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  • Premarital Sex Greeley Analysis

    Critical Review #1 In Andrew Greeley’s article on “Premarital Sex”, he discusses the true reason for Catholics abstaining from sex. Greeley explains that a long time ago physical virginity was necessary to ensure that one’s land would be, without a doubt, passed on to their true kin (Greeley, Premarital Sex). By true kin, I mean that the child truly belongs to the husband. This was a cultural element that the Catholic Church had associated itself with, in a sense, and began to influence Catholics. Greeley’s argument is that sustaining from sex, chaste, is not because of physical virginity, but because of one’s beliefs of human love and their commitment to God (Greeley, Premarital Sex). To…

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  • Essay On Hook Up

    societies that women have to fight. In general, in last few decades women’s right has dramatically changed. Before, 1960s and 1970s women were not allowed to have premarital sex. Before 1960s, women virginity was required for marriage, while men virginity was not required. This kind of double standards gave men more power and dominance over women. After 1960s, women were more allowed to get…

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  • Theme Of Feminism In Fifth Business

    Mabel Heighington, a minor character, is judged and considered a “whore” because she had premarital sex with more than one person. In this time period, premarital sex was considered taboo as well as a moral issue mainly because of common religious beliefs. On the other hand, men are praised and given respect for having sex with one or more girls. “Some of the men thought Percy a young rip, but the Cece Athelstan crowd acclaimed him as one of themselves.” (Davies…

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  • Love And Sexuality Analysis

    The history of love and sexuality is one of complicated circumstances in which many historians have both agreed and disagreed on the foundation of ideals that shaped it. In order to study the history of love and sexuality one must first look at how modernity shaped gender, marriage, emotions, and sex. Modernity which Matt and Stearns would define as the period in which the “rise of science, some political systemization, and some of the beginnings of industrialization” began to appear, marked the…

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  • Gender Inequalities For All

    while males are carrying furniture. This is a normal occurrence with nuclear families. Females are socially viewed as the weaker gender. Males have to be strong. These ideals are what drive the chance of double standards. Double standards between genders have almost become a social normality, but must end because they impede equality in social issues, in the military, and in regards to the law. Social Discrepancies Women and men are not treated the same. Studies have shown that, socially, women…

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  • Definition Essay: What Does It Mean To Be A Woman

    What does it mean to be a female? According to the Cambridge Dictionary, a female is someone of the sex that can produce eggs and give birth to young (Cambridge Dictionary). Some parts of society are more specific, stating that females are defined by key characteristics such as having two x chromosomes, enlarged breasts, long hair, and a lack of beards. Females in most societies are supposed to be delicate. They like flowers and wear dresses. Females have also been taught to be subordinate to…

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  • Erotic Masturbation In Women

    This is in contrast to males who reach their peak incidence in teenage. In elderly females as the estrogen level falls, The sex stimulating testosterone hormone (produced by suprarenals) level increases.Some women who fail to reach orgasm in coitus are then stimulated manually by their husbands, or they masturbate themselves until they reach orgasm. Some of the married females , on the other hand, confine their masturbation to period when their husbands are away from home.The frequency of…

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  • Sexualization Of Girls Essay

    I am currently in a group for Children’s media and the academic journal that I found was on the Sexualization of girls. This journal went over how sexualization is related to objectification because a lot of times men in society will see females as objects for them to rule over. “women and girls are both sexualized, via their tight clothing and makeup, and objectified, portrayed as existing for men 's pleasure and lacking in their own agency. There is not a parallel trend in which boys are often…

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  • Why Are Women Oversexualized Essay

    then she can wear that without having to be judged by anyone. Her responses to the comments made were valid. She said that once she says no, that means no. If she’s having a good time with her friends then she’s not even looking at any guy. How embarrassing is it that in 2016 a woman had to explain to two grown men what consent is? The female body is oversexualized. People shouldn’t be offended by human anatomy yet that’s all that’s being talked about when the situation arises. Kim Kardashian…

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  • Dueling Dualism Analysis

    Anne Fausto-Sterling in the reading “Dueling Dualisms” does a great job in illustrating the social construction approach experienced in the society today. Fausto-Sterling, believes that sex and gender are both socially constructed and take place in the human’s biology, which then play a role on the persons’ physiological aspects as well (Fausto-Sterling 127). This could be seen in the example Fausto-Sterling incorporates of Maria Patino’s case, where the phenomenal athlete was banned from the…

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