Smoking Should Not Be Allowed In Schools

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Smoking has been around for centuries but yet most of us hate that it still is. Smokers do not realize the effects that smoking has on them and others. Smoking should not be done in public in my opinion. It looks like nothing, but it 's only doing more harm than good. The stench of smoking is so disgusting and no one wants to go around smelling like some burnt garbage. Smoking has caused health problems and adds to the pollution of the world.
According to the world health organizations, more than 1 billion people around the world smoke and 5 million people die each year from tobacco-related illness. These figures are extremely high. Why are so many still dying each year from smoking and the information is out there? Do these people care or it doesn’t matter to them? Are these people not educated enough about smoking? One has to wonder if people that smoke think logically like non-smokers. Getting rid of smoking, and there would still be a lot of healthy and happy families. Smoking should not be tolerated in public at all. We
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That right there should be illegal, risking the life of her unborn. There should be laws put in place to stop the little ones from getting hurt.
Smoking should not be allowed in any public place at all. Smoking in schools should not be tolerated. How are these kids even allowed to purchase cigarettes? Why isn’t there a legal age when people should start smoking as there is for drinking? There would be fewer people smoking. Smoking should not be allowed in 100ft of any institution where there are children. Any adult caught smoking in the presence of a child should be fined. We cannot continue to pass this from generation to generation.
The smoke from smoking is suffocating to the rest of us non-smokers, it smells horrible on a smoker 's clothes and it also pollutes the air. We cannot protect everyone from this smoke but let us start somewhere with our

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