Dog Training Experience Paper

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Roll Over U is a dog training agency owned by Cindy Peters. I originally stumbled upon Roll Over U (ROU) while I was looking for a job at a dog boarding facility. So I drove down highway 18 to get her small facility and walked in with a resume in hand. She wasn’t hiring as she didn’t have the means to hire anyone, but she did offer to let me watch her training class that weekend. That Saturday I headed back to ROU for three hours of classes that morning, but the first one of the morning was a private class with one client. It was a retired Army member and his wife, training a Bernese Mountain dog puppy, Venus. Venus is a very large puppy, at just 6-8 months when I met her, she’s the size of a full grown golden retriever. She is a big, and very …show more content…
I would watch these classes and help whenever a “friendly stranger” was needed for a CGC portion of the training. CGC stands for Canine Good Citizen, and it was a certification that is needed for your dog to be able to go into everyday businesses such as Home Depot, not just Petco and Petsmart. Along with the training, I was able to help with a couple of CGC tests that Cindy held at the end of every month. For every CGC the dog trying to qualify must accept a friendly stranger, sit politely for petting, allow grooming, walk on a loose leash, walk through a crowd, sit and stay, come when called, stay calm in separation from handler, and keep from being distracted from other people and another dog. In my cases, I was the friendly stranger that talking to the handlers before asking to pet, the one that groomed the dog by checking their ears, brushing them, and touching their paws. I also would walk around the dog with Cindy while banging metal food bowls together. All of this is done to help the dog be able to handle what could be thrown at them in a public area. This is the first step for any dog that is being trained into therapy and service, as they would need to be CGC certified to be able to go in public with their

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