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  • Grandmother Interview

    I interviewed my maternal grandmother, Mary Sue Varner. She was born on February 16, 1933, that makes her eight three years old. She was the oldest daughter of eight children. She has pretty much lived in the same town for her entire life, but would not change that for anything. She has five children, thirteen grandchildren, and nine great grandchildren. I had a wonderful time listening to my grandmother tell me about her life. She had some difficult times, but the good times always made up for the bad times. The first question I asked my grandmother was “What is your greatest hope for your children and grandchildren?” Her answer was one that I could almost quote. She said her greatest hope is that her children and grandchildren would always…

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  • My Grandmother

    Jennie Mae Allen is my grandmother, my mother’s mother. When I go to see my grandparents in North Carolina my grandmother she has a; great spirit, big on her Christian faith and despite her health challenges has amazing grit. My grandparents raised three children my mom being the eldest, my Uncle James and the youngest my Uncle Tony. The oldest, my mom, has three children me being the oldest, my middle sister who is fifteen Mya and my youngest sisters Michaela who is six. My Uncle James has…

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  • Pawpaw Grandmother

    decretive snowman in her home and gave it to my mom as a present so that my mom felt included in the family. That was just the type of person my great grandmother was. My great grandfather, Pop, however, was the complete opposite. He was short-tempered and…

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  • The Misfit Grandmother

    be equal with God. In A Good Man Is Hard to Find by Flannery O 'Connor, the grandmother, who defines herself as a virtuous lady, believes to have strong moral values; although, her actions say otherwise. Her false sense of morality and manners cause her to believe that she is superior over others. When she is faced with her own mortality, the grandmother 's selfish…

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  • Eulogy For Grandmother

    audience by explaining to them my background of writing, reading and learning. I would explain to my audience detail by detail to make sure that they comprehend what I’m trying to explain. I would thank them since my grandmother motivated me to learn more and since my 10th grade English teacher tried to make me give up on reading and writing by constantly bringing me down. I imagine my primary audience being my grandmother. Reason being is because my grandmother has always supported me in…

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  • Victoria Grandmother

    As Victoria started to search herself she leaned on Jesus to be her guide, although she went to church but she didn’t understand the fundamental of what her purpose in the life of the church world. She has had some numerous of encounters of spiritual attributes, for example while in her room at her grandmother’s house she experienced a white shadow at the foot of her bed. And doing her grandmother’s last day on earth she experience the death glow, she also experienced some voices on a numerous…

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  • The Grandmother Character Analysis

    O’Conner uses characterization to present good and evil with the Grandmother with the way she uses her religion. When the family meets Red Sammy Butts the grandmother is sitting having a conversation about the old times compared to the new times and the grandmother says "It isn 't a soul in this green world of God 's that you can trust" (409). This is hypocritical of her faith. Leading us to believe that she doesn’t trust you unless you show her different. Then later on in the story she begs for…

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  • Leola Grandmother Values

    my Grandmama said, “Never go inside folks’ houses until first being politely asked..”” “”I know my Grandmama said, “Never help yourself in folks’ kitchens until first being politely asked..”” Throughout the story Leola remembers all the values her Grandmama has taught her. The types of values her Grandmama has taught her help determine the character of not only her grandmother because she herself had to inherit those values from past individuals in her life. All in all it helps determine the…

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  • Importance Of My Grandmother

    When growing up I knew my grandmothers from both sides of the family because they were still alive. I did not see my grandfather from my parental side because he died before I was born, but I was able to see my grandfather from my maternal side. Also, I felt the tenderness of my grandfather’s love before he passed away when I was aged 4. I can remember whenever he came visiting to my house he brings plenty of candies; he also gave me money to buy more if the once he bought were not enough. I…

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  • Biological Grandmother Narrative

    The fragrant smell of cookies fresh out of the oven and the faint sound of humming over Saturday morning cartoons. These were a few of the things that I associated with grandmothers when I was younger. Red lipstick kisses and stern smacks on the butt when a child was in trouble. These were also things that I correlated with grandmothers. Growing up as a member of the black community, I was fed the community narrative that the grandmother is the root of the family. She provides warmth, wisdom,…

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