My Reflective Paper In English Composition

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At the beginning of the English Composition course, I was nervous and terrified that I would fail. That fear only seemed to escalate as I struggled with creating my thesis statements, using citations, and making my topics clear. However, I am now able to much more than I was able to do in the past, this includes identifying my strengths and weaknesses. For instance, I have found that I am better at writing descriptive papers than argumentative papers. This college course has definitely helped me improve my overall writing. My first paper in English Composition opened my eyes to how inadequately I had written before. Before I took this course, I had no idea what a thesis statement was or that it even existed. When I did learn about thesis statements, I struggled to create one and differentiate between the thesis statement and attention grabber. To me, each one seemed to be the exact same but with different meanings. This quickly baffled me and increased my stress. Presently, I do not have that problem anymore. I now know that a thesis statement gives the topic, while the attention grabber is meant to draw in the reader. The second aspect of my writing that was drawn into light was my ability to write a descriptive paper. I had written descriptive papers before in other classes, but I had never written one like I did in English Composition. This paper stood out because I finally …show more content…
The English Composition course, while setting various obstacles in my path, has helped me to improve my writing capabilities immensely. I can now write citations, transition between paragraphs, and make my writing read smoothly. However, I do still struggle every now and again with my thesis statements. Overall, I am glad that I took this course and increased my knowledge on writing that will hopefully aid me in my future writing

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