Human Values Essay

  • The Value Of A Human Life

    The value of a human life is a somewhat subjective idea. There are people who value it more or less. The creature in Frankenstein seems to blame itself for the death of Victor and therefore feels that its moral obligation is to kill itself. When someone commits a crime do they deserve to be punished for their crime? Is giving some the death penalty moral? Are most citizens in the United States in agreement? In Mary Shelley’s book Frankenstein does she adequately address the value of one’s life and

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  • The Value Of Being Human

    To Value Is To Live Has anybody ever told you that being human has its many perks? For example we all laugh and cry we all love and fall out of love. However we weren’t ever meant to be the same on the contraire we are very different creatures at the source from the fingerprints we leave behind to the way we enjoy our freshly brewed coffee every single morning. All of this makes us whom we are but in my opinion what really defines a person for whom they are is what they value at heart. What a

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  • A Reflection On Human Values

    Gandhi says, “Intellect takes us along in the battle of life to a certain limit, but at the crucial moments it fails us. Faith transcends reason. It is when the horizon is the darkest and human reason is beaten down to the ground that faith shines brightest and comes to our rescue” (brainyquote). Human values tend to change over time, but faith is one that man will always need. Faith is believing that when you go to sit down in a chair at the dinner table it will hold. Saint Augustine said, “Faith

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  • The Moral Value Of Human Conduct

    According to the Oxford Dictionary ethic means “a moral fitness of a decisions, course of action and the study of the moral value of human conduct.” Ethics is basically standards that are between what’s right and wrong as well as what are good and bad. Nowadays, psychological experiments were required to followed ethical rules where it is conducted in ways that it is good and right. If the experiment does not follow the ethical standard, the experiment is then classified as unethical. In this essay

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  • Imperialism, Values, And Human Trafficking

    Imperialism, Values, and Human Trafficking in China The modern People’s Republic of China is undergoing drastic social, economical, and political developments, and is the second largest source, transit and destination of human trafficking. Along with these changes, the problem of human trafficking and modern slavery is worsening exponentially. Human trafficking is the modern slavery that involves illegal trading of people for exploitation, including “recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring

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  • The Value Of A Human Life Today

    anywhere in the world! I learned an enormous amount about the arc of human history today from the edifying sights in Greece. However, I wonder if our collective consciousness and humanity in this era has evolved much since the ancient times or whether we have gone even further backward. The striking remnants of the Parthenon’s frieze with ordinary people alongside the Gods expressed such a visionary idea of the value of each human that is now more or less in the dustbins of history. Why do they treat

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  • Human Values Of The Right And Wrong

    philosophy, law, theology, nursing, life and social sciences, etc. The concept plays a major role in society that relates to such issues as the beginning and end of human life. There has been controversial debates on subjects such as abortion, euthanasia, surrogacy, etc. Bioethics is concerned with difficult questions raised about human values of the right and wrong advancements in different disciplines. Every day, health care professionals have to put themselves in unpleasant situations where they have

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  • What Is The Value Of A Human Life?

    What is the value of a human life? Is it how long you live, what you accomplish during your lifetime, things you acquire? The ethics and moral reasoning behind the simple question does wealth equate to happiness? This has been asked many times and the debate from both sides has great points and emphasis, but I would like to talk about those who seem to be thrown on the back burner the needy. Now if you were to hear the word needy many different categories come to mind homeless, unemployed, sick,

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  • The Human Race Values Beauty

    This dove advertisement is an example of targeting and segmentation. It is targeting a specific type of woman and speaks to a specific age group. No one wants to age, because so often it is associated with the loss of beauty. The human race values beauty highly, which is a universal concept. Women specifically are pressured to be or stay beautiful and the pursuit of beauty doesn’t end at a specific age. This advertisement and the campaign Dove began launched a world wide effort to advertise

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  • Modern Technology Increased Human Value

    Have current developments in modern technology increased human value? Introduction Over the course of human history, there is a deep, intertwining progression between the ever-changing human condition, and technological development. Upon observation, one will notice how the majority of technology-based advancements, has consistently been a reflective aspect of the developmental junctures that humans have made in the efforts to ultimately improve the standard of life. In a lot of ways, ‘technology’

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  • The Effects Of Video Games On Human Values

    but also for education, and even to facilitate wars. It also provides insight to many human values such as constructing gamer’s identities, and social structures, but also other values such as good health. Values may take a variety of forms- qualities of the environment, personal traits, and political states that may bind communities, cultures, religions, or nations. The idea that ethical ideas–or human values—may be embodied in technical systems, devices, artifacts, and processes has taken root

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  • The Professional Values, Altruism And Human Dignity

    The professional values, altruism and human dignity are significant in all healthcare settings. These ethical values improve the nurse-client relationship. Not only is it recommended that nurses use these professional values, but they could also use therapeutic communication to enhance client interaction and communication. Although, there may be barriers to therapeutic communication and professional values, it is significant for nurses to know the facilitators and barriers to prevent non-therapeutic

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  • My Core Values As A Human Being

    MY BELIEFS My core values as a human being are directly aligned with my beliefs on being successful in the workforce. Respect is one of top beliefs, if you give respect I believe you will receive respect in return at a higher percentage. Respect is keeping peace with others by exemplifying compassion, empathy, and treating others with dignity. Respect as a leader is showing value in your co-workers, honoring their needs, and showing gratitude for their contributions. There were several times in

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  • Abortion Is Not Without Value For Human Life

    It is not without value for human life that one insists that an unborn child is better than a suffering child. Laws governing the practice of abortion Pro-life supporters propose that an embryo has everything required to have the same moral standing as any living human being from the moment of conception. Abortion, the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy, has been the topic of much debate both in the United States and elsewhere. The decision to terminate or retain a pregnancy should be entirely

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  • The Value Of Death : An Exploration Of Human Sacrifice

    The Value of Death An Exploration of Human Sacrifice The question of human sacrifice in particular is useful and quite prevenient. In this essay I would like to explore the transformation of human sacrifice in the America’s from pre-conquest to the colonization of the Spanish. Human sacrifice is customarily viewed through a Eurocentric lens in which it is seen as heathenistic and barbaric. I would like to challenge this view and point out how it is in a way hypocritical to view the Mexica and

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  • Education Is The Most Important Human Values

    of the most important human values in reality. All over the world, people try to be educated no matter how old they are because of their desires to earn better paychecks. As it is, people do not know what the actual meaning of education which is very familiar to them in daily basic. The purpose of education is very straightforward. Education is not knowledge which people have. It is actually an awareness. Therefore, an individual person 's education is the actual human value of learning how to think

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  • Islam 's Islam And Human Values

    with fear and violence. According to the articles written by the following authors; Kabir Helminski Islam and Human Values, Emaan Hijab: The Beauty of Muslim Women and Saira Khan Why I, as a British Muslim Woman, want the Burkha Banned from Our Streets, they all have different views of Islamic culture from another nation and its effect on the society. In Kabir Helmenski 's Islam and Human Values, his core concern is how Islam is misinterpreted by the younger generation in the middle east and the fear

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  • Human Values, Influence : The Psychology Of Persuasion

    Principles of Persuasion Dr. Robert Cialdini’s 1984 seminal book, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion discussed six universal principles used to influence and persuade people. His ideas touch on core human values: Cooperation, consensus, reciprocity, how society views authority, and one of economics’ central principles, the influence of sacristy (Schenker, 2017). This paper explores what has become known as Cialdini’s principles and describes a past experience where this author drew upon them

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  • A Study On The Environment And Human Values Course

    to digital education. In this way, people save paper, meanwhile preparing them for a paperless future. Studying in my Environment & Human Values course, I learned that trees are a vital part of our ecosystem, and people should keep a balanced relationship with nature. As I learn the class materials, however, I am impressed by how intensive the conflicts between humans and nature are. Meanwhile, I feel responsible to solve it. However, in the learning process, I realize how much paper I have consumed

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  • Impact Of Religion On Human Values And Behavior

    Unsustainability is a problem humans have caused through certain practices and beliefs. Over the course of history, humans have believed myths about how to interact with their environment that led to selfish actions. There are a few different roots that cause unsustainability. The first deals with religion. Religion is a root cause because of its importance and impact on human values and behavior. It influences people to take part in actions without thinking about the consequences. The environmental

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  • The Evolution Of Television And The Vanquishing Of Human Value

    The Evolution of Television and the Vanquishing of Human Value For years now, television has been invading the homes of families and subtly damaging family rituals. From black and white to color and high definition, television has changed. Television has changed in appearance, and has changed in how it plays a role in families’ lives. A few years ago, many families did not own a T.V set and now it is almost as if it’s competition to see who watches more T.V, or who has the most

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  • The Values Of Democracy, Society, Respect For Human Rights

    KUNEMOEMI IRPS200 ESSAY1 Introduction The values of democracy, society, respect for human rights, and equality have become recognized everywhere as universal values. To my own point of view, there 's assistant degree close association between democratic values and also the elementary values of human goodness. Wherever if there is democracy there 's a larger chance for the voters of the country to specify their basic human qualities, and wherever these basic human qualities prevail, there 's conjointly

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  • Anton Chekhov's Value of Human Life Essay

    Value In the short story "The Bet" by Anton Chekhov a wager is made that changes the lives of two people. The story begins with a heated argument at a party over which is more moral, capital punishment or life imprisonment. The host of the party, the banker (appositive), believes that capital punishment is more moral because the death sentence kills the victim quicker rather than dragging out the process. A twenty-five year old lawyer at the party responds, saying, he would choose the life sentence

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  • Social Worker And Its Core Values And Human Service Experiences

    Social Work Profession and its Core Values and Human Service Experiences My understanding and personal definition of a social worker is a person with compassion, empathy, and sympathy working to help the well-being of people who are physically, mentally, or socially disadvantaged. A real social worker goes above and beyond always upholding the social worker code of ethics. This is the social worker I have embodied, one who incorporates the core values: service, social justice, integrity, and competence

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  • Human Values And Its Impact On Our Understanding Of The Universe

    Looking at the advances of the human race for the last few hundred years, the advancements that have been made are truly astounding, which can be attributed to the human desire to improve living conditions and significantly enhance our understanding of the universe, as well as ourselves. The mechanism for getting from an age of difficult labor and harsh living conditions to the present technologically driven world of knowledge and possibilities is through engineering. Engineering has flourished through

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  • A Peaceful Nation Based Of Human Values And American Traditions

    The hope is to achieve a peaceful nation based of human values and American traditions but when there are 17.4 million households going to bed hungry every night on empty stomachs and human misery, the chances to become optimistic reduce. Especially in our local area of Miami-Dade County where 12 percent of the population is food insecure, with 306,330 people not knowing from where they will get their next meal. 92 percent of the food insecure population qualify based on income for SNAP

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  • Is the West Imposing Its Values on Developing Nations through the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

    Human rights became a concept in the early 1900’s so to protect the rights of human beings worldwide and establish a more harmonious global society. This concept was embodied in international law for the first time half a century ago (Heuer & Schirmer, 1998), however the concept of universal human rights did not take consideration to the fact that most cultures do not follow identical morals to those of the west. Hence, these rights are certainly not universally-applied today, with oppression, torture

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  • Human Animals Are Equal And Moral Standing, The Value Of Lives, And Speciesism

    ” the “Value of Lives, and Speciesism” the key differences are based on the values outlined by the writers. In Value of Lives and Speciesism, Frey discusses the importance of animals feel pain and suffer just as humans do, but also admits that there are reasons such as necessary medical research for harming animals. On the other hand, Singer’s All Animals Are Equal focuses on the rights of hemostats in comparison to those who can make intelligent decisions. The question is should non-human animals

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  • Why Do We Value Human Error Over Machine Error?

    used in self driving technology is a computer, and computers tend to have their moments of malfunction. For a piece of machinery that was created to make the roads safer, there has been much question over which people value more, human error or machinery error. Why do we value human error over machine error. It may be because we form connections with our drivers, you can’t connect emotionally with a computer. Most drivers earn the trust of the passengers by emotionally being connected with them. Usually

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  • How Do the Principles of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Relate to the Saint Leo University Core Value of Community?

    The principles of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights relates to the Saint Leo Universities core value of community in a lot of different ways. Part of Saint Leo’ mission statement is to create a student-centered environment in which love of learning is of prime importance. Members of the community are expected to examine and express their own values, listen respectfully to and respond to the opinions of others, serve the community in which they live, welcome others into

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  • Do Humans (Homo sapiens) Maximize the Number of Food Items Per Foraging Run? A Test of the Marginal Value Theorem

    honeybees appear to forage based on the marginal value theorem. This experiment tested whether humans could forage in like manner. An equal number of students took long and short routes to the foraging patch and collected simulated food items in a way that simulated diminishing marginal returns. Data on travel time, foraging time, and number of food items collected were collected. The data differed significantly from the calculated optimal values. This may be a result of low number of trips between

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  • A Research Study On Human Values And Attitudes Towards Ef Products

    sample will be UFV students. Our working population, the UFV students, represent the multicultural aspect of our target population well. UFV has a variety of students from different cultural backgrounds; therefore, they will have different ingrained values and attitudes towards EF products. However, due to the mean age of students are likely lies on the younger side, this means they perhaps have less purchase experiences concerning EF products. Unfortunately, due to our constraints, we are expecting

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  • Essay about The Roots of Human Nature

    The Roots of Human Nature The roots of human nature are sunk deep into our history and experiences. When in our own lives we are to find the basis of our human nature, we must look to our early years, the formative years. Now take for example if we placed a newborn in the wild or in a high-class, well-mannered, wealthy family. The human nature of the newborn in the wild will be exactly that, wild and chaotic. While on the other hand the newborn in the well-mannered society will be well mannered

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  • Theories of Social Ecology Essay

    All three theories by Heidegger, Bookchin, and Naess are based on the normative assumption: humans perceived themselves as being distinct from a world that unites both humans and non-humans. To better understand the distinguishments that each author makes in his theory, I will reconstruct each of their assumption. After that, we will explore the rational fashioning of integrative ways and the problems that it raises. In conclusion, there may be a reiteration of the assumption in our effort to act

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  • The Ethical Standards For Human Service Professionals

    Working within Human Services requires all professionals to have set values to operate in this field. The five most common values are best found when reviewing the Ethical Standards for Human Service Professionals. The five fundamental values include respecting the dignity and welfare of all people; promoting self-determination; honoring cultural diversity; advocating for social justice; and acting with integrity, honesty, genuineness and objectivity (“Ethical Standards,” 2016). Not all professionals

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  • Moral Theory Is Essential For Human Beings

    absolutely essential for human beings because one of the things that makes us human is that we are moral beings, we make moral choices. To make good moral choices we need to think seriously about the kind of people we ought to be and about what the right thing to do is in any given situation. That what is right and what is wrong does not depend on the whim of human desires and delights. Right and wrong, morality and immorality, grow out of what it is to be a human being. Since being a human being is a real

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  • The Company 's Human Resource Management

    Our firm’s main mission is to promote the social values and needs of the customers and the work force in the Dan-Mat Company. The firm’s Human Resource management will include a number of strategies and procedures towards the achievement of its mission and goals in the society (Society for Human Resource Management, 2011). For example, through collaboration and strategic partnership, the firm’s Human resource management plans to recruits, develops and retain high performing as well as diverse

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  • The Gorilla Vs. Boy Case

    the issue of environmental ethics. One dominant theory is that of biocentrism. This theory claims the needs of humans and animals are equal. Biocentrism supports an egalitarian view of life where no superiority is given to humans (Taylor 199). In the gorilla vs. boy case, biocentrism would value both lives equally. A person using biocentrism would need another standardized set of values like life expectancy to make their ethical choice. Harambe was 17 with a life expectancy of 50 years (Dodley).

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  • Human Usage And Its Effects On Human Environment

    view of Biocentrism and Ecocentrism humans are supposed to value animals, we have certain ethical obligations to withhold for those animals. Humans are seen as a species capable of using rational and reasonable thought, and because of this we have a certain morality that guides our values. The values compel us along with rational thought to do the right thing. These are the reasons why humans know right from wrong. We cannot simply consider ethics just for humans as the anthropocentrism outlook does

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  • Why Human Life Generally More Valuable Than Animal Life

    cognitively impaired humans throughout his piece, “Moral Standing, the Value of Lives, and Speciesism.”. This paper will outline Frey’s arguments on why human life generally has more value than animal life and highlight the exceptions to the rule that justify the mentioned scenario, while also presenting objections to the unequal value thesis and evaluating those oppositions with respect to humans with cognitive disabilities and the morality of eating animals. Frey’s unequal value thesis proposes that

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  • The Loss of Human Dignity with a Naturalistic World Essay example

    loss of Human Dignity with a Naturalistic World         Throughout the centuries there have been various theories that have tried unsuccessfully to account for human dignity and intrinsic value without God.  However, this paper will only focus on the theory of naturalism and its lack of a strong argument for the existence of either.  Therefore there must be a successful accounting of the presence of God within the theory of naturalism to argue the existence of human dignity and intrinsic value successfully

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  • Kant vs. Regan: Who Has Inherent Rights, and Why? Essay

    them and why? Philosopher Immanuel Kant’s believes that all persons have inherent value and he bases his view of human rights off of whether or not the person is capable of making moral judgments and having free will and reason. Just as it has been argued over time what exactly a right is, not all have agreed on who has a right and why they deserve it. Though Tom Regan gives much credit to the Kantian argument of value, he believes the ownership of rights goes slightly further- that it is not rationality

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  • The Moral Case Of Animal Rights- Through Tom Regan 's Lens

    Eden Curd Student ID: 1155485 The Moral Case of Animal Rights- Through Tom Regan’s Lens This Environmental Ethics paper is concerned with ethical and moral questioning around the relationship of humans to the natural world. This includes exploring the value and rights of the non-human world. In this assignment I explore Tom Regan’s position on the moral case of animals in regards to Val Plumwood’s account of surviving a crocodile attack. I will be using Tom Regan’s deontological stance to defend

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  • Are Values Subjective or Objective? Essay

    The debate whether values are subjective or objective is unwise one, for both subjective and objective aspects of values. This is because objective facts are your subjective values. This means we make judgement or choices based on things that are there or being offered to us, therefore values are both subjective and objective. Value is the wish that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or utility of something or principles or standards of behaviour; one's opinion of what is significant

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  • Environmental Ethics And Its Impact On The Environment

    of philosophy that examines human relationships to, and the ways they interact with, the environment. When it was noticed, that the increasing world population was negatively impacting the environment, as well as the use of pesticides, technology and industrialization, environmental ethics emerged as a field of study. Environmental ethics takes into consideration the value and moral standing of the environment and its non-human entities. It focuses on the value humans place on nature and defines

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  • Marginal Case Study

    Argument From Marginal Cases The Argument from Marginal Cases is rooted in the idea that certain human beings are “marginal,” in that they are considered lesser, in their abilities or in their value, than other humans. For example, humans with mental or physical disabilities (and in some cases even infants), within the argument from marginal cases, are considered less valuable than the humans without these disabilities, and thus do not deserve the same ethical considerations. This argument becomes

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  • `` Puppies, Pigs, And People : Eating Meat And Marginal Cases `` By Alastair Norcross

    comes into question when determining the ethical status of humans’ versus animals. For the purposes of this discussion, to claim that humans have a superior ethical status to animals is the same thing as declaring that it is morally right to give the interest of humans greater weight than those of animals in deciding how to behave. On the other hand, one may argue that it is generally wrong to kill humans, but not animals, because humans are rational and animals aren’t. Along with that, one may claim

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  • An Enemy of the People, Waiting for Godot and Civilization and Its Discontents

    Science and Human Values in Ibsen's An Enemy of the People, Beckett's Waiting for Godot and Freud's Civilization and Its Discontents Throughout the centuries, society has been given men ahead of their time. These men are seen in both actual history, and in fictional accounts of that history. Aristotle, Copernicus, Galileo, Bacon, and even Freud laid the framework in their fields, with revolutionary ideas whose shockwaves are still felt today. For every action there is an equal and opposite

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  • Historical And Cultural Heritage Of Universal Value

    First, The Value Of The Initial Value And Derivative: The Phenomenon Of Historical And Cultural Heritage Value Of The Derivative Generally speaking, people will not make it a valuable historical and cultural heritage of doubt, because those who have been included in the list of all levels and types of cultural heritage, have been consistent with some values. Such as UNESCO > there is no further elaboration. I believe that the so-called historical and cultural heritage of universal value, in fact,

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  • Man Is The Measure Of All Things

    is commonly believed to mean that humans hold the most value. We were created first giving us the ultimate value. Humans must have been created first for the reason that they should uphold whatever came next and that they, as humans, are the ones responsible for the order of the world. If they were to forget their value, as they’ve done now, the world would be sent into chaos. If you look at government and it’s people, you will see that man has lost their value. Man has become the subculture to

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