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  • Maura Sassoon Of Burning Poetry: Analysis Of Poetry

    Hello and welcome back to another episode of Burning Poetry, your one and only destination for aspiring poets on the coast. In this week’s episode we will be discussing the importance of poetry within modern society through the analysis of poetry from our past. Poetry has been included in many cultures throughout the course of history. It was, and is still, one of the most engaging, creative and vital means of storytelling for religious, cultural and entertainment purposes. Poetry is a courier of human emotion; an author can express their feelings into a form of creative literature interpretable to a wide audience. Poetry is still immensely important within modern society. It allows humanity as a collective to grow intellectually, spiritually and emotionally, highlighting momentous incidents of sorrow and greatness from our past. It can also develop us personally, as poets can see their feelings articulated on the paper in front of them, which can further resonate with readers and their various interpretations of the individual script. John Agard is an influential figure in British poetry; his imaginative use of language creates and perpetuates a strong connection to the issue or subject highlighted in his poems. Maura Dooley, a respected author…

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  • Analysis Of Imagery In Poetry

    Analysis 4.1 Analysis The initial interpretation of the poem comes about significantly as a result of looking at the words used by the poet, particularly about their interconnection and the deviant grammatical and graphological elements. Analysis of lexical features is therefore, a better point to start with a detailed linguistic analysis. This in turn, contributes to the effects of overall meaning that the poem carries. 4.1.1 Lexical level At lexical level we see the lexical choose many single…

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  • Wordsworth Poetry Analysis

    Wordsworth started a new kind of poetry during the romantic era. Prior to the romantic era most poetry and poets were attempting to imitate some of the ancient greats like Homer and Virgil, in a period called Neoclassicism. Neoclassical poetry focused on an ordered structure, regular meter and intricate word choice. Wordsworth broke free of this tradition by submitting the idea that poetry should be more spontaneous and focus on the mundane events in everyday life. He took away the belief that…

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  • Socrates Poetry Analysis

    Socrates states that he is pleased because of the rule about poetry, which is the rejection of imitative poetry. He argues that he feels this way because the imitation that is poetry, damages the understanding of its readers and the only way to reverse that damage is to educate the readers of the true nature of poetical imitations. As a result of Glaucon questioning him, Socrates explains imitation using a bed as an example. He claims there is only one idea, or Form, of the bed and then the…

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  • Astrophil And Wroth Poetry Analysis

    It is a well-known fact that Lady Mary Wroth’s sonnet sequence Pamphilia to Amphilanthus was largely influenced by her uncle Sir Philip Sidney’s own sonnet sequence Astrophil and Stella. The one main difference between Wroth’s sonnets and those of Sidney is that she delivers the poetry through a female protagonist, Pamphilia, whereas her uncle’s protagonist is a male, Astrophil. This is an interesting difference to consider when reading these poems because the struggles of the speakers of the…

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  • Poetry As A Way Of Saying Analysis

    The thought provoking essay “Poetry as a Way of Saying” by Cleanth Brooks and Robert Penn Warren, provides an educational direction for a reader’s comprehension and understanding of the “naturalness” of poetry. They claim in this critical text that “mere immersion does little good unless the reader is making, however unconsciously, some discriminations, comparisons, and judgements” and that “by trying to understand the nature and structure of poetry. . .readers may accelerate and deepen the…

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  • Muhsanat Poetry Analysis

    If through poetry, the qiyan aimed at achieving freedom in regards to their bodies, the muhsanat (singular: muhasana) poets aimed at achieving freedom of mobility. Muhsana is the Arabic word for a noblewoman whose behavior is regarded as pious. Unlike qiyan, muhsanat did not take part in the male society, since it was considered as sinful to be part of the activities. Conversations with men, other than the men within her family, were considered immoral. If a free woman appear in public, her…

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  • Puuram Poetry Analysis

    Under Akam poetry comes what is supposed to be the most internal, personal and directly incommunicable human experience, and that is love and all its emotional phases. All that does not come under this internal and interior experience is classed as Puram. While love poetry is Akam, all the other poetry, elgiac, panegyric and heroic is Puram. In Puram poetry, the study of Nature is mainly objective and consists in similies and metaphors,whereas in Akam poetry Nature is background and sympathetic…

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  • Pure Poetry Analysis

    short story as a literary form, perfected the tale of psychological horror, and first articulated the idea of pure poetry. Pure poetry, as defined by Encyclopaedia Britannica, is the ‘message-free verse that is concerned with exploring the essential musical nature of the language rather than with conveying a narrative or having didactic purpose.’ Writers of pure poetry, apart from Poe, include: George Moore (who published An Anthology of Pure Poetry…

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  • Nokugcina Mhlophe Poetry Analysis

    The reason why I chose to write about Nokugcina Mhlophe, it is because I like her work and stytle, because she was also involrd in fighting for freedom. I will be looking at her work in writing poetry. The inspiration that she gives out to young people. I was moved by her praise poem in honour of Nokukhanya Luthuli, widow of chief Albert Luthuli. She than gave a motivational speechn immediately after the praise poem, and that is where I started to like her work. BIOGRAPHY Nokugcina Elsie…

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