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  • Depression In The Great Depression

    The Great Depression was arguably America’s darkest hour. Looking back, modern day Americans cannot fathom the despair and hopelessness that covered America like an itchy woolen blanket throughout the 1930s. How bad were those days? What kept American families alive? Where was God? Now, imagine if another Great Depression happened tomorrow. Could America recover? As a student flips through his history textbook, he spots a photo of men lined up around a block waiting for bread at a soup kitchen. For a moment he ponders the picture, wondering why they couldn’t go to a McDonald’s or the grocery store. Then, he notices a picture of a World War 2 bomber on the next page and moves on. Simply put, today’s generation lacks comprehension of that kind…

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  • The Great Depression: The Causes Of The Great Depression

    The Great Depression, starting in 1929 on Black Tuesday, was the crash of the United States economy. During that time, 25% of Americans were unemployed, and millions lost their savings due to bank failure, leaving them poor and frustrated with the government. Causes of the Great Depression include the overproduction of crops and the deduction of consumer spending. After WWI, the demand for crops dropped 40%, lowering the prices of food, and forcing farmers to produce more to meet their budget.…

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  • The Great Depression

    this period of time was given the title The Great Depression. There were a variety of things that led to this period such as: Stock Market crash, bank failures, The Gold Standard, American Economic Policy with Europe, and the Dust Bowl. Those are the 5 main factors that influenced the start of the Great Depression. The Stock Market Crash wasn’t the start of it all but it was one of the biggest symptoms beginning on October 29, 1929. Black Tuesday cleaned out many investors because of their 16…

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  • Depression: The Beginnings Of The Great Depression

    Alayna Wry English II Ms. Joy 20 October 2016 The Great Depression The world struggled greatly for 10 years from 1929-1939 due to one thing, the Great Depression. The depression left the world in ruins, but also taught America how to handle a national crisis. It tested the strength of people’s mental and physical health. The Great Depression had a lasting impact on the world’s history because it directly affected the economy, the people of all countries, and showed a glimpse into a future…

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  • Depression: The Causes Of The Great Depression

    Sates had experienced several depression before, none had been as severe nor as long-lasting before October 24, 1929, “Black Thursday”, a world-wide economic disintegration, “The Great Depression”. At first many economists believed it to be a “mild bump” (2010, Allida Black; June Hopkins), in no case, worse than the recession after World War I, but to their surprise’s number rapidly worsened, and the stock market fell dramatically 12.8% (2010, Allida Black; June Hopkins).By the spring of 1933,…

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  • Depression And The Misfortunes Of The Great Depression

    misfortunes such as the Great Depression, natural disasters, and wars. The Wall Street Crash in 1929, the largest stock market crash in American history, was the cause of the Depression. Although there were attempts to reconstruct the United States, matters increasingly got worse. This depression was unfortunately worsened by a major dust storm in the West caused by a severe drought known as “The Dust Bowl.” Many farmers were forced to move east and leave their land behind. This not only caused…

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  • The Depression Of Americ The Causes Of The Great Depression

    The Great Depression On October 24, 1929, “Black Thursday”, the Wall Street stock market collapsed, initiating the onset of one of America’s darkest times in history, the Great Depression. This economic downward spiral, caused banks to close, unemployment to rise, people to lose their homes, and a panic amongst the people, affecting every household, every man, women and child. There was an increase in the suicide rate, in violence, families were evicted from their homes and not to forget,…

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  • Depression: The Psychological Effects Of The Great Depression

    Although there were countless key influences causing the Great Depression, the aftershock of World War One was key at provoking the sequential events which led to and caused the Great Depression during the 1930’s. Instantaneously, the aftermath of World War One left psychological scars on everyone causing many to grieve and act impulsively by filling the void of a lost loved one with newfound wealth acquired from the stock market. Also, with the war finally over and soldiers returning home, a…

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  • The Great Depression In The Caribbean

    The Great Depression was a period of time lasting from 1929 to 1939 (a ten year span). The event that started it all was the stock market crash in October of 1929. 12.9 million shares were traded on October 12, 1929. The day became known as “Black Thursday.” Five days later 16 million shares were traded, making that day known as “Black Tuesday.” By March of 1930, 3.2 million Americans were unemployed and most had already lost their lifesavings, homes, and their hope. Riots began to break out by…

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  • The Great Depression In Canada

    The Development of Canada through the Great Depression October 29, 1929, “Black Tuesday”, was the beginning of the end to the roaring twenties. After a decade of unlimited growth and prosperity, the drastic crash in the stock market on Black Tuesday would set a continuous downward trend that would last more than six years. While the Great Depression was a time of suffering and hardships, it was also an important step in developing Canada as a country; Canadians rose to the challenge…

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