Importance Of Human Values

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All Humans have the distinctive ability to represent their identity, choose their standards and set up their values. All three of these are directly influence a person’s behavior. Values are our principles and guiding standards. Morals and values are the base of human values. Just as a building has a foundation of concrete, the structure of human values rests on ethics and values. Human values can also be defined as the values of life. A good action performed today remains a good action forever. So, human values are the values of human being for the human beings and by the human beings.

3.1.2 Definition of Values

People are encouraged by great extent to express the validity of their beliefs, including war and sacrificing their own life. On
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These principles are very much essential for our personal and societal survival. Putting things in straightway, we can work out on what should be the values expected when we analyze either ourselves or others, our behavior reveals choices, and choices are based on value system prescribed by the society. We often prefer about what is best for us and best for others. It is possible when we are not being selfless, putting the good of all at the first, ahead of our own wishes and desires. This is the way how social values come into existence and are known by everyone. Our brains are hard-wired to hunt for the Truth. No matter what blueprint are laid down by our families, education and work, we are seeker of ultimate truth. What words we put on this varies in time and place, culture and society, but we are all hunters of peace and truth. Ultimately, moral values compel our lives to find out and exemplify those concepts within our personality. TYPES OF VALUES

We can talk about universal values, because since human beings lived in society, they have to set up values to guide their behavior towards others. In this regard, honesty, accountability, truth, harmony, teamwork, patience, reverence and peace, among all human are referred as universal values. However, in order to understand them, it is helpful to categorize values according to the following decisive factor:

• Personal
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These are basic needs, part of the complex trap that is formed between personal, family and social-cultural values. If exaggerated, material values can be in inconsistent with spiritual values.

• Spiritual values:

These values refer to the significance we give to non-material aspects in our life. These are part of our human needs and allow us to feel satisfied. They add sense and base to our life, as do spiritual beliefs.


Human values have an inbuilt power that collect strength and enhance as they are used. We could describe it our values bank, which also attracts deposits in our personality bank. Values are present and rapidly identified when we act with unity between what we think, say and do. That unity, of thought, word and action is called integrity.

The human values develop and combine because of the following

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