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  • The Power of the Single Set in Educating Rita Essay

    phoney about it. Everything is in its right place.   Clearly the room represents Rita's aspirations, her desire to become a member of the educated middle class elite. As with education itself, Frank has got it but doesn't value it, whereas Rita is prepared to work hard to achieve it. As Rita's education progresses her attitude to the room also changes. Quite early on she says:   ... it feeds me inside. I can get through the rest of the week if I know I've got comin' here to look

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  • The Metamorphosis of Rita in Willy Russell's Educating Rita Essay

    we are shown that Rita does not understand the principals of politeness and she does not yet see the clues to language. Rita does not recognise social etiquette at this stage of the play. Russell continues, through the scene emphasising the antithesis of these two characters. He uses differences in speech, literature, where they live, and even what television channels they watch to illustrate the opposites in ideas and status. As is typical of Rita in the beginning of

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  • Evaluating Educating Rita Essay

    Becoming a knowledgeable and confident person is a strong motivation that enables Rita to endure the pressures from her family and even the distress from sacrificing her marriage. In application to my experience, the motivation that led me back to school is to support my family, give my children better lives, and establish my self-esteem in a new country. Although I had a hard time when I returned to school at middle age, my successful graduation and ability to find a job as an RN rewarded and motivated

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  • Essay on Educating Rita

    to see Rita burst through the door in Act One and wandering around the room showing her enthusiasm and curiosity towards education. ‘Don’t you ever just walk into a room and sit down?’ However, this enthusiasm gradually decreases as Rita becomes more educated and a role reversal between Frank and Rita is seen. It is Rita who ends up waiting for Frank in his office, Rita who begins to use less and less colloquial or ‘pop-culture’ terms, with Frank using these terms more and more. Rita, also, almost

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  • Educating Rita Essay

    Nonetheless, he is an experienced, intelligent teacher, and so unconventional that Rita finds him an equal match for her irrepressible desire to study and will not be shaken off by his suggestion that she gets another tutor in his place. And so the tutorials start and continue. In time, Frank proves himself a much better teacher than he thought he was. Rita’s unpretentious enthusiasm revitalises her tutor’s dying passion for what he teaches. However, with Rita’s growing confidence as she becomes

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  • Educating Rita Essay

    and in a metaphorical sense Rita makes the transition of personal growth flesh to ivory portraying that her character is being sculptured to society’s mould. Willy Russell's character of Rita is faced with obstacles that many individuals experience when moving into different worlds to become successful in this case Rita faced with this obstacle “ im coming in aren't i? its that stupid bleeding door of yours” (Act 1 Scene 1, pg. 2). This is an initial stage of Rita going into the world. The

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  • Educating Rita Essay

    One of the obvious differences is that Frank is middle class and Rita is working class. Willy Russell makes this difference clear to us by the words and phrases he uses. For example “ D’y’ get a lot like me” “Pardon”. Rita thinks ‘proper students’ are better than her because they go to university full time. She thinks that they spend all there time reading and studying. She doesn’t class herself as a ‘proper student’ because she doesn’t go to university full time, she

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  • Educating Rita Essay

    Rita’s actions. “The door swings open revealing Rita” She has a very symbolic entrance. She is a breath of fresh air in Frank’s life where the door swings open rapidly to reveal a charming woman. Frank’s dull and uninteresting life is lightened up by Rita who is full of energy, wide awake and just searching for freedom through education in an Open University in the Liverpool. She is very rebellious and does what she a kind of working class attitude. “Rita goes to hang her coat on the door hooks” She

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  • Critique of the Movie Educating Rita Essay

    When Rita appears at Frank's office for their first tutorial session, however, the two take a sort of liking to each other. Rita is bright, vivacious, charming, and good looking to boot. "Why didn't you walk in here twenty years ago?" Frank exclaims. He is twice her age and looks somewhat disheveled (like a "geriatric hippie," as Rita puts it), but he impresses his new student by his irreverent humor and easy-going manner. Trying to deflate her respect for his seemingly impressive academic accomplishments

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  • Essay on Learning Stages - Educating Rita

    Rita states, “I’m unable to talk to the people I live with anymore or to the likes of them at your house.” “Developmental teachers encourage the learner to express their negative feelings and allow them some leeway in terms of behaviour [sic].” (Brundage and MacKeracher, 1981). Prof Frank demonstrates his effort to reduce stress by accommodating Rita’s expressed sense of not fitting in. Although Prof Frank supports Rita’s desire and enthusiasm to become educated, he addresses her with concern that

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  • Educating Rita Compare and Contrast Essay

    completely: The marriage of Rita's little sister. The fact that the audience meet with only two characters in the play is limiting in the sense that a lot of information is implicit or even withheld. In the book the only persons who appear are Rita and Frank and we only get to know Julia, Frank's girlfriend, by a telephone call, where we do not even "hear" her. The readers can only assume what she is saying. But, in one of the first scenes of the film, Julia herself comes to Frank to ask him

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  • Essay about Character Evolvement in Educating Rita

    different dramatic devices to show Rita's nervousness around Frank and the whole O.U Program. 'Rita wanders about the room' is a common example used on several occasions by Willy Russell. This shows that perhaps Rita is avoiding the confrontation of talking and learning with Frank, and when she 'notices the picture' (and other items of irrelevance) one could interpret this as Rita avoiding Frank's eye contact as well. This does also show Rita's curiosity, interest and enthusiasm

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  • Play: Educating Rita, by Willy Russell Essay

    As Rita genuinely increases her attention towards academic studies, her personalities slowly breaks apart along with her personal life. Spending time with Frank and studying literature has transformed Rita from a “dress-happy” girl into a woman with her own opinions. The balance between studying and spending time with Denny has shifted dramatically as the school year progresses. Denny desperately tries to hold back Rita, but Rita’s determination to learn is far greater than her love for Denny. Rita

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  • Culture in Willy Russell's Educating Rita Essay

    With the yuppy culture around Britain the author uses Rita as an example, an example of Rita wanting to change her culture is when she is talking to Frank about the time she was with her family and her husband Denny. She mentions the time when the were all singing a song in the pub and Rita turned to see her mother who was crying. Rita asked her mother why she was crying to which she replied, ? there are better songs to sing then this?. Rita?s mother means , better songs to sing like a better culture

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  • Educating Rita & Belonging Essay

    It is clear that Rita's perception of belonging has modified since the beginning of the play. She seems to believe that external items have changed the locus of her belonging, reorienting her from the working class family to a sophisticated university lifestyle. She believes she can identify the marks of "brilliant," "witty" and "profound" literature in Frank's work. However, Frank's allusion to "a little Gothic number called Frankenstein" suggests a different perception of his work. He believes

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  • Essay on Notes for Educating Rita

    | | | |Do you know, I think you’re the first breath | | | |of air that’s been in this room for years. | | | |I should have had a baby by now; everyone | |

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  • Educating Rita Essays

    Towards the end of the play, however, Rita’s dialect becomes a lot more sophisticated. “I had a choice. I did the exam. Because of what you’d given me, I had a choice.” She is emphasising her own achievements and at the same time she is searching for publicity.   Rita’s accent is another factor that changes significantly. Before she attends the University, her pronounced Liverpudlian accent dominates her speech; this reflects her personality as careless and dramatic. When she first arrives at Frank’s

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  • Monologue for Educating Rita Essay example

    What questions remain unanswered? What questions remain unasked? Why do we live our lives with our true feelings hidden away, a fear imposed upon us through fear of failure and rejection? I know why she is always running around in my mind, it is because she is meant to be there. Never have I encountered such voracious and vociferous yet simply beautifully intendant woman not content with the chains society had imposed on her, she reminded me of a song bird in a cage, waiting to be freed, I’d like

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  • How Esme' Taught For Diversity in Educating Esme' Essay

    Educating Esme' deals with all of these and more. Different lifestyles and different family lives are a big part of the children's lives as well. As more and more immigrants come to America searching for a better life, the population naturally becomes more diverse. Out of Esme's "…thirty [one] kids, all were black except for about five Mexicans kids and one girl who is from Pakistan and one girl who is from the Philippines… [and one girl from Haiti]…" (26, 35). America is shared by all who live

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  • Enlightment of Education in Pygmalion and Educating Rita Essay examples

    It is not for nothing. Today | | |it is well known that knowing this language may bring only favour and not harm. | | |English language developed in the course of time in its birthplace – England and later | | |in such countries as the USA, Australia, New Zealand. The development of a language is | | |determined by the development of literature

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  • Exploring Significant Themes and Social Issues in Education Rita and Pygmalion

    Even though both Rita and Eliza are strong characters before they begin their education, and keep their strength. Higgins can do without Eliza; it is questionable whether Frank will survive. It is also interesting to notice that Frank is looking for love from Rita at the end, while in 'Pygmalion' it is only Eliza who wants affection. Higgins never asks for anything from Eliza; Frank is asking for more and more from Rita as the play develops. Considering this as a genuine issue would suggest

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  • Rita's Development as a Character in Educating Rita Essay

    She is constantly underestimating herself and her chances thinking she is never going to make it, like in Act 1 Scene 1 when she says: "I was dead surprised when they took me. I don't suppose they would have done it if it had been a proper university" Rita's language reflects her social background. She uses a lot of slang and swearing and seems coarse and unlikely to make a progress because of her vocabulary. She uses words like "bleedin'", "sod" and "pissed" and uses

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  • Educating Homeowners Essay

    There are also others to look at in the mortgage and real estate industry that had such an affect on the numerous foreclosures. Appraisers, for instance, over valued homes and then realtors would sell these homes for an enormous price. There should be strict guidelines for appraisers to follow that would prevent them from being influenced by either those in the real estate market or a homebuyer. The appraiser’s estimate should be one that closely reflects the actual value of the home in the current

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  • Educating Chf Patients Essay

    The decision-making framework I used to select the article is the fact that variables that the nurse (caregiver in this study) has control over is communication, roles and affective involvement. A nurse or caregiver can control these characteristics. This article addresses the research question because treatment for a congestive heart patient may include communication on the signs and symptoms of congestive heart failure (Moore, 2010). The study’s limitations include only using predominately

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  • Educating a Child With Down Syndrome Essay

    The parents are the foundation to their child’s capability to show progress. Amy Julia Becker, an advice specialist in dealing with children with Down Syndrome, wrote the article “How to Raise a Child with Down Syndrome: Advice and Resources.” Becker stated, “Another approach for children with special needs is called Responsive Teaching: a developed researched-based strategy founded by Gerald Mahoney, Ph.D., where the parents or caregivers respond to the areas of interest and strength that the child

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  • Essay on How Has Willy Russell Made the Character of Rita Comical?

    Frank’s formal manner of speaking, showing her naivety. Although she appears very confident, she is immediately quiet and lacks self esteemed when faced with something that she feels that she cannot succeed in. Her working class background shows that Rita doesn’t understand how to speak in this initial formal interview situation, frequently swearing as it is part of her normal vocabulary, hardly noticing that she is doing it. Her vocabulary is fairly limited and basic and this means that she finds subject

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  • Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption Essay

    Andy offers to complete the paperwork in exchange for some beers for himself and his fellow work detail prisoners. This is a major event in the story as Andy become well regarded with his inmate friends and the guards. As with his life outside, Andy becomes a successful financial advisor inside the prison. The prison employees use Andy to complete their tax returns, loan applications and other similar financial tasks. In return the guards get Andy protection from Bogs and the other Sisters. Andy

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  • Essay about Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption

    He keeps complaining about the draught in the cell while there. When Brooksie, the previous prison librarian, is paroled, Andy takes over the prison library and starts to send applications to the state senate for money for books. For a long time, he gets no response to his weekly letters. Finally, he gets some money. Instead of ceasing his letter writing (like the senate probably hoped), he starts writing twice as often. His diligent work makes the library very good, and he also helps a number of

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  • The Reward of a Liberal Education Essay

    material, we require different teaching methods and have a unique interpretation of the readings. As I consider Newman's view of liberal education, it allows me to see how my professional pursuits are just a part of my whole being. In the movie Educating Rita (Gilbert, 1983), the main

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  • A Review of Sunday Dinner by Caleen Sinnette Essay

    would wear a clean shirt or blouse with tell-tale traces of wear and tear so show her status in life. Blood Brothers is also a modern play set in liverpool in the eighties. It is the hugely popular play by the well-known author of Educating Rita, Willy Russell. It is fast-moving and perceptive, entertaining and thought-provoking, funny yet ultimately tragic. It tells the tale of twin brothers, Eddie Lyons and

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  • Essay on The Purposes of Different Cinematographic Techniques

    The director has deliberately done this to show how at first, Rita is very out of place and symbolises that this journey to acquire an education is going to be difficult. Another cinematographic technique used is a fixed shot. This is when the camera is still and the person is walking away from it. A key example of this is at the end of the film, when Rita is leaving the airport. The camera is used very cleverly. This mise-en-scene is not mentioned in the original text

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  • Ww2 Michael Caine. Essay

    came a trilogy of spy movies which were big successes. He played Len Deighton's bespectacled agent, Harry Palmer, in Ipcress File, Funeral in Berlin, and The Billion Dollar Brain. He received Oscar nominations as Best Actor for Alfie, Sleuth and Educating Rita,

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  • Department 8101

    keep the group informed. Denny had connections that he used to find out information about Rita. He had found that Rita was a former marine sergeant who followed the rule book to the letter. This helped create a biased opinion of her before she even had a chance to meet and establish a rapport with anyone. Denny also had charismatic power, as he was very well respected by everyone in the department. Rita had positional power within the group. She was the new supervisor who was installed after

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  • HLTEN513B Student Assessment Case Studies

    rehabilitation facility tomorrow. He lives with his wife in a two storey house, only a few blocks away from their son. His usual routine involves socialising with friends at lunchtime and looking after the garden and the house in the afternoon. His wife, Rita, has expressed her concerns that her husband can be unstable on his feet at times due to his Parkinson’s disease, and she afraid of her husband having another fall again soon. 1. Describe the pathophysiology of the diseases mentioned in the scenario

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  • Is It Better to Be a Human Dissatisfied Than a Pig Satisfied

    better to be a human unsatisfied than a pig satisfied, because as a human satisfied you fulfil your potential and become a fruitful oak tree to the world and not one of billions of acorns that bear no fruit. References: 1. Bramann, J. 2003: Educating Rita and Other Philosophical Movies. [Online]. Available: Website [31 March 2006] 2. Mill, JS. 1863: Utilitarianism. [Online] Available: Website [31 March 2006] http://www.utilitarianism

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  • Assigning Art

    Great Equalizer” of Colin Zweibell is displayed | | 0 | otherwise | | | | X4 | 1 | If “Chaos Reigns” of Rita Losky is displayed | | 0 | otherwise | | | | X5 | 1 | If “Who Has Control?” of Rita Losky is displayed | | 0 | otherwise | | | | X6 | 1 | If “Domestication” of Rita Losky is displayed | | 0 | otherwise | | | | X7 | 1 | If “Innocence” of Rita Losky is displayed | | 0 | otherwise | | | | X8 | 1 | If “Aging Earth” of Norm Marson is displayed |

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  • Neighborhood Watch Program Essays

    With the help of educators and law enforcement officers McGruff has been educating children on crime fighting tips by focusing on the importance of stranger awareness. Through this program helps children learn to identify safe houses, known as a McGruff house, by the famous stickers posted in windows and front doors. The McGruff Neighborhood Watch Program helps communities coordinate programs geared toward child safety, by engaging the neighbors within the community to work together to prevent crimes

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  • Essay on Walmart Case Study

    Whether in a store or online or on a mobile device, Walmart is there for you. Even when disasters happened like the hurricane Katrina and Rita, Walmart participated to help by providing supplies to the victims. Also, at this period of time, the company is committed to save the environment, creating zero waste, by using renewable energy for the good of people and the environment. This contribution didn’t shake the company’s growth as it was topped the fortune 500 ranking largest companies in the united

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  • Health Promotion Essay

    nurses promote health with health education beginning during admission continuing through hospital stay and all the way to discharge. In community nurses are responsible in educating and promoting healthy life styles and educating about resources available to promote health and prevent disease. In mental health setup educating patients and families about preventing managing psychiatric emergencies and providing information about available resources and monitoring progress of treatment and follow

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  • History of Disease Essay

    when they tested using identical atmosphere of ancient Earth and proved that prebiotic evolution, or process from inorganic to organic to life occurred in Earth (Zimmerman, 2003). As life emerged on Earth, the first organism was bacteria. Rita Coswell of the University of Maryland stated that there are about three hundred thousand and one million different species of bacteria and most are not pathogenic (Zimmerman, 2003). However, there are pathogenic bacteria that have killed great deal

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  • Reading Intervention Model by Melissa M. Woodward Essay

    intervention. Findings supported that the small group setting/pull out interventions had a significant impact on students achieving their reading goals. Another article: In class or Pullout: Effects of Setting on the Remedial Reading Program by Rita M. Bean, William W. Cooley, R. Tony Eichelberger, Meryl K. Lazar, and Naomi Zigmond, stated that students that were pulled out for reading remediation experienced more direct teaching activities in a group situation. In one piece: The Elementary

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  • Mentally Ill Inmates Essay

    this time Timothy was off his anti-psychotic medication. Without proper medication a person with a serious brain disorder can become violent and may lose their perception and self-awareness, dismantling their circumstances with reality. According to Rita Rubin, “On average, a seriously mental ill person in the USA is three times more likely to be incarcerated than hospitalized.”(Rubin) People suffering from a mental illness do not need to be imprisoned; instead they should be

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  • A Stride Into the Future Essay

    Global warming also results in dynamic changes in climate. For instance, Hurricanes Katrina and Rita of 2005 were two of the most destructive storms ever recorded. They not only caused devastations to cities on the Gulf Coast but also caused energy supply disruptions. Ironically, the disrupted energy source—fossil fuel—was exactly the one that caused the tragedies (Metcalf 89). The simple conclusion is that using nuclear energy can lower carbon emission and reduce the likelihood of a potential disturbance

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  • Blade Runner as a Classic Film Noir and a Science Fiction Film

    Femme Fatale was Eve in polyester, ruthlessly hunting down loveless detectives, and tempting them to do stupid things with fruit, or far more frequently, knives and handguns. Several actresses carved a career from, well, being a bitch. Rita Hayworth for one, as the blonde manipulator in The Lady From Shangai, and Mary Astor, the only woman for Sam Spade. The Femme Fatale was the Queen of Film Noir, and she squeezed her throne for all it was worth. She appears in Blade

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  • Stage Directions and Dialogue in Billy Liar Essay

    of Barbara by being very 'flat' and 'cold' in her speech, as shown in the stage directions, also she does not seem to have that extra energy in speech that the other characters do. The second character I am going to describe is called Rita; she is in

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  • Business Ethics Essay example

    on stakeholders and to minimize the negative impact (Ferrell, Ferrell, & Fraedrich, 2010, p. 38). After the September 11 attacks, the ARC was widely criticized for its slow response and mismanagement of donations. After hurricanes Katrina and Rita, ARC was criticized again for its response and unsatisfactory coordination with FEMA. Articles in New York Times summarized donation mismanagement and improper diversion of supplies. Red Cross faces the challenge of marketing itself as a prominent

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  • Essay on News Stories That Changed the World

    which established new leadership positions and position requirements within the Federal Emergency Management Agency as we are told by coordinator Keith Bea.   We can also see through Judith Sylvester, author of “The Media and Hurricanes Katrina and Rita: Lost and Found” who has surmised, after interviewing many journalists who covered Hurricane Katrina, how ground breaking journalists work and the sacrifices they make can be. Exposing what was going on in the streets and informing the public played

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  • Easter Seals Essay

    addition, now in 2012 there should be an urgency to assess and correct the mismanagement of staff, over payment of staff, and prevent the company from having to file bankruptcy again. There should be a meeting called in the corporate office by CEO Rita Baumgartner to find ways to cut cost.However,if the organization sees sign of loss profits the organization should respond at a much faster pace before the organization gets to a point where it cannot

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  • Key Causes of Water Scarcity and Researched Solutions Essay

    freshwater demand has to be decreased and by doing so the majority of freshwater users need to be active in the process of decreasing the chances of water shortages. Therefore by educating users about adequate water preservation techniques, water demand can be decreased. According to Klausner, Mitten and Ingram (2007), by educating farmers about the finest irrigation methods, they can have the opportunity to use water efficiently. Farmers use a vast majority of freshwater and the Australian farmers can

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  • Louis XIV and Peter the Great Essay

    court language French, and not too long later, Russian nobles could not understand their own country’s common language. He opened many schools, encouraging and modernizing many industries, educating people in many areas such as math and medicine, encouraging research in math and science. Schools created for educating people about artillery was a way Peter tried to improve Russia’s military. The size of the Russian military increased, Russian weaponry was improved, and western officers were brought

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