was instructed that if an answer was not given then it was to be treated as an incorrect answer and a shock was still to be given. If the teacher was to turn to the experimenter for guidance on whether to carry on giving shocks or indicate that they didn’t want to go on the experimenter

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  • Obedience to Authority Essay

    Bombing of civilians by Americans during WWII and the tragedy of the My Lai massacre of Vietnam brings the realization that “morality-evil, empathy, and virtue” are components of this dilemma that creates the truth in paradoxes (Cotkin, pp 2). When the My Lai massacre reported at the hands of Army Unit Charlie Company came under military investigation, soldiers who were in the village that day, under oath gave testimony. Army Specialist 4, William Frederic Dougherty was asked if civilians were

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  • Review of Stanley Milgram’s Experiments on Obedience, by Diana Baumrind and Obedience, by Ian Parker

    “I do regard the emotional disturbance described by Milgram as potentially harmful because it could easily effect an alteration in the subject’s self-image or ability to trust adult authorities in the future” (227). Although these arguments are valid, she does not offer any instances in which the subject openly expresses his or her effects from the experiment; she only shares what Milgram himself stated about the repercussions on the participants. Along with this idea, Baumrind suggests that Milgram

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  • Antigone: the Obedience of One's Morality Essay

    It is human nature to fear death, and this overwhelmed Peter's desire to adhere to all godly laws. Such was not Antigone's case; no doubt ever entered her mind as to what she was to do. Antigone is an almost superhuman example of steadfastness and control. While someone under similar circumstances might decide to defy Creon, as Antigone did, few would not be unnerved by the barrage of obstacles hurled at Antigone. The only person she let into her confidence, Ismene, her only possible source of

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  • Essay on Social Influence, Comformity, Obedience and Compliance

    Defining oneself as an individual and developing a constant value system forces young people to confront issues of conformity and non-conformity. This is a major challenge of adolescence. Many studies of young people show that if a person's friends engage in a behavior - everything from cigarette smoking to drinking alcohol to shoplifting to sexual activity - an adolescent is highly likely to conform to his or her friends' behaviors and try these activities. The alternative is for the young person

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  • Conformity and Obedience in An Enemy of the People by Henrik Ibsen

    The mayor pressured the people into turning against Dr. Stockman by telling them his opinion. The townspeople, knowing the mayor’s authority, are obedient to him. In the beginning there were two people from the town who supported Dr. Stockman: Aslaksen and Hovstad, the editor and printer from the newspaper. However, after finding out that everyone else, including the mayor, opposes Dr. Stockman, they change their minds. Basically, Aslaksen and Hovstad conform in compliance; they yield to group

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  • Response to Obedience as a Psychological and Moral Problem Essay

    As his rights to question, assess, and evaluate the authority have been consciously or unconsciously taken away, this doesn’t deny the fact that he is in a case of complete and blind submission to the higher authority he submits to intellectual domination. Throughout history there have been a lot of exploitation and abuse of power, especially by those in higher authority, such as the government structure and the constitution, which in some nations creates and pass unjust laws

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  • Essay on Obedience in the Holocaust

    Perhaps they didn't smash Jewish store windows or beat them in the streets, but they made life unbearable nonetheless. They simply watched. They looked out from their windows, saw the Jews being taken away by the officers, noticed when entire families disappeared. They knew. After the war, when questioned whether they knew the extent of what exactly happened, where those entire families went, the answers were either black or white; either they knew or didn't know. (2) But the knowledge is divided

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  • Influences of Conformity and Obedience Paper

    Individuals are believed to be aware of the group, which is main reason why they will automatically judge how to interact and behave among themselves to respect or comply with group norms. Personality, sex and age are the three variables which are believe to inspire human behavior in social contexts (Blesk-Rechek, 2001). Analyze a classical study concerning the effect of group influence on the self. A set of people are termed as a group when it is between two and six members. The groups are able

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  • Essay on Milgram's Study of Obedience to Authority

    Milgrim wanted to find out how far a person will go when they are given orders by an authoritative figure. People wanted to believe that they wouldn't do anything that they thought was morally wrong just because an authority was telling them to. Milgrim however suspected that people would succumb to authority further than they liked to think (Slater). Milgrim first became interested in this area of psychology at Harvard where he was a research assistant to social psychologist Solomom Asch. Asch

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  • Essay on Filial Obedience in Confucianism and Paternal Metaphor

    Although Confucius, due to the patriarchal constraints of his time, seldom mentions the mother separately, his idea that one must imitate the father implies that the father takes more responsibility for the child's moral and intellectual development while the mother cares chiefly for the child's well-being. Therefore, the mother-child relationship is stronger before the child reaches the school age and starts to weaken when the mother acknowledges the father's authority in the child's education.[

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  • Essay about Factors Influencing Conformity and Obedience

    Some of these reasons are low self esteem, being persuaded as you are uncertain, a reward of some kind, such as a parent rewarding a child for Obeying the set rules in their home, or just not wanting to be different from the majority. ====================================================================== There are three types of conformity, which may help us to understand why people conform. The first is compliance, when a person conforms although they do not agree

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  • Essay on Obeying Orders

    conducting all of these additional experiments Milgram concluded that obedience is dependent on four factors: 1. Victims emotional distance. Obedience dropped when learners were in the same room with teachers and it dropped even more when teacher was forced to push learner’s hand onto a shock plate. 2. Whether or not the authority is institutionalized. When the experiment was moved from Yale University to a remote office building obedience once again dropped. 3. Authority’s

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  • World View Assignment Essay

    texts or revelation, therefore moral behavior is nothing more than obedience to God’s commands. Both definitions are similar in that they both address a set of rules pertaining to all things that are good or bad that must be followed. The difference is that one is defined by man whereas the other is defined by God Himself. The Bible teaches that we are to be moral because obedience to God glorifies Him who created us and obedience is accepted by God as worship (Romans 12:1). God is

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  • Forbidden Tree Essay examples

    it with everyone else. This is an act of obedience. On the other had Adam and Eve taught a lesson, that if someone is disobedient they will be punished for their actions; even if they were loved. The readers should realized that when given any kind of instructions, it’s best to listen and obey. We never realize that it’s for our own good. And being disobedient makes God angry and he will bring a great amount of punishment and his wrath is worst. Obedience brings good things to our lives, whether

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  • Outline and Evaluate Milgram’s Concept of “Agentic Shift”. Essay

    By devising experiments with female participants and where an individual level of aggressive behaviour can be examined, Milgram dismissed these alternative interpretations of obedience (Dickerson, P. 2012). Milgram made sense of his findings in his studies of obedience via “Agentic shift”. Milgram believed participants who obeyed authority to the end tended to say that they were only doing what they was ordered to do by a member of authority and would not have done so otherwise. Participants knew

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  • Essay about Lennies Death in John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men

    shown repeatedly throughout the novel. One example of Lennies obedience is when , in a moment of anger , George tells Lennie to jump into a river ,even in the knowledge that Lennie couldn't swim. "An I said ' go on , jump in' and by hell he did, stupid bastard couldn't even swim". This , while in the extreme, shows the great loyalty that Lennie has towards George. However , while Lennie possesses obedience ,

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  • St. Francis of Assisi Essay

    the time because they had respect for, and showed obedience to the Church authorities and their doctrinal orthodoxy. They lived in simple huts and their churches were small. They slept on the ground and had no tables or chairs, as well as very few books. In 1209, St. Francis founded the order of Friars Minor, which took the people of that time by surprise because by doing this, Francis presented poverty, chastity, and obedience in terms of troubadours and courts of love. After

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  • Essay Nature, Function and Classification of Law

    standard. (b) That law is nothing more than a set of rules to provide order and governance of society. Legal positivists do not concern themselves with the level of obedience to a given law since their view is that, its seen as a separate question entirely. • What the law is - is determined by social facts (or "sources') • What obedience the

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  • The Benefits of Guide Dogs Essay

    fewer adjustments to make when it comes in for formal guide dog training. The puppy raiser is also required to teach the puppy basic obedience, such as how to walk on a leash (on the left, and slightly out in front), how to sit, stay, lay down, and come when called. It will be the responsibility of the puppy raiser to take the puppy through an approved basic obedience class and to attend monthly meetings. The meetings allow the puppy to interact with other dogs and it gives the puppy raiser the opportunity

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  • Essay on Biblical Authority in Christian Ethics

    She also has the authority to arrest me if I do not comply with such demands of obedience. Common agreement in civil society enters into such a relationship of authority with the governing bodies that wield such authority. An interesting question follows: What if I do not consent to or recognize and obey a police officers authority? Is her essence of her authority dependent upon my acknowledging it? Many would respond, “No, she still has authority regardless,” but I wonder if that instance

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  • The Holy Spirit in the Book of Acts Essay

    heal, to practice obedience, or to lead others to salvation. God’s Spirit is the gift that Jesus promised would reside in each person who received Him as Lord and Savior. The First Appearance of the Holy Spirit The coming of the Holy Spirit is introduced in Acts, chapter 2. During that time, the people had been in constant prayer, after which Matthias was chosen to replace Judas Iscariot. The scripture provides a clear account that all the people were on one accord in obedience, thus unity provided

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  • Essay The Women in the Plays: Similar or Different?

    warning from her dream, but she can’t really speak up due to her nature as a woman. Caesar listens to his wife at first but Decius convinces him to go in the end. Calpurnia is too obedience to Caesar and doesn’t stand up for herself. As a result, Lady Macbeth and Portia’s determination set them apart from Calpurnia’s obedience nature. Lady Macbeth and Portia further resemble each other in that they were

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